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How to Use WhatsApp without an Internet Connection

Many do not know that it is possible to send messages on WhatsApp without an internet connection. This is an option for either iPhone or Android phones. Here is what you need to know.

how to use WhatsApp without Internet

Hey everyone! It is your friend Frankie Caruso here with a new trick you can use to learn WhatsApp a little better. Today is all about using WhatsApp without the internet.

I imagine you will find this information very helpful. 😉

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Let’s consider the facts about what you need to know and not waste any time.

I am getting emails frequently on almost all my social channels from those asking me how they can use their WhatsApp accounts without the internet. Is it possible?

In short, yes.

Pay close attention though to how this works with the information I am about to share with you.

You cannot deliver messages, or make video or voice calls, without an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data.)

That being said, you can still open up the application and write messages to recipients. When you hit the send button (the blue arrow next to the text box), the message goes into a queue. These messages you have written will be restored when you have restored your internet connection.

It is possible to send more than a few messages this way without having any connection available at the time.

Seems simple enough, right?

Let me show you in a little more detail to make sure you have all the information you need.

Send WhatsApp Messages with No Internet Connection

Now that you know it is possible to send messages without an internet connection, the question is: what are the steps? Below, you will find instructions that work for either iPhone or Androids.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Start by launching WhatsApp.
  2. Open the chat (either an individual conversation or group chat)
  3. Write the message you wish to send (or multiple if need be)
  4. Click the blue arrow beside the text entry box to add it to a virtual queue

Essentially, this is no different than when you normally send a message. The only difference is that the delivery is not instantaneous and instead will wait until your device regains mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Note: In addition to traditional text messages, sending photos, videos, documents, and sharing contacts will operate in this same way.

As long as you remain disconnected from the internet, you will see a clock icon appearing next to the sent message. You can see what this looks like in the image below:

clock icon next to the sent message on WhatsApp


Frankie’s Take:

Another important note is that while you might not be able to deliver/receive messages without a connection, you can still view any videos or messages downloaded to your device before your connection stopped.

Can You Make Voice or Video Calls on WhatsApp with No Internet?

Unfortunately, as of writing this guide, this is not possible.

You cannot make voice or video calls through WhatsApp without an active mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

Without the internet, the only way you can call someone is through your phone line. Note that this might come at a cost to you for international calls, long-distance communications, and other factors depending on your chosen coverage plan.

You will find that nearly every application allowing you to call/video call someone for free requires the internet to work.

You should also know that if someone tries to contact you through calling on WhatsApp while you are disconnected from the internet, there will be no record of this attempt. You will get no notification of the failed call when you reconnect.


Frankie’s Take:

Want to learn more about voice and video calling on WhatsApp? I have a guide that can help you that you should find useful. Also, I take the time to reveal some helpful tips and tricks in that article as well. Check it out for yourself!

Does WhatsApp Work without Wi-Fi?

The answer is yes.

WhatsApp will work very well without Wi-Fi, but it must be connected to some form of data to be able to use its spectrum of functions.

If you phone plan includes data traffic, you can use this for WhatsApp, but be careful. Many of the app’s features, especially video calling, can put you over your data limit quickly if you are not monitoring the amount. You do not want to pay heavy extra costs.

I would like to share with you a couple alternatives to WhatsApp for voice and video calling for free or at a low cost. Check out my list.

Bonus Tip: Appearing Offline from WhatsApp without Internet

What I am going to tell you next might really surprise you.

Yes, you cannot use WhatsApp fully without an active connection to the internet, but you might change your perspective.

It is possible to use this ‘limitation’ to your advantage.

Allow me to explain.

There is no doubt that at one point or another you wanted to appear offline or not affect your last access information because you were avoiding someone.

Essentially, you wanted to be completely invisible on this social network.

Well, it is possible to take advantage of the lack of available internet service to allow you to send messages without ever actually logging into WhatsApp in a way it recognizes.

Let me show you what I mean:

  • First, activate airplane mode to turn off all connections.
  • Open up WhatsApp
  • Write your message and then click on the Send button
  • Close WhatsApp
  • Deactivate airplane mode to resume your connection.

As soon as you refresh your connection, these messages will send. You haven’t been online, which means that no one noticed you were logged in.

Want to learn more about becoming invisible on WhatsApp? You should take a look at my guide: The Slimer Method – How to Be 100% Invisible on WhatsApp.


We are at the end of the guide. I hope that this information has answered your questions and addressed any concerns you might have had.

Let’s quickly recap though so I know you didn’t miss anything: you cannot use WhatsApp without an active internet connection. However, you are able to send messages, photos, documents, and videos that get delivered when you reconnect to a data stream.

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Until we meet again,

Frankie Caruso

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