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How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phone (Android and iPhone)

Would you like to spy on WhatsApp messages to read conversations from your partner (or your kid)? You are in the right place, then.

How to hack WhatsApp messages

Thanks to this guide you will learn the easiest ways to hack into a WhatsApp account and access chats without getting caught.

But there’s more.

Unlike other tutorials that you can find around the internet I will share with you ONLY TECHNIQUES THAT ARE EASY TO USE and work 100% (updated to 2022).


Before we begin, let me introduce myself. After all, who am I to tell you how to spy on WhatsApp?

Let’s have a virtual handshake (you never know these days eheheh).

My name is Frankie Caruso, your Italian nerdy friend raised on pizza, spaghetti and social media.

In my blog, I share guides regarding the most used techniques and apps for monitoring cell phones and social media apps (in this case, WhatsApp).

These guides have been extremely useful to both those looking for a method to monitor someone’s mobile phone (legally) and those who wanted to defend themselves from snoopers.

Besides, nothing is truer than the saying: know your enemy, and you’ll know how to defeat him. (Sun Tzu).

TIP:Hey! You’re in a rush and wanna know right away the top method hackers use to peek into WhatsApp? It’s the mSpy app. Super easy to install, won’t break the bank, secure, and no one will ever catch you.

Back to us.

I know how you feel.

You are just dying to know what someone else is talking about in their WhatsApp conversations, and most often, that conversation involves your significant other.

Is your husband or wife having an affair? You are on the right track to figuring that out.

You might also just be a worried parent, but if that’s the case, I should invite you to check out the guide to monitor your child’s cell phone where you can learn about the best parental control applications.

Maybe you found some photos in your partner’s cell phone with a man/woman who is not you and you want to know who he is.

But let’s get back to the espionage and 007 talk.

Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp?

I am not going to keep you on edge, spying on WhatsApp is possible and easy to do, you just have to learn the right way to go about it based on your skill set.

Allow me to clarify.

Basically, there are three distinct ways to snoop on WhatsApp. The first of these requires a deep knowledge of IT, the second is easy to apply and exploit WhatsApp Web, and the third is an easy-to-use WhatsApp tracker that will run you a few bucks.

To sum this up, below you are the best techniques to spy on WhatsApp chats on both your Android and iPhone:

  1. Mac Spoofing hacking technique (Very Hard)
  2. WhatsApp Web as a spying tool (Easy)
  3. WhatsApp spy trackers (Very Easy)

These methods are the fruit of my work. I have spent more than 5000 hours of testing ways and strategies to spy on a WhatsApp account.

Let’s take a look at these one by one.

Ah, just be warned: the guide is quite extensive because I will explain everything in detail, so get comfy and take your time.

LEGAL ADVISOR: I should not that spying on WhatsApp messages is illegal, and this article I meant to illustrate techniques for information purposes only. Any unlawful actions performed with this information is your full responsibility.

Method 1: Hacking WhatsApp with Mac Spoofing Technique

Mac Spoofing for WhatsApp Hacking

This is a popular and free method to spy on WhatsApp conversations without the victim being aware. When correctly applied, you can read every single chat on the cell phone of the victim, whether that is Android or iOS.

Now there is some bad news.

Despite it being so popular, not many people manage to find success with this method due to the variables. From my side, I can give the exact steps to follow and be as clear as possible.

The result, unfortunately, will not be a guarantee.

Before you begin, let’s take a brief look at how Mac Spoofing works and watch the video how to get your partner to give you his/her phone.

What Does Mac Spoofing Do?

Every mobile phone accessing the internet (or any device in general) has a unique ID assigned by its manufacturer consisting of various numbers and letters. This is called a MAC (Media Access Control).

Each mobile phone has one different from any other. You can take a look at this video if you have any doubts to this fact.

A sneaky way to spy on WhatsApp is to create a clone on your phone, but you will need to get the same MAC of the victim phone to get around the security barriers.

Thus, the term “MAC Spoofing”.

Without getting overrun with technical details, once you have identified the MAC address of the victim’s device, you mask your phone MAC with the one of the victim’s. Then you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

Once you have done this, you have a clone of the WhatsApp account you want to spy on your phone and so you receive all messages and media the victim’s phone does.

Let’s take a look at how to put this into practice.

How to Use Mac Spoofing

Let’s see what the main steps are to put this espionage into effect. There are two things you need to have within reach:

  • Your mobile phone
  • The mobile phone of the victim (you need around two minutes).

At this point, the first step is to retrieve the MAC address of the target phone  and write it down.

The code you are looking for has a structure similar to this – 06: B3: 92: F4: 34: AC

There are two ways that you can obtain this MAC address:

From the Target’s Phone

Take the phone from the target and proceed as follows:

iPhone – Go to SettingsGeneralAbout and look for Wi-Fi

Android – Go to Settings – About DeviceStatus and look for Wi-Fi MAC

From a PC or Mac Computer

You can locate the Media Access Control on a computer only if both phones are connected through the same Wi-Fi network.

If they are, proceed as follows:

Windows – Click on the computer icon for connections (bottom right next to the date). Click on Open Network and Sharing Center. Go to Change Adapter Settings. Then, click with the right button on the icon of the network card that interests you. Go to Status. Click on Details. The MAC Address matches the code next to Physical Address.

OS X / Mac Computer – Go to System Preferences – Network – Advanced – Hardware. The MAC address you are looking for is the first information available in the window.

Ok, after obtaining the MAC Address proceed in this way.

Follow these steps:
  1. Uninstall WhatsApp on your mobile device.
  2. Change your MAC address with the one of the person you wish to spy on. (Apps will simplify this process like WifiSpoof for iPhone or BusyBox for Android).
  3. Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, being careful to enter the phone number of the victim.
  4. Ask the activation code to be sent via SMS, but be mindful this will also be sent to the victim’s phone. Write down the code and delete the message, otherwise you are sure to be caught.
  5. Re-set the original MAC Address on your phone.

If this was done correctly, you should get all the messages, photos and videos of the person you are spying on.

Are there limits for using this technique?

One of the biggest notable limitations for Mac Spoofing is that if the targeted phone leaves the Wi-Fi range where it is connected, you lose your ability to continue monitoring their WhatsApp activity.

Because it is possible to read messages before the target does, you can inadvertently make someone suspicious (or worse yet actually be caught.)

  • Free
  • Real time messages tapping
  • Hard to apply
  • Time-consuming

Frankie’s Take:

Mac Spoofing is an effective technique to tap into someone’s WhatsApp account and messages, but the execution takes tech savviness and is time consuming. This is only advisable if you are a computer geek with a lot of time and patience on your hands.

Method 2: Exploit WhatsApp Web to play James Bond

This technique will make you a real James Bond and will allow you to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing any software and, most importantly, for free.

Spy on WhatsApp with WhatsApp Web

Quite recently WhatsApp introduced a feature to use across multiple devices (some countries are testing in beta).

This feature was designed exclusively to allow you to use your WhatsApp account across several devices.

This new functionality permits the connection of up to 4 devices simultaneously to a single account – all without requiring these devices to stay always connected to the internet.

Of course, this new feature also allows you another avenue for spying on someone’s WhatsApp account.

I can show you how to do this right now. Even without technical skills, you will see just how easy this is to achieve. You do not need to install any software or perform complicated hacks.

Let’s just get to it:
  1. Start by borrowing the target’s phone for a brief moment.
  2. Navigate to WhatsApp and the Settings.
  3. Choose Linked Devices and then on Multi-Devices (beta)
  4. On your PC or phone, go to WhatsApp Web
  5. Scan the QR code that appears with the target device and wait a few seconds. In a few moments, the information is all available on the new device.

Spy on WhatsApp with Multi Devices feature

That’s it!

Once you do this, you can then use your PC or smartphone in this same manner to view all messages incoming to the account.

Note: If you wish to use your phone instead of a computer, you need to choose the Desktop Website choice rather than the mobile mode. To activate this on your iOS device, you can navigate to the site as normal (web.whatsapp.com) then click on the “aA” icon at the top left. From here, choose Request Desktop Website. On Androids using Chrome, choose the three dots in the corner while on the site to Request Desktop Site as well.

You didn’t expect this to be completely perfect though, right?

Are there Limitations to This Technique?

Limit 1: If the intended target does not access their WhatsApp account for 14 days, all connected devices become automatically discarded.

Limit 2: It is possible for those to view any connected devices to their account – so it is possible that you could be caught and the victim disconnects you.

Limit 3: This new feature is not available in all countries because it is slowly rolling out. Currently, the market for this is Europe, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US. Don’t despair though! If your country does not fall into this group yet, you can still connect a target’s WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Web. Unfortunately, if they take the phone from the area near you, this connection would get interrupted.

Note: While you can see just how easy it might now be to spy on someone, be careful that you do not become a victim yourself. Protect your information and your account. A surefire way is to not loan your phone out to people to use at all, or at least without your direct supervision.
  • Free and fast
  • Easy to apply
  • Real time messages tapping
  • Easy to get caught
  • Connection drops often

Frankie’s Take:

The Multi-Devices feature and WhatsApp can become a powerful spying tool that is free and easy to use. Unfortunately, using this method leaves you likely to get caught.

Method 3: Using WhatsApp Spy Apps

Spying on a phone and reading the messages sent through WhatsApp used to be way more complicated, involving a lot of free time and a steep level of technological intellect.

Now, spy apps have made this easier than ever.

You don’t have to have any prowess in technology to be able to hack into someone’s phone and see what they are doing on the service. 

There are many different spy apps operating from the marketplaces, but I would say that a solid percentage of these are not as advertised, unreliable, or just full-out scams.

In my studies, I have personally used more than 30 spy apps so that I could help you understand your best options.

Every app I recommend has multiple features to help you, including relaying social media activity to showing the browser history and live GPS. You get all of this information in a convenient dashboard for viewing.

Finding the right spy app should be easy with the detailed review we have put together here.

Check out each app below for their pros and cons, the expected costs, how the app works, the installation process, and other key information.

1. mSpy

This is hot stuff! Let me tell you, if I were cheating on my partner and I knew that mSpy existed, I would not sleep tight. 

Spy on WhatsApp with mSpy app

If you are looking for a way to quickly and effectively see someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely without their knowledge, then you need a professional spying application.

Let me explain this a little clearer.

There are dozens of spying applications on the market, but only mSpy is the best for several distinct reasons:

  1. Value for Money
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Ease of Use

mSpy is an advanced tool but still very easy to use. You can spy on messages across all instant messaging platforms including WhatsApp.

mSpy WhatsApp Screenshot

They are the leading application in this field, offering a solution for Androids and iPhones.

To put it bluntly, no other application out there comes close.

The software will allow you to monitor activity on the target’s smartphone, tablet or computer without their knowledge.

You will be able to see everything sent and received with the device, monitor phone calls, text message, voicemail, browsing history, and multimedia content send or received.

This application also features real time map positioning with GPS on the phone, meaning that you can see where they are at any time. Maybe you can find my guide on how to locate a cell phone interesting.

Dashboard mSpy

But what I love most about this company is the 24/7 support available.

The mSpy monitoring software is easy to download and install, even without any tech background. But if you do have difficulties, there is a support staff available 24 hours a day to help you through whatever hiccup you encounter.

With its expert design and all that mSpy can do, you would expect to pay a fortune for it. Actually, while it does have a cost, it is very minimal compared to the features and information it provides.

How does mSpy work

I will try to be as straightforward as possible.

Just pay close attention. Take a deep breath… and focus.

Ok, let’s dive in!

mSpy works on Android devices and iOS systems (iPhone or iPad).

If your victim’s phone is an Android device (such as a Samsung or Google Pixel, just to name a few) then you need to have your victim’s phone at hand (even for a few minutes), and then install mSpy.

Recently the software introduced a new monitoring system called Screen Recorder that allows you to install the software on Android phones without rooting.

Screen Recorder takes periodic screenshots when the victim opens one of the following apps: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype.

Hack WhatsApp with mSpy

If your victim’s phone is an iPhone, things are a bit easier.

In fact, to install mSpy you need to know your victim’s iCloud login details and have access to their device for a couple of seconds (just enough time to perform 2-factor authentication).

Note: mSpy for iPhone is available in two versions, one without Jailbreak (the equivalent of Root for Android) that has limited functions but still gives you the ability to spy on WhatsApp, and one with Jailbreak that allows you to spy on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

I hope I have made things clear 🙂

Here are some of the things that this spyware will help you monitor:

  • WhatsApp (messages, images, videos and audio)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • LINE
  • Telegram
  • Tinder
  • Hangouts
  • iOS Messages
  • SMS, MMS
  • Call Log and Phonebook
  • Browsing History
  • Email Photo and Video
  • Installed Applications
  • SIM Change Notifications
  • GPS Tracking

How to install mSpy?

As I mentioned before mSpy is simple and easy to install.

Let me walk you through the steps you need to follow:

  1.  The first step being to obviously purchase and download the spy tool (it is cheap and accessible)
  2. Installing the app and connect the software to your child or spouse’s mobile phone
  3. Wait a few minutes (it might even take a few hours) for the software to upload all the contents of the target phone to your dashboard.
  4. Now you can start to spy in real time – boom!

Installation only takes a few minutes, and you do not need any technical skills to do it. You can learn more about installation in this guide I have written: Step-by-Step Guide to mSpy – the Best Cell Phone Tracker App. Inside you will also find a discount voucher (it’s a gift reserved for readers of my blog).

Note: as I mentioned before if you have issues with the installation, or just do not think you are capable, there is a paid service available through mSpy (around $50) called mAssistance where an operator can walk you through installation step-by-step over the phone.

Whenever you download the program, you will be able to see any information on the target phone, no matter how private it might be. You will also be able to access their phone information from your computer as well.

This should be plenty enough for you to finally be able to log on to your dashboard on mSpy and receive all the information you ever could have asked for.

Once installed, the spyware can be accessed from your mobile device (iPhone and Android phones) or computer anywhere.

All you have to do then is log into your account and see the entirely of the victim’s phone on your dashboard.

Spy on iPhone with mSpy App

Does mSpy Have Shortcomings?

Truthfully, I haven’t noticed much of anything. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the need for access to the device for a few minutes to get the software installed.


mSpy only offers potential customers a single subscription called Premium that can be purchased month-to-month, quarterly, or annually.

To get this package, you can expect to pay a $48.99 monthly charge. If you want to purchase every 3 months, the per month price drops to $27.99. Annual subscriptions have a per month value of $11.66.

  • Fast, Very Easy to apply and Infallible
  • No need physical access to victim’s phone to monitor WhatsApp (only for iPhone)
  • Any instant messaging apps messages tapping
  • Include GPS tracking
  • 24/7 support for the installation
  • No chance to get caught
  • You need to pay a small fee
  • Time-consuming

Frankie’s Take:

This is the best way to remotely access not only WhatsApp, but an entire phone without detection. Anyone can use it, and it does not require training or expertise to avoid detection. You only have to pay a few bucks to download the program.

2. uMobix

Do you ever wish you could peek behind the curtain and read every WhatsApp message that your child or spouse has ever sent or received? You can do that with this app!

Better than that, you will need no technological skills to achieve it.

Umobix spy WhatsApp App

I think uMobix is an ideal solution if you want to read WhatsApp history. We will also be able to read their contacts, and see their saved media and videos shared.

There is a reason this app is so highly rated, and much of that has to do with the comprehensive tracking and plethora of features, all without requiring you to know how to hack or do advanced coding.

You are being able to experience more than just WhatsApp, which can include the activity on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular social media platforms on Android and iPhone devices.

With the exception of mSpy, there is no application on the market I believe that can rival uMobix.

It is running on devices and stealth mode, meaning that it is in completely hidden. You are getting access to every message from their phone, even if they have deleted or encrypted it.

Umobix spy WHatsApp Screenshot

This app doesn’t just monitor messages, however.

You will also gain access to any call logs, emails through various servers, text messages sent, and their internet browser history. Even if they are using Incognito mode, uMobix will track it.

Worried your partner or child might be lying to you about where they are? Another helpful feature of uMobix is live GPS tracking for the target device. You will know where the phone is at any time.

uMobix Dashboard

One of the most impressive features about uMobix is how easy it is to set up – it can be up and running in as little as five minutes without any tech skills. Once it is live, you are getting all of the information you wish and more.

One of the only drawbacks of using the service is that it is not free – but with all the features and functions, could you really expect that?

There is a small monthly fee, but for the information you have access to, most feel that it is well worth the price.

How Does the App Work?

Let’s take a moment to educate you on how this revolutionary spy app actually works for you.

uMobix is good for iOS and Android Operating Systems.

If you have an Android target phone, you only need to have it in your hands for around 5 minutes to install this software. Once it’s done, you have access to everything uMobix has started to record.

Using an iPhone? You have it even easier!

You can install the program nearly fully remotely with a target’s Apple ID login credentials. The only caveat is if they have 2-factor authentication enabled, in which case you would need to have that phone for a second to click by this.

So what can this spy on? Let’s take a look:

  • WhatsApp (including the chats, media, and audio)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
  • Apps
  • Call Logs
  • Texts/SMS
  • iOS (iMessage) SMS
  • Emails
  • Browser History

How Do You Install the Spy App?

Installing uMobix takes less than five minutes.

Here is how you do it:

  1. First, head to uMobix to buy the software and sign up.
  2. Next, install the software on an iPhone with the Apple ID login information within your newly formed account. Or – install uMobix on an Android by taking the target’s phone, opening the software download link and choosing to install it.
  3. Once it is installed, you can start expecting information to be available in a matter of minutes, with a full record of activity available after a brief period.
  4. Anytime you login to your uMobix dashboard you can see what is happening on this device or what has happened since you last checked.

No matter how sneaky and careful someone is with their device, uMobix puts it out in the open for you.

You see everything. You can access uMobix from any device like a phone, tablet, or computer. You just need to sign into the dashboard to get all of the latest data from the target device like images, videos, and SMS.

What Are the Drawbacks of uMobix?

Personally, I think the only real drawback to this system is that it comes at a cost. However, I have never seen a ‘free’ spyware app that actually worked. Some might say the physical access needed for the Android devices might be a drawback as well, though this is fairly standard for this kind of software that is effective.

How Much Does It Cost?

Signing up for uMobix happens in one of three possible pricing platforms.

You can pay an annual amount, which breaks down to $11.66 per month as your first.

You can also choose a three-month pricing plan that has each month costing $27.99.

Lastly, you have the option of choose a month-to-month arrangement with each month costing $49.99. You can clearly see that there are significant savings the longer span you choose.

  • Installs to any phone in less than five minutes.
  • Access to all social media activity
  • Can remotely install on iPhones
  • Invisible on devices
  • Functionality to view browser history
  • No live screenshots
  • Service requires recurring fees

Frankie’s Take:

uMobix might be one of the very best methods of reading WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and even TikTok messages hidden on someone else’s device. This app is easy to use and will leave no stone unturned with what your child or partner might be doing. For a reasonable fee, you can have all the answers you seek.

3. eyeZy

What should you know about eyeZy? Only that it is one of the best spy apps fo WhatsApp available anywhere.

You don’t have to wonder if you are being lied to, or if your partner is really spending all their time with ‘friends’ – eyeZy has the answer!

Eyezy whatsapp monitoring app

If you have become tired being worried about whom your partner might be texting and speaking to on services like WhatsApp, look no further that eyeZy to view all of their messages – even those they deleted.

eyeZy has become one of the most famous applications for this because you can view messages and content from top social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat.

eyezy screenshot

This reliable service can be used on either Android or iPhones, making it a versatile choice.

Once you have it installed, the information comes to you without you having to do anything else. The app secretly records data as it happens and sends it to your convenient dashboard. Then you will have all the information you need to see if your partner is cheating on you.

You are also getting the benefit of thorough tracking functions. With eyeZy, users can view emails, browser history, live GPS, call logs, and more.

Additionally, eyeZy has great tech and customer support options, helping you through the installation process or being there to troubleshoot something going wrong.

Because there are so many beneficial features and the app records everything you might want, it has to cost a fortune, right? Wrong.

In fact with just a small subscription you can have access to all of your child’s or partner’s WhatsApp messages and other content.

How Does the App Work?

So you probably think that with all these features and functions, it has to be pretty advanced and complicated. Rest assured, you are going to be able to use this (and install it) without ANY technical skills.

Just read on to learn how to use eyeZy to spy on anyone you wish.

eyeZy is 100% reliable and effective with iOS systems and Android devices.

If the intented target is using an iPhone or iOS product, you are fortunate. Installing eyeZy is as simple as entering their Apple ID when prompted to do so in the newly formed account you make.

If your target phone is an Android, this is still easy to do. You need the device for only a few minutes to click on the appropriate download link and install the software.

Now you get the gist of how to get it, so what can it do? Here is what you can spy on:

  • WhatsApp (messages and media)
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Tinder
  • Emails
  • Camera Roll
  • Call Logs
  • SMS/Texts
  • iMessage
  • Contacts
  • Live GPS Tracking

Installing eyeZy To Your Device

One of the greatest features of this impressive spy app is how the developers made it SOOO easy to install.

If you follow these short steps below, you will have this installed on your phone in no time:

  1. Purchase eyeZy and make an account
  2. If you want to spy on an iPhone, enter the target’s Apple ID. If you intend to spy on an Android, grab this device and open the software download link to begin the short installation process.
  3. It could take a few minutes (up to a few hours) to gather the information needed to begin full recording of data.
  4. Login to your dashboard and gain access to everything you want to see!

The setup for eyeZy is very simple and fast. It would be surprising if it took you more than five minutes to complete.

Once this is installed and running, the program is working to gather requested information and organizing it on the convenient and user-friendly dashboard. eyeZy allows you to spy on the websites they use on incognito mode, deleted messages from all social media platforms and SMS, and even secret Facebook chats.

Your tech-savvy teen or some sneaky cheating spouse can’t hide from eyeZy.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Many people consider it a con that there are no free trials for eyeZy, but really, that makes a lot of sense.

Once you get the information you hoped to receive by reading all the texts or social media conversations of your partner, you wouldn’t have any reason to pay for the service.

Another drawback to some is not being able to install it remotely on Android, but that is a standard roadblock with all spy software and that operating system.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are a few pricing plans for eyeZy as well.

You can choose to get the cheapest per-month price with a 12-month plan for $9.99 a month.

For $27.99 a month, you can pay for three months of the service upfront.

You can also choose to pay month by month at the highest cost of $47.99.

Obviously I would recommend getting the year plan, as this allows you access to this information for a full year for the cost of two months at the highest cost or close to the three month agreement.

  • You get unrivaled access to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more – read all messages and view all media
  • Installation takes less than five minutes
  • Easy for even beginners to accomplish
  • Remotely install on iOS
  • View browser history
  • Track phone through live GPS
  • Undetectable with its stealth mode installation
  • Cannot record phone calls
  • To spy on Instagram, a device will need to be rooted or jailbroken.

Using eyeZy is intended for legal applications only. Using this application to monitor individuals without their consent could be a criminal offense in your country/state. Before using eyeZy, research this information to avoid any ramifications.


Frankie’s Take:

With the application eyeZy, you have a very easy route to viewing all of someone’s private WhatsApp messages. Once the app is installed, it begins recording data and information immediately. It does not cost much to give it a try today.

Method 4: Use a Clone WhatsApp Application

Spy apps might not be your thing, and that’s ok. Without strong tech skills, options like MAC Spoofing might not be the best option either.

However, I have one final option for you that might suit your needs: cloning!

Read on to learn more about the clone WhatsApp software and get the truth about whether your partner is really visiting family or meeting their lover.

This technique is sure to make you feel like spy and get your heart racing.

When you get a chance, you need to acquire the target’s phone and use a cloning app to scan their WhatsApp QR code. Once you scan this, all of their messages and threads will be available on your device to view and read.

You might not have known that you can clone Android apps. App cloning lets you make several copies of the apps you run simultaneously across several devices.

Using an app cloner, you can copy a target’s WhatsApp account and load it to your device.

This means that all of the messages up to this point are available on your phone as well without them being any the wiser about it.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be tech savvy to pull this off.

You just have to follow a couple of easy steps:

  1. Start by downloading your cloning app – I would recommend the free Parallel Space in the Google Play Store. Once the cloning app is open, you will be asked to scan a QR code.
  2. Grab the target device and open their WhatsApp account.
  3. Select Menu and then WhatsApp Web.
  4. Scan the available QR code with your device open to your cloning app.

That’s all the steps!

Once you have this application cloned, you can sit back and read all of the old messages already exchanged and see messages sent to this new cloned version.

This approach is not without some limitations, however.

What Are the Limitations of Cloning Apps?

Limit 1: You need to take control of the target device for a few minutes and unlock this device. You cannot make this method work without device access.

Limit 2: You need to have the appropriate credentials to access the WhatsApp account to get the QR code you need – otherwise you cannot use this method.

  • Free if you find a suitable cloning app at no cost
  • You get all WhatsApp messages sent directly to your device
  • Easy and fast to get set up
  • You need to access their WhatsApp account initially
  • You have a greater chance of getting caught
  • You need to have their device for several minutes
  • Will not work on iOS devices

Frankie’s Take:

Cloning is an effective solution that ultimately lets messages sent and received from a WhatsApp account be accessible and viewable from your personal device. However, the installation process can be tense as you need access to both their device and their account to succeed.

FAQs WhatsApp Spy

Since I wrote this guide – boy it’s been almost 7 years since the first release – so many people have reached out to me both in the comments below and privately to ask me questions.

I’ve decided to select and answer the most interesting ones in order to make this guide complete in every way.

I do care about doing things right 🙂

On to the first one.

Can I spy on WhatsApp if I only have a phone number for the person I want to spy on?

This is not possible.

You cannot access a conversation with only a phone number. If anyone online tells you they may be scamming you.

I’ll tell you more.

I’ve seen that you can find apps on Google that promise you can access someone’s WhatsApp conversations by entering their phone number (e.g. hacking-tor.com).


Not only do they not work but you also risk them stealing money from your credit card.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone?

This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Spy on a WhatsApp conversation without a target device is possible as long as this requirement is met: 

Whatever technique you decide to use, to be implemented – the first time – you need your target smartphone. Afterwards, not anymore.

Let me explain.

Spy Apps > when you install them you need your victim’s mobile phone (even if only for a few seconds). Then you can access their chats form remote.

WhatsApp Web > you need your target phone to scan the QR code. Then you can spy without having your victim’s mobile phone.

WhatsApp chat backup > you need your target phone to access the backup containing your victim’s conversations.

Mac Spoofing > to know the Mac address of the target phone you need to have it at hand. Once obtained you won’t need it anymore and you can read the conversations without your target phone.

Ultimately, the answer is: Yes, you can spy on WhatsApp without target device but only after you have it at hand and connected WhatsApp to the spy app or your device.

Are there free apps for spying on WhatsApp?

There are no credible free WhatsApp spy tools that can do this.

Most of the spy softwares are cheap and easily affordable. If you want to know more about spying apps I have selected the best WhatsApp spy apps that you can find in 2022. Check it out!

I think my WhatsApp account is being spied on. What can I do?

You will need to remove any spyware from your phone. You will need to restore it to the factory settings and then change all of your passwords or pins.

How can I track WhatsApp calls?

I got good news and bad news.

Which one should I start with?

Okay, off with the good one.

There is a WhatsApp spy tool called FlexiSpy that can record your WhatsApp calls and let you listen to them from remote.

As of today it is the only spy app that comes with this feature. If you’re interested, I’ve written a guide on everything you need to know about FlexiSpy (from how to install it to how much it costs).

The bad news? It’s very expensive and tricky to install (you have to Root on Android or Jailbreak on your target iPhone).

How to Stop Someone Spying on Your WhatsApp

Let’s be completely honest, when I first put this guide together, I did not expect to have to write this paragraph.

Now that I have shown you the best methods to use to spy on WhatsApp, explaining how you can stop someone spying or hacking your WhatsApp account may seem a little ridiculous.

My tutorial is being read by people who think their WhatsApp account is being spied on and are attempting to learn all the techniques available to block or prevent them from making things worse.

Let’s not waste any time and learn about some techniques that you can use to stop someone spying on your WhatsApp account once and for all.

1. Change Your iCloud/Google Play Account Password

You might have just realized the reading this guide that spy software and applications use your I cloud or Google play account as a point of access to reach WhatsApp chats and other features.

The simple changing of your password can block nearly all spy apps on the market today.

Why I chose almost all and not the term “all of them”: certain spy apps do not use this system to connect to a WhatsApp account, so changing your password for either of these services does not block the spy software in place.

2. Factory Resetting Your Device

There is an uneasiness that comes with performing a factory reset, or initialization of your phone or device. This takes up time and can be stressful. In some situations, though, it is the only real and credible solution for removing installed spy software.

Before you do any kind of resetting of your phone, the best thing that you can do is to backup photos, videos, text messages, internet history, WhatsApp chats, and other things that you do not want to disappear forever.

The actual performing of a reset is simple and does not require any sort of technical expertise.

Let me link you with some guides to show you how to perform a reset procedure properly:

  • To restore an iPhone to factory settings, click here.
  • For restoring an Android device to factory settings, click here.

3. Change Your Phone’s Lock Code

This might seem like a pretty basic step, but it can be very helpful.

There is spyware that exists, especially the older and cheaper versions, that require physical access to a cell phone in order to be installed. More often than not, the spy putting these programs on your device is someone close enough to the victim to guess a potential lock code.

By changing the code to something uncommon, you can avert this software ever getting installed in the first place.

You might also prevent someone from linking your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Web and reading all of your conversations.


Frankie’s Take:

Because of how easy it is to spy on WhatsApp chats today, you should never fully let down your guard. Be careful about who you lend your phone to and don’t trust anyone. This even goes for your partner.


Now we have reached the end of the guide, and I can only hope that all the information I provided can be put to good use. Before we leave, though, I want to take a minute to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

I have shown you 3 of the simplest techniques to spy on someone’s WhatsApp account. These are:

Mac Spoofing – hacking technique that requires good computer skills. The advantage here is that it is free, but it requires access to the target phone.

You should only consider this method if you have a lot of time and are already good with computer hacking.

WhatsApp Web – this is also a free option that you can use if you have access to the victim’s phone for just a few seconds. You should be careful to use this method, though, as it is easy to detect.

This method is good for a quick peek at a target’s WhatsApp conversations.

mSpy WhatsApp – The best solution in this list. It is not free (as it costs about $27 a month).

If your target has an iPhone, you can install mSpy software without accessing the victim’s mobile phone at all if you have access to the iCloud. If it is Android, you are going to need to get that phone in your hand.

This is completely stealthy software, so it does not show up in apps or on the home screen.

I would recommend this to someone who wants long-term access to WhatsApp conversations and you are not familiar with a computer or tinkering with mobile devices. I have a guide about how to install mSpy in less than three minutes.

That’s it – if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to write in the comments. I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Remember to specify the phone model you want to spy on – Android or iPhone – so I can be as precise as possible in my answering.

Feel free to check back often as I will update this blog with new techniques for spying on WhatsApp as soon as they get developed.

A hug,

Frankie Caruso

PS – Often those who have something to hide do not only use a singular method of communication like WhatsApp, but multiple. I suggest that you take a look at how you can spy on Facebook accounts and how to hack someone’s Instagram account and how to hack Snapchat. You might find this to be highly useful information.

PS II – Take a minute and look at our guide all about protecting your phone from spying, because as you have seen, it is not challenging for someone to become a target.

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167 thoughts on “How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phone (Android and iPhone)”

  1. Bro i live in Pak but my gf is in uk so i want total access on her whatsapp so i can see who’s she talking or what she doing on WhatsApp
    will you help me it’s about my relationship
    You are my last hope i have been going through alot and still depressed plz help me

  2. Bro i live in Pak but my gf is in uk so i want total access on her whatsapp so i can see who’s she talking or what she doing on WhatsApp
    will you help me it’s about my relationship
    You are my last hope i have been going through alot and still depressed plz help me

  3. Frankie, i was just reading ur article, so the bottom line is a target phone whats app or facebook cannot be accessed remotely. i have been trying to do this quiet a few time and always been scammed. im wanting to access someones whats app and facebook with only their phone number. and the live in south america. email me if u can help further, ur honesty is greatly appreciated here.

      • Hi after purchasing this spy app or any can u tell if it’s possible to send a link to their phone and when they click on it the app installs u see am presently in a long distance relationship and before I do anything drastic I need evidence for my own sanity as I feel am manipulated and taken advantage off. At this time I can’t have his phone although I bought it for him but d present distance

  4. Hi Frankie

    What if the target device is both fingerprint and four digit password protected? How does one bypass this to access target device to install mspy software?

    Thank you

      • How can I create a link (spy), that I can send the victim, and the victim clicks on the link and I have access to whatsApp? Without the victim noticing

        • Hi Catarina, you can’t send any kind of “auto-install” link. Today this type of technique no longer works.

  5. Hi, Mspy states they can no longer offer monitoring for social media (WhatsApp) with only using iCloud credentials as previously done. Any other options? Thanks

    • Hi Myk,
      Alternatively you can use the Screenrecorder function.
      With the new updates it becomes more and more difficult to hack messaging apps like WhatsApp. In fact, do not forget that these spy apps (mSpy, FlexySPY, etc.) are created to monitor children’s smartphones. The assumption is that you can access to the target phone.

  6. Hi Frankie…
    Really looking for help… Gone through info provided by you… But will I be able to access the messages if those are deleted a month ago or year ago?

    • Hi Priyanka.
      As for messages deleted for a month (at most two) if they are saved in the backup, yes, otherwise no.
      Messages deleted for more than 3/4 months are usually deleted from WhatsApp servers. WhatsApp does not provide an exact period after which messages are deleted, however from experience I tell you that it is extremely rare to recover deleted messages older than 5 months.
      Good luck,

  7. Hi, pls I started spying on an account with the whatsweb method but recently I got logged out, is there a means of getting myself logged in back without physical contact with the victim’s phone.

  8. Hi Frankie, hoping you can help me out here

    I’ve recent tried the MAC Spoofing method to little success.

    My phone is Rooted, and I have changed the MAC Address, however; when I download WhatsApp, enter the target phone number and the verification code the rooted “Spy Phone” becomes that WhatsApp account, and the Source Phone becomes disconnected with that WhatsApp account and is logged out.

    I’ve tried this back and forth a number of times, to the same result. Have I missed a step, or has WhatsApp updated their security since this post was originally written, or something else entirely.

    Thank you

    • Hi Joe and thanks. You are not the first to report this problem to me. I’m working to understand why. On some devices it would still seem to work even with the latest version of WhatsApp.

  9. Hi Frankie, I want to know that

    1. Can mSpy apply for wechat ?

    2. When My friend change the apple id ‘s password. Is the mSpy still function ?

    3. Can we read the wechat and whatsapp all history?


    • Hi Kelvin, Frankie here! Regarding your questions:

      1. Yes with mSpy you can also track WeChat messages
      2. No
      3. Yes

      • Hi my husband has an iphone from his work i have no access to icloud password. I can get into his phone not more than 2 or 3 minutes while he takes a shower. I need to know what happens in wassup. What will i need to do if i purchase mspy

  10. Hi franky, if I send my whatsapp qr code camera screenshot to other, can that person using that screen shot get my whatsapp chat history which I had skip restore n reinstalled it ?but there is no scope to get my mobile in his or her hand in reality…only that person has my qr code screen shot

  11. Hi, can I reinstall mspy on a new phone if target person has change it using very same subscription? Thank you

  12. How can I deactivate it from my device just in case they installed any spy app or any method they are using to spy my chat..

    • Hi Leonard and welcome to my blog. The best way to delete spy apps or spy software from a smartphone is restore it to factory settings.

      Good luck,

      • Can someone listen to my WhatsApp call conversations using Whatsapp web? Can they also view my WhatsApp call history?

  13. Hi Frankie my partner always love hacking into my messages and I would love to do the same to him how do I get him and he is using an android

  14. Hi Frankie,
    I had a question regarding the mSpy app. I have my girlfriends iCloud credentails, but she does not backup any data on iCloud. Will it still work? I am looking to check her Whatsapp messages

    • Hi Ashwin and nice to meet you. Unfortunately iCloud backup is necessary if you want to access your girlfriend’s WhatsApp conversation. You could suggest her do to it to avoid losing data if something happens to her cell phone… it could be a good idea 🙂
      A hug,

  15. I have iphone and my boyfriend as well and we are far away
    What do I do to see his WhatsApp messages without access to his phone. Is there any way I could do that ?

    • Hi Frankie,

      Vinny here, I guess my husband has 2 what’s App account. One for normal use where he communicates with me one more what’s app is hidden. Is there any way to identify the what’s app number and then check his wats app conversations

        • Please I’m desperately needing helping. I think my
          Partner is cheating as he’s constantly on Watsap please can or do you know how I can trace his messages or see the messages please?
          My mind is going crazy because of this. Please I’m begging you for help

          • Hi Samantha, please tell me what kind of cellphone your partner has (iPhone or Android).

  16. Hello Frankie, is there a way to monitor another device without physically installing anything on that device, because the person i want to check never leaves her phone unattended

    Thank you

    • Hi Karl and welcome on messagingapplab.com, Let’s get right to the point:
      – If your victim’s cell phone is an iPhone then you can Install mSpy remotely and spy on it.
      – If it is an Android device you need to have the victim’s phone at hand (even for a few minutes), perform the rooting and then install mSpy.

      You can read more about on this guide I have written: how to install mSpy in three minutes: step-by-step guide. Inside you will also find a discount voucher (it’s a gift reserved for readers of my blog).

  17. Hi, after I install it on my partner phones, will I install it on my phone too before I can see my partner chats?

  18. Hi Frankie
    When I install Mspy on my partner’s phone, does it means that anyone else can access her messages? Does the Mspy have a unique id that ensures security? I mean the one that can be used to access the messages from a phone or a computer?

    • Hi Brian, thanks for asking me these questions. mSpy is very secure, no one besides you can access WhatsApp messages or other phone data.

  19. Hi Frankie,

    Once installed in the target phone, does the icon shows up in the mobile as like other apps? or once installed, it will be invisible?
    Visible icons will show the target that he/she is being spied on!

      • Hi Frankie, i cannot get acess to my partners phone. What i can get from time to time is acess to her computor. She has whatsapp but she is clever and sometimes switches off other whatsapp devices. I just have to copy archived messages.

        • Hi Joel and welcome. Of course you can install mSpy on her computer and have access to her WhatsApp conversations.
          Good luck,

    • Hi Lily, unfortunately not. There are no apps capable of doing this! The only solution that comes to mind is to install a tape recorder in a place where you are sure that he is speaking on the phone – for example the car. You can find several – even cheap – on Amazon.

  20. Hi Frankie! After installing the mspy on the target phone, does it automatically uninstall when they reboot or reset their phone

    • Exactly! if you reboot or reset the target phone, mSpy is automatically uninstalled (just like all the other apps installed)

  21. Hi Frankie, tell me, does your program work without a computer? I need an android without computer settings.

  22. Hi

    I am in need to track some conversations from last year (mid year). Is mspy able to help me to pull this information from my PC . I have the icloud information for the targeted phone.


    • Hi Hank, you are welcome! If the conversations have not been deleted from the iCloud server yes, you can do it with mSpy!

  23. Hi
    I can access my girlfriend phone for a few minutes. her phone is Samsung android and my phone is Samsung android too. {we using the same wifi too} if make things easier.

    how do i spy on her whatsapp without she knowing. {i have tried access the WhatsApp web service site by entering the QR Code. but she know that and she long it out.

    I want to do it in different way. Please help. thank you very much.

  24. I have android phone and my boyfriend as well and we are far away
    What do I do to see his WhatsApp messages without access to his phone

    • Hello Jasmine, unfortunately you can’t install spyware (such as mSpy) on Android devices remotely. You need to have the phone of the victim to install the software.

    • Hello there, If you know the iCloud credentials of the victim’s iPhone, you can install mSpy remotely so that you don’t need to have physical access to the mobile phone.

      • But since an year iPhone has made two factor authentication to iCloud as mandatory. So how will this work?

          • With the latest iOS two-factor authentication can’t be turned off any more. Any way to still access WhatsApp with mspy?

          • Hi Sharon, fortunately mSpy has already solved this problem: you can always disable two-factor authentication by creating a new Apple ID account and putting it on the target device. Data won’t be lost because you will back it up. You can follow the guide on how to create a new Apple ID here

        • Hi Leah and welcome on Messagingapplab.com.
          Unfortunately nothing, in fact to spy on WhatsApp remotely with software you need to know the victim’s iCloud access data.
          Good luck,

      • Could you please explain more? So If I know iCloud email and password of victim but can’t have physics access to target’s phone, how can I download mspy on target’s phone? What are the exact steps??

  25. Hi

    If me and my partner using the same Apple ID will my partner know that mspy is installed? Any other downside of using same Apple ID?

    • Hi Roger, TmSpy is invisible to the monitored user. There are no indications that mSpy is running while it is active. The app has no icons on the phone. It starts automatically every time the phone is powered on and remains hidden from view.

  26. If i intsall the program on my target phone do i also need to install the program on my phone before reading her messages ???

    • Hi Austin! No you don’t need to install the program on your phone! All you have to do is access to the mspy dashdoard from your mobile to see the messages.

    • Hi there. My wife is in the U.S. i am in Africa. Is it possible to see her chats if i do not have access to her phone

      • Hey Dre, if the victim’s phone is an iPhone, yes you can do it! With mSpy solution for iPhones you can see information from the target iCloud backup. You can do it without installing mSpy on the phone itself. All you need to know is Apple ID and password for your partner’s iCloud account.
        At the moment with mSpy solution for iOS devices you can monitor the following features: Contacts, Call logs, Text messages (including iMessages), Browser history, Events, Notes, Wi-Fi Networks, Whatsapp and Installed applications list.
        While if you want to install mSpy on Android OS based device, a physical access is required.

      • Hi Rudie unfortunately there are no apps where you don’t need target phone. I don’t even think the FBI or CIA has one LOL

  27. Hi there do I need to put a program on the other persons phone or is it all done through my phone to look at three what’s app

  28. Hi

    I have my boyfriends iCloud credentials and he has an iPhone. Do I download mspy on my phone and then enter his credentials, will he get notified at any point when I do this? Thanks

    • Hi Axnaya, first of all you choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase. After that you receive an email with the login and password to your personal Control Panel where you also find the installation instructions. If you have the physical access to the target device, launch the phone browser, type in the link for downloading the program and proceed with the installation. Icon don’t appear on the target device 🙂

  29. the app mspy will be installed in targets android? Will he be able to see the app? I don’t want him to find out

  30. If I use mSpy or MAC spoofing hacking, can I see WhatsApp messages in real time. Since my daughter deletes all her messages immediately upon reading, what is the best tool available to read all the messages real time?

    Or is there any tool that backs up messages in real time and will not get deleted even if my daughter deletes them from her phone.


    • Hi Corey, you should still see the deleted messages through mSpy. If you still have questons feel free to text me back

      • Hi Frankie I also had the same question? Can I use mSpy without having my partners phone ? My partner lives in another city so I have no access to their phone. Help

        • Hi Blanca, unfortunately there is no alternative method… you need the physical access to the phone 🙁

  31. Hi, is mSpy also working in Europe? I see its an American product , but wonder if it can track a phone(number) within the EU. And do I need to know their passwords to see inside their conversations? Greetings, Fr

    • Hi Franciska It working also in UE (all around the world). if victim’s phone is an iPhone you need the iCloud credential to install it.

  32. Hi,
    I tried Mac spoofing but when I install and login WhatsApp on my phone using WhatsApp SMS code from target phone, the WhatsApp on target phone gets logged out and requires reverification. How to resolve this. Do I disconnect the target phone from internet?

  33. Hi would like to spy my husband whatsapp messages. however, I don’t know his icloud password. M currently using the whatsapp web to spy, but can only spy when I’m at home as the computer is at home and can’t bring to work as my husband might suspect me. Can I use the PC instead to spy him other than whatsapp web?

    • Hi,
      I tried Mac spoofing but when I install and login WhatsApp on my phone using WhatsApp SMS code from target phone, the WhatsApp on target phone gets logged out and requires reverification. How to resolve this. Do I disconnect the target phone from internet?

  34. When you login targets iCloud credentials will they receive a notification that their Apple ID has been used on another device? Or is it encrypted?

  35. Infidelity is a very serious issue to deal with and is becoming major threat to most marriages and homes.

    • its a serious issue, because we are constantly doubting our partners, and if someone does not want to live with you, just let them go, you are better without that stress and partner. There are plenty of honest people who have been burnt, I am sure there’s one for everyone. Cheers

  36. hi
    can we spy using mspy app without physical access of target phone in hand
    i read we need minimum 5 mins physical access to install spy apps

    please reply
    thank you


    • Hi Kumar, as written in the article if the “victim” has an iPhone, with the Apple id you can without physical access. If the victim has Android phone you need the physical access to install mSpy (or other spy apps)

  37. Mac Spoofing is too complicated for me though. I prefer using App like mSpy you mentioned. They suit me as a beginner.

  38. I am Evans Impraim at Ghana and do not have a via card to buy it do you have other options and dose it work in Ghana too

    • Hi Evans, unfortunately if you want to use a spy app you have to pay the service (the cost depends of the plan) … To be honest I don’t know if there is a free solution working in Ghana. By the way “free solutions” are not really secure! So be careful 😉

  39. Hi Nick its John again,

    Regarding my last question , just want to add another question,
    If the phone communicate with 2 sim cards, will I be able to have access on bought numbers?
    Does this app works just for the phone? or for bought sim cards or only one sim card?

    • Hi Jhon, both sim card… mSpy is not connected to Sim Card but to device, so even if you change the sim the app works.

    • Hi Farid, if you want to use the technique of Mac Spoofing you need a good computer skills and the victim’s phone. So if you want to spy a phone that is in a different country you can’t! Probably the best solution for you is a Spy App!

  40. Hi. What if i want to spy the person’s whatsapp on the phone instead of pc ? Is it possible and how ? So i can spy him from my cell phone, more easier for me. TQ

  41. Hello Jome,
    you can spy on WhatsApp remotely if your boyfriend has an iPhone and if you know his iCloud credentials

      • Hi, Frankie,
        I can access the phone for a few minutes. Do I need Apple ID and password to install mspy? I have phone passcode.
        Thank you

        • Hi Twisted, you have two possibilities:
          1) Install mSpy Without Jailbreak – you can use mSpy Without Jailbreak that requires users`s iCloud credentials for installation
          2) Install mSpy with Jailbreak – You do not nee users’s iCloud. In order to install regular mSpy application and have permission to all available features, you need to jailbreak the target device. First of all, you will have to check if your device can be jailbroken because some newer versions of iOS may not have jailbreak available yet. You can take target device and open Settings > General > About > Version and check all the needed instructions and latest jailbreaking tools (versions) here: Once jailbreak is done, you can simply log in to your Control Panel and choose iPhone to continue installation. Whole procedure of jailbreak and installation may take up to 30 minutes

  42. I want to see messages from my daughter’s phone , i have access to it but since she can delete conversation i’d like to see them in real time not when she gets home.
    But I don’t get it, I go to my web.whatsapp IN MY PHONE/PC (?) select view from web, it generates a code, the I use HER PHONE (?) to scan the code or is it all the way around, go to we.whatsapp on HER phone, generate the code and then use MY phone to scan the code?

    • Hello Aaron, simply go to web.whatsapp.com from your PC, and scan the code with the phone of the other person. Once logged in, it remains connected until you log out. So, just return the phone and leave the PC turned on. After that moment, every conversation will be displayed on your PC.

      Instead, If you go to web.whatsapp.com from your phone you should request desktop site.

      • Hi..I tried WhatsApp QR codeit works but the other person gets a notification that someone has your QR code.whst to do for that.thanks

        • Hi Malini, for this reason WhatsApp QR Code is not very secure as a method… The best solution to avoid this problem is to use a spy app.

  43. If you want to spy on WhatsApp messages you have many options:
    – Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ from PC and with the phone of the person you want to spy on, scan the QR that appears on the home page. Once logged in, it remains connected until you log out. So, just return the phone and leave the PC turned on. After that moment, every conversation will be displayed on your PC.

    – You can use different apps that allow you to monitor what other people do on WhatsApp. Follow these guides http://whatsapplab.com/news/4-apps-to-spy-on-whatsapp-chats-for-ios-android-and-windows-phones/1397/ and http://whatsapplab.com/news/how-to-spy-on-whatsapp-2-apps-more-for-non-experts/769/

  44. Please my name is sincere, i would like to know how to access the whatsapp web? do i need to install the whatsapp web ? and how can i get the QrCode ?


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