Thanks to my tips, many parents have been able to monitor their children and keep them safe from the dangers of the web, business owners have been able to track the use of company devices, and partners have been able to expose unpleasant truths.

About Me

Hi, I’m Francesco Caruso, you can find me on Instagram @carusino, and my passion – besides everything related to technology and ethical hacking – is surfing.

This is why, after graduating and working as an Affiliate Marketer around the world, I decided to spend some of my time between Thailand and Indonesia.

There are some crazy waves there!

For more than 7 years I have been sharing with my blog readers guides and tips about how to monitor mobile phones or how to protect against those who want to spy on you.

Also here on MessagingAppLab (and on – my Italian blog) you will find the latest tutorials, rumors, tips, guides and news related to any messaging app you might currently be using.

The goal is to give you the best WhatsApp (and other popular messaging applications) biggest secrets and tricks to overcome any problem or situation you might have.

The information provided has been of great help to many users, and I can’t hide the fact that I didn’t expect so much success 🙂.

Those who are following my tips are very satisfied and this is the thing that makes me really happy.

For several years I have been working – both as a beta tester and as a consultant – with many of the most popular Parental Control applications, including mSpy (the most widely used in the world), eyeZy and

So, after having presented myself, I would like to give you a warm welcome to my blog!

Frankie Caruso

My method


I study and keep up to date by following the best programmers, ethical hackers, social engineering experts, and monitoring app developers.


I test the strategies I've studied for at least a couple of months and try to improve and adapt them for different scenarios.


When I'm satisfied that the strategies, apps, monitoring techniques work, I share them within my blogs (this one and


Are you unsure about something and would like to receive help? Drop me a line at [email protected] or contact me by filling out the form below and you will be assisted by me or my staff.