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Who Blocked You on WhatsApp? Here is How to Find Out

Did someone block you on WhatsApp? Has a former partner or a friend kept you from being part of the conversation? This guide is going to show you how to find out if you have been blocked for any reason.

how to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp

Hey, it’s Frankie here again. I am a messaging app expert and ethical voice on hacking. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Today, you can read this article to tell if a user on WhatsApp has blocked you.

Because WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps on the planet (with more than 2 billion active users) this is likely a program you use. The app lets you send and receive messages and calls over the internet for free.

The service has many features and functions, but one interesting option is blocking a contact you no longer wish to speak with. Anyone who is blocked does not see any notification from you, so it’s possible you can be blocked without even noticing.

But wait! Don’t panic!

Do you think you fit into this category?

There’s no need to worry – you are going to get all the information you need. I have six methods to help you discover whether or not this is the case.

With each of the methods, I have listed the reliability coefficient (RC). I have made this scale 1-100, and this will show how reliable each of these methods is for discovery.

The 6 ways to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp include:

  1. Last Seen’ Technique
  2. Profile Picture Method
  3. Single Tick Trick
  4. Almost Perfect Plan
  5. Contact Calling with WhatsApp
  6. Group Technique (100% Reliable)

Before we get into the methods, I thought it pertinent for you to see what happens when you block someone on WhatsApp. I have a short video to help in this regard.

1. ‘Last Seen’ Technique (RC 45%)

One of the first things that you can do to determine if someone has blocked you is to look at their ‘Last Seen’ stats.

All you need to do is open up a conversation like you want to start a new thread. You don’t need to write an actual message, though. Look at the timestamp that typically appears underneath their name.

If you see the words ‘Last Seen’ under their name, it is absolutely certain you are NOT blocked from communicating with them. If you don’t see anything, you might consider this as a good indicator you likely have been.

There is a large margin for error in the current trends of users at the moment, however. Many WhatsApp accounts are choosing to hide the ‘Last Seen’ status from their contacts altogether.

2. Profile Picture Method (RC 65%)

This is similar information acquisition, but there is a higher efficacy for this approach than the last. More people don’t want to hide their profile picture away, even if they hide their ‘Last Seen’ information.

Remember: there are a small margin of users that use no account/profile picture at all.

If you don’t see a picture, that usually means you have been blocked. When you block a contact, they cannot see the profile picture you use anymore.

There is always the possibility of someone deleting their profile picture at random times while searching for another, they chose to stop using one, or they never had one to begin with.

3. Single Tick Trick (RC 55%)

Ticks are message indicators that appear in green, blue, and grey at the bottom right of messages that you have sent. They show that a message was sent, received, and read.

If you have been blocked from a user, any messages sent will only ever have a single tick.

In other cases where the user has not blocked communication, you would see one or two additional icons when it was delivered and ultimately read.

It’s possible that you can also get bad information from this method because there are ways that users can read messages without affecting the ticks the sender sees.

4. The ‘Almost Perfect’ Plan (RC 90-95%)

The level of certainty that the first few options provide might be high but can still leave you with some doubts.

If you need some real knowledge, you need to delve a little deeper. Psychology is the answer – but it does not have to be a complicated ordeal.

You start by combining some of the techniques listed before this with the behavior and personality of the suspected contact. This helps you to work around the margins oof effort that exist in those options.

What happens is you take all the information, and you work it together. Gain some perspective through data collected by all three previous techniques. You are looking for any inconsistencies between each of these.

Let’s try an example to show you what I mean:

We are looking to find out if our contact John has blocked our account. First, you open up the conversation to see if any ‘Last Seen’ information appears. And it does not.

To find out with any certainty, you need to remember what type of user John was when operating WhatsApp.

There are likely two scenarios in this situation:

Perhaps he rarely used WhatsApp, so as possible you are not blocked after all. In this case, you should check over the span of a week or more if there are changes to other account information, of such as the absence of a profile picture. If these things happen, chances are you have been blocked. If John uses WhatsApp several times a day and you no longer see these bits of information, the answer is clear that you are blocked.

So, the more that you are able to put all of this data together, the more that you can into the question for yourself of – Who blocked me on WhatsApp?

Because of how this information can complement each other, I suggested that the reliability coefficient for this method be something between 90 and 95%.

5. Contact Calling with WhatsApp (RC 98%)

This is a highly effective technique.

What you do is you try to call the WhatsApp contact that you believe has blocked you. If they do not log on, or you receive a text that tells you that the call was unsuccessful, it is because you are no longer allowed to make voice calls being blocked.

There is a small margin of error with this plan, though it is typically hard proof that you have been blocked from another user. A call error could result from a lack of signal or weak Internet connection. You should take a look at a guide I wrote about Making a Phone Call on WhatsApp for more information about this possibility.

6. Group Technique (RC 100% – But Be Careful)

While these are effective methods for determining who has blocked you on WhatsApp, they do leave at least a 1% uncertainty. While this is still good, a Spanish website known as Wasap Ninja published a trick to determine who blocked you with absolute certainty.

The process itself is pretty simple – if all other indicators suggest you MIGHT be blocked, there is a final test to implement.

You might think – ‘why don’t I just start here so I know?’ The reason is the risk of ‘getting caught’ trying to us all the information out would be too great. We can see this a little clearer here when you understand how this test works.

Let’s talk about how this works.

What actually happens when someone blocks you on WhatsApp?

  • Your messages never get received.
  • You cannot make voice calls to that contact.
  • You do not see status updates, last seen, or a profile picture.

Even still, these specific items cannot GUARANTEE that you are blocked.

You have to be certain.

Here is how you do that:

  1. Open WhatsApp and create a new group
  2. Search out your suspected contact and attempt to add them to your created group.
  3. If you have not been blocked, the contact gets added without issues.
  4. If you have been blocked, you get a message telling you that you are ‘not authorized to add this contact’. This is a definite indicator you are blocked.

So, you can only add contacts to a group chat that have not blocked you.

Be Mindful: Sure, you get absolute certainty about your status, but you also open yourself up to accusations based on ‘unfounded suspicions.’

If you haven’t been blocked, and they are added to your dummy group, they are going to want to know why.

Before you use this option, it is advisable to get some traction to your theory with some of the other listed methods.

BONUS Method – WhatsApp Tracker (RC 100%)

This extra bonus for you is a real treat if you think that you are being blocked by a partner or ex on WhatsApp because they have something to hide from you.

There is an app that allows you to monitor WhatsApp and many more social apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat.

You can gain access to chats and determine when a contact is online or not. Most importantly, you can learn with 100% certainty whether or not you have been blocked.

So, time for the big reveal.

The app I am talking about is mSpy – one of the most widely used spy software in the world.

Hack WhatsApp with mSpy

It works on iPhone and Android, becoming completely invisible on the target device. Installing the app is a breeze, too. I wanted to make it even easier for you, though, so I included the link here to my step-by-step tutorial complete with images and videos.

There you can find all the pertinent information you need to purchase mSpy, including a voucher exclusively reserved for the readers of my blog.


Frankie’s Take:

Thanks to mSpy, thousands have been able to find out the truth. It is also the best possible system to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Is it Possible to Contact Someone Who Blocked You?

If you have followed all of these steps I laid out and have discovered you are blocked, you do not have to worry.

There are still several ways you can contact the person you wish to reach.

For starters, you can try to reach out to them using other apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram.

You can also just use traditional methods for contacting the person, such as calling, texting, emailing, or meeting in person. All of these are acceptable solutions to patching up the relationship and getting you unblocked.


Frankie’s Take:

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp, it is likely you have been blocked on other apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram as well. You can look at my guide on how to find out and know for sure.

How Do You Get Unblocked?

Honestly, there is little that you will be able to do to unblock yourself. The only way you can hope to achieve this is through reaching out to the person who blocked you and figuring out what their motivations were. It might have been a misunderstanding.

If you need to apologize for something you did, be the bigger person and do that. Making amends for doing someone wrong can often be enough to lift the ban on your communication.

The Takeaway

Now, we have reached the point where we say goodbye. I hope that you have come away with some valuable knowledge from reading this guide that can help you.

I don’t want you to have missed pertinent and important information, so give me a second to quickly recap what we have discussed over this guide.

I started by showing you six effective techniques you can use to determine if you are blocked on WhatsApp or not. These include:

  • ‘Last Seen’ Technique (RC 45%)
  • Profile Picture Method (RC 65%)
  • Single Tick Trick (RC 55%)
  • ‘Almost Perfect’ Plan (RC 90-95%)
  • Contact Calling with WhatsApp (RC 98%)
  • Group Technique (RC 100% – But Be Cautious)

Beyond these methods, I also walked you through the 100% efficiency, James Bond-style technique of using spy software known as mSpy. This is software that can work on Androids and iPhones alike, and allow you to spy on WhatsApp profiles, conversations and more. Need to find out more about this app? You can check out the guide on how mSpy works and how you can have it installed on a target device in under three minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, you should not shy away from sending out a message through the comment box beneath this post. Come back soon to see us for more great information and tricks.

You should also take the time to follow me on other platforms like YouTube for video tutorials and clips, my Facebook page, or the Pinterest profile we created.

A hug,

PS – It is likely that if someone is blocking you on WhatsApp, they might have something to hide. Finding out what that is might change your life for the better. Read my guide on How to Spy on WhatsApp to read hidden conversation.

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