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Top 42 Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Here you have a collection of nearly 40 tips and tricks that iPhone and Android users can employ on their WhatsApp accounts. When you read through this massive guide, you can gain significant insight into what makes WhatsApp work, hidden options for its users, and chat secrets you should be using right now.

WhatsApp Tricks

Hello everyone! It is your dear friend Frankie here once again to give you new insight into WhatsApp. This article is going to teach you the latest tricks and tips for the messaging application (not just fool tricks as you might think). You can use this WhatsApp messaging like a full on ninja once you get an understanding of some of these top secret functions and tips.

You will find a serious variety of content below ranging from some of the tips and tricks you might already recognize and use to the most secret strategies like ‘Chatting secretly on WhatsApp’, ‘Send a false location’, or even ‘how to use WhatsApp on two devices’.

With this ninja method, WhatsApp will have no secrets left to keep from you. You have limitless knowledge to master this Facebook-powered messaging application.

Right now, you just need to fixate on choosing the best weapon and get down to the battle. Okay, maybe I took the ninja analogy a little far – but hey, it was kind of exhilarating. What you actually need to do is to grab your smartphone and let’s get learning some of this stuff together.


Frankie’s Take:

I have written more than 100 WhatsApp guides on my blog that more than 1 million users have found informative each year. I have decided to pool many of these subjects and strategies together into this mega-guide to give a streamlined look at what you need to master WhatsApp.

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The Ninja Method: 42 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

WhatsApp Ninja

To help ease the reading of this guide for those looking for specific content, I have decided to break up the information here into three topics:

  1. General Tricks
  2. Chat Tricks
  3. Privacy Tricks

WhatsApp General Tricks

Here in this category I have compiled a list of the tips and tricks that can help you to better use WhatsApp in general.

These might be tips that could help you in your day to day life or in specific instances like traveling, have a problem with the smartphone that you are using but still need to get on WhatsApp, or maybe you are looking to find a way to add two separate WhatsApp accounts to the same device.

Why waste more of your time here? Let’s get to it.

1. Access Your WhatsApp Account from Another Device

Because you might be among the many forgetful people in the world, there are times where you might leave your cellphone in your car or even at home. Personally, I’ve done this hundreds of times.

You cannot read messages that you receive on WhatsApp without access to your smartphone, but there are ways that you can work around this problem and access your WhatsApp using someone else’s device through either WhatsApp Web or Join.

WhatsApp Web is an online service that allows you to access your account using a browser.

Join, on the other hand, is a separate application for Android phones capable of displaying notifications received on several devices at one. When you use this feature, you can view WhatsApp notifications on a second phone, and even respond to these messages using that second phone.

If you want to learn a little more about this process, you can read my guide on How to Access My WhatsApp from Another Phone.


Frankie’s Take:

Neither one of these methods is foolproof, however, as you first need to connect your account to a second device prior to needing one of these methods. A good ninja is prepared for every adversary, ready with a strong solution.

2. Save Images or Videos from WhatsApp to Your Phone

This is an incredibly useful bit of knowledge. How often have you received photos and videos that you want to save to your phone with your gallery or camera roll?

Surprisingly, there are actually two ways that you can accomplish this using one for Android phones and one for iOS devices.

Android – photos downloaded from WhatsApp get saved in a folder named WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images folder found in the main memory of the device. You can access it through a file management application such as X-Plore File Manager.

iPhone – saving images to the iOS camera roll involves the opening of the message containing the image you want to download and pressing the Save button (square with an arrow on top) at the bottom left of the screen. Select Download Item from the new menu that appears. The image is duplicated from its original form and saved to your Camera Roll on the device.

You can find more detailed information about this in a guidebook that I wrote entitled: How to Save Media from WhatsApp to Your Phone or PC.

You can also find this operation useful for clearing space on WhatsApp and Cleaning Up the Archive.


Frankie’s Take:

These methods will only work if you have disabled the feature to automatically download new media sent or received in WhatsApp. If you have not done this, WhatsApp creates a folder in the gallery app (Android) or Camera Roll (iPhone) with all media you receive from any of your WhatsApp chats.

3. Send Photos Without Losing Quality

You might not know that WhatsApp always compresses images and other media content, which can lead to a loss of quality and valuable detail. It might reduce the time it takes to send a file, but the quality leaves much to be desired.

It is possible to send high resolution and full quality images to your contacts on WhatsApp, however. This process varies slightly depending on the type of device that you are using.

Android – Open up the chat of the person you wish to send the image to. Select the icon with the paperclip and then Documents > Browse Other Documents > Images > Camera.

iPhone – You have an extra step to the process when using an iPhone. You open the gallery with your photos and select the file you want to send and choose to share it. Among your options, save the image to iBooks. This creates a PDF file you can share through the Paperclip icon > Documents and so on that your recipient can receive in full resolution.

Find the guide on how you can proceed with each step by clicking on this link: Sending Photos in WhatsApp without Losing Quality.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a trick that can be very useful if you want to print or share an image to other social media like Instagram or Facebook. True WhatsApp ninjas leave nothing to chance – photo details are critical because these are the resolution variances that separate a pretty picture from a gorgeous one.

4. Knowing If Someone Has Saved Your Number in Their Address Book

You might not know that WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to see which of your contacts have saved your phone number in their own contacts list.

This can be useful in many ways, for example, seeing if a girl or boy you like has committed to keeping your number in their frequently contacted circle by saving your number. While this in no way says that the person reciprocates your feelings, it might be a good starting point.

Sure does sound like this is some next-level spy technique, right? But it isn’t complicated at all, in fact.

The process is exactly the same for both iPhone and Android devices and begins with accessing the Menu in WhatsApp (three dots for Android or ‘Menu’ on iPhone) and selecting New Broadcast. This is used to send a message to everyone that you have added to your contacts.

Once you have opened up this section, a list appears and you can see some numbers that do not have a name because they are not saved to your contacts list. These are accounts that have added you and you have not done the same.

I have written a step-by-step guide that can walk you through the process of learning How to Know Who Has My Number in Their Contact List.


Frankie’s Take:

You are really starting to transform fully into the WhatsApp ninja. This trick helps you to learn important information about others in your contacts and beyond. I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, and we are only getting started.

5. Reporting Spam Contacts to WhatsApp

This bit of knowledge can help to alleviate what can assuredly be a substantial pain in the neck.

It might happen that you have an annoying contact saved in your address book sending you messages all day or promoting a store or product relentlessly. This is antagonizing behavior and can often only get resolved by reporting the account as spam.

The procedure is quite simple and differs little between iPhone and Android.

Android – Tap on the three dots icon in the top right, choose More Options, and then choose Report.

iPhone – Tap on the person’s name or their number in the top section > Report Contact > Report and Block.

If you are curious to get a more detailed description of how to go about this, or even what happens to a contact once they get reported, you should check out a guide that I have written titled: How to Report Someone as Spam on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

Reporting a contact as spam is one of the greatest tools in the arsenal of the WhatsApp Ninja. An important thing to remember is that reports are anonymous, meaning that you are striking silently and unseen like a ninja would.

6. Permanently Deleting WhatsApp Contacts

When you need other ways to get rid of persistent and annoying contacts, you always have the option to delete the contact and their available threads completely.

Let’s say for a minute that you broke up with your ex because he cheated, and you are so betrayed that you don’t even want to see his picture or information anymore – this solves your problem.

Not only will following these steps remove this contact from their presence on WhatsApp, it deletes them from your phone contact list as well.

To complete the removal of a contact, you must block that user.

Here is what you do:

  1. Open up WhatsApp and get into Settings
  2. Account > Privacy > Blocked
  3. Select ‘Add New’ and choose the contact in your list you want to block.

If you need more information or guidance on the subject, I wrote a detailed article about How to Delete a WhatsApp Contact Permanently.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a full-on Ninja attack maneuver, and is much more destructive than merely reporting a contact as spam or blocking a number on your app. It might be entirely necessary, though, so use this trick responsibly.

7. Find Out Who Blocked You

This is one of the most sought out WhatsApp tricks by those who read my blogs. It might be helpful at times to know whether someone has blocked you, especially if you have been trying to reach out to them and they are not responding.

My ex has blocked me, so I couldn’t even tell her Merry Christmas this year. (Honestly though, I get that one. I wasn’t very kind.)

Finding out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp is not complicated, but it doesn’t happen as easily as getting a notification, either. You have to implement a different strategy.

I couldn’t sleep as long as I knew this question was unanswered, and eventually developed a 5-method system to know for sure if you are blocked.

The system goes as follows:

In these options, RC indicates the Reliability Coefficient

  • Last Seen Technique (RC 45%)
  • Profile Picture Technique (RC 65%)
  • Single Tick Technique (RC 55%)
  • Almost Perfect’ Technique (RC 90 – 99%)
  • Group Chat Technique (RC 100% – But be cautious!)

I am not going to go into detail about these elements of my system here, but you can read about each of them by looking at my guide How to Find Out Who Blocked You on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

A WhatsApp Ninja studies their enemies before taking action. Know if you have been blocked by following these steps. Now you can know which contacts you can trust and which ones you cannot.

8. Use WhatsApp Without Your Phone Number

Imagine for a moment that you have a business and need to communicate with a customer using WhatsApp, but you do not want them knowing your personal phone number. What do you do? Buy a new card? No, that would take way too much time. Give up? Never – surrender is not an option to the budding WhatsApp Ninja. The solution here is learning to use WhatsApp without your cellphone number.

You read that right. You can use WhatsApp without necessarily linking it to your personal phone number. This is one of the expert WhatsApp tricks you came here to learn!

There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. You can use a temporary telephone number
  2. Using an app like ChatSim

It is free to use the first method, though free can often come with some limitations. ChatSim costs some money, but it allows you full range of access to the messenger as if you were using a separate SIM card altogether.

I can explain both of these options in a guide I compiled on this topic titled: How to Use WhatsApp without a Phone Number.


Frankie’s Take:

There are specific reasons that you should use this trick, namely to prevent unwanted contacts from getting your personal number. You can also use this method to play a prank on a friend or send a message to a loved one from halfway across the world when you have lost or left your phone.

9. Using One WhatsApp Account on Two Devices

If you are someone that has to use two mobile phones for business and personal matters, things can get complicated. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to access one WhatsApp account on both phones, so maybe you’d only have to carry one of them?

Using this trick, you can take your one WhatsApp account and use it on more than one device.

How is this possible? With the help of WhatsApp Web online service. When you have access to this service, you can put the same account on multiple devices provided that all of the phones have access to the internet. One of the two of these phones must have the actual WhatsApp application installed.

Also, you might benefit from taking a look at the full guide about How to Use WhatsApp on Two Devices at Once.

Notice: This trick works for smartphones and tablets of any operating system.


Frankie’s Take:

This is one of the tricks that can come in handy if you have to manage two phones for work and personal use.

10. Using Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Device

Want to have some real ninja skills? Try having two WhatsApp accounts available on the same device (Android or iPhone.)

All you must consider now is the problems a solution like this could solve. One account you might use for work while the other one you can use for your personal affairs like chatting with friends and family.

You might also decide to keep one available for spicy love affairs, and one that you can access regularly for all of your normal chatting. This would be the one that people would see when they take a look at your phone.

So how do you get more than one WhatsApp account on a device? There are actually two possible answers to this question:

  1. Parallel Space – an app created for Android and iPhone that allows you to duplicate apps used on your mobile device.
  2. Guest Mode – This method only works for Androids. You can add a guest user to your phone, and this allows you to utilize functions as though this is an altogether new device. You can sign up for WhatsApp with all new credentials.

If you want more information, you can get in-depth information about these options, including the installation of Parallel Space or utilization of Guest Mode for your device. Check out my guide: How to Have Dual WhatsApp Accounts for a Single Smartphone.


Frankie’s Take:

This is one of my favorite WhatsApp tricks I have shared. Now you do not need two different phones for two different accounts – it saves you money and prevents the dual-phone headache.

11. Change Your Number on WhatsApp

You might not know that it is possible to modify your credentials without uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp. If you want to change your number but use the same phone, there is a solution to this problem.

There is a function within the service that allows you to move your account to a new phone number without missing a single chat. The process is incredibly simple, and follows the exact same path on both Android and iPhone devices.

Once you have WhatsApp open, you can go to Settings > Account > Change Number. Once you verify the new number, you are ready to go.

Any of the groups that you are in or invited to will get an immediate message indicating that you have changed your number. This is more for security reasons as the application utilizes end to end encryption. Instead, the individual chats you have active do not receive this notification.

You can learn more about this process in the guide about How to Change Your WhatsApp Number.


Frankie’s Take:

With this trick, you are not going to have to worry about the headaches that can come with changing your number but keeping the same device. This trick might also benefit someone who travels regularly and changes their SIM cards. You can continue to keep all of your active conversations and contacts.

12. Transfer WhatsApp to a New Phone without Losing Chats

We have all become fairly well acclimated to the upgrading routine every couple of years to a newer model of phone. When it is time to make a change, there is always a tinge of concern that transferring information from one device to another might lead to a loss of account details like your WhatsApp contacts and conversations.

If you are exchanging your current smartphone for a newer model, you no longer need to be afraid of losing information. You might not know this, but there are many ways to make this switch without ever compromising a single conversation you have going.

As a master WhatsApp Ninja myself, I found 7 methods of transferring information:

  • I have 2 for moving WhatsApp from Android to Android
  • 4 methods for moving the app from iPhone to iPhone.
  • 2 methods to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone (or the other way around.)

I do not wish to delve too deeply into the specifics in this massive guide, because it would take a lot of your time. Instead, if you want information about this process, you can follow some steps I have laid out in a different guide – How to Transfer WhatsApp to a New Phone.


Frankie’s Take:

Ninja’s are not intimidated by anything, so changing your mobile phone and installing WhatsApp should not be challenging tasks. It is important to protect all of your active conversations, and having this information helps you to avoid any transfer troubles.

13. Use WhatsApp on Your Mac or PC

A fair majority of those that read this content are among those that use a computer every day. Some use it for work and others for fun, and it is important to remind people that you can use this service on your PC or Mac without limitations.

It is easy to appreciate how nice it is not to have to constantly navigate your phone to respond and read messages sent to WhatsApp. It is possible to do all of this from the monitor of the computer that you use.

There are actually two ways that you can use WhatsApp on PC and Mac:

  1. WhatsApp Web
  2. WhatsApp app installable on Windows and Mac computers.

On this subject alone, I have made two separate guides depending on the operating system in question. You can checkout WhatsApp for PC – User Guide .


Frankie’s Take:

Using WhatsApp on the PC or Mac can be a helpful option if you are working and cannot access your phone. Real Ninjas here know how to manage all situations they find themselves in. With the inclusion of this trick, you have one less problem to deal with.

14. Changing the Language on WhatsApp

You might not know how, but changing the language on WhatsApp is something that you might be forced to do at some point. Ou might have recently moved to a new country and want to immerse yourself completely in the new environment. I remember when I first moved to Italy and for a few months my relatives and I set Italian as the main language.

While it is not overly complicated to change the language, you should not that there is one drawback to this approach – you end up changing the language for your entire device.

No matter which type of device you are using, there is a unique process:

If you have an iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region
  2. Tap the option to designate iPhone language preferences
  3. From an available drop-down list, choose whatever language you want
  4. Confirm with ‘Done’ in the top right.

If you use an Android device:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Find and select ‘Language and Input
  3. Choose Language
  4. Choose ‘New Desired Language

You can learn more about this procedure through my detailed guide on the subject named WhatsApp Language Settings: How to Change Them.


Frankie’s Take:

This is not going to be a trick that you need every single day, but it can definitely help to know how to change the language settings on WhatsApp.

15. Add New Contacts on WhatsApp

By now you assuredly have found out that starting a conversation with someone on WhatsApp cannot happen if you have not added them to your phonebook. There is no current function to send messages to those that you do not have stored as contacts.

While this might be a nuisance at times, it is actually pretty easy to accomplish and can be done in a few seconds.

Whether you are using an Android or iPhone, the process changes very little. Open up WhatsApp to your Chats. Click to begin a ‘New Chat’ with the icon and then go to ‘Menu’ and then ‘Refresh.’

That’s literally it. It is very simple to do but if you encounter any difficulties, you can check out an article that I wrote on how to add national and international numbers to WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

There is no way to get around saving a number to your address book to chat with them. The only way this can happen is if an unknown caller messages you first.

16. Making Free International Calls

Everyone has relatives or friends living all over the world, or perhaps it is you that has chosen to live abroad. Maybe you are just on vacation.

You might not have realized that you can use WhatsApp to call internationally to speak to loved ones for no costs. It works the same as if you were both in the same country.

Making international calls is the same as domestic ones through the app, the only difference is ensuring that you save the contact information correctly (with the appropriate country code.)

I’ve written an entire guide on how to call international numbers abroad through WhatsApp for free. I would recommend that you take a look.


Frankie’s Take:

WhatsApp allows you to call abroad or a foreign number without problems, but it also can help you to make conference calls. It is a valuable tool for work, not just for speaking to friends.

There are actually many other stages left in the long process to becoming a WhatsApp ninja, so let’s not waste any more time.

WhatsApp Chat Tricks

In this section of the maxi-guide, you are going to get tips and tricks specific to WhatsApp chats. You might find some interesting options here, including secret messages, hiding chats, and more.

17. Schedule a Message

To schedule a message is one of the expert ninja tricks! Think how useful it might be to remind your partner at 19:00 to pick up the groceries but you are busy doing CrossFit or some other rigorous activity? Maybe you have to send a message to a customer who is one the other side of the world and you do not wish to disturb them after hours where they are.

There are two ways that you can accomplish this task:

  • WhatsApp Web
  • Apps like SkedIT for Android or Scheduled for iPhone

When you are using WhatsApp Web, you set up automatic response messages that allow you reply to a message even when you are not accessing your device at the time.

Instead, apps like SkedIT and Scheduled allow you to send a message at a specific designated time through WhatsApp.

I will delve into more detail with the guide: Scheduling a Message on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

A true ninja of WhatsApp needs to be able to do more than one thing at once. Think of all the applications! I have a friend who uses this technique to message his partner regularly while he is in the arms of his lover. (And no – I will NEVER tell you his name even if you torture me for it!)

18. Delete Your Conversations Permanently

More often than you might think, you can have some uncomfortable conversations on WhatsApp that you might find it best to delete. By deleting, I mean getting rid of every trace of the conversation.

Maybe you are guy (or a girl) who likes to flirt despite having a partner. Or you might have recently struck up a conversation with your ex and don’t want your jealous partner to find out that you might be stepping out.

Here is something that few people know – even if you delete a conversation from WhatsApp, it remains in their server for at least a month and can get easily found with spy apps like mSpy or recovery applications. Before you panic, know that you can fully delete these conversations with the right steps.

Permanently deleting these conversations from the server requires iMyFone Umat. This is great software for both iPhone and Android. iMyPhone Umat eliminates all conversations and prevents any chance of recovery to ensure your privacy.

I explain the entire process and how to use the software in the guide: How to Delete a Chat on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

Removing all traces of an incriminating conversation on WhatsApp and its server can prevent the discovery of an extramarital affair you wish to keep secret. After doing this, there is no way to retrieve deleted chats.

19. Sending Secret Messages (Secretly Chat on WhatsApp)

Another trick that you should learn for WhatsApp is sending secret messages. Obviously there are no default functions of the messenger that permit this, but there are some online applications that can help you out.

You can start with Wassame. This is software that is free, but also doesn’t need to get installed on your mobile phone. It is not without some limitations, however. Often, the server is busy (and by that, I mean doesn’t work.) I am sure they will improve its functionality in the future.

Another app that allows you to send anonymous messages is Secure Text Keyboard, which is available on both iPhone and Android.

When you are using this application, messages and conversations that you are keeping are only accessible to the individual you are speaking with. Messages and chats protected by this application exchange your actual text conversations for preset generic dialogue. The same occurs with notifications that you receive and any related previews of the text.

I have a guide that can better introduce you to the Secure Text Keyboard, and other apps like Kibo. Check out Sending Secret Messages Through WhatsApp: A Definitive Guide.


Frankie’s Take:

If you want to send secret messages, or have entire secret conversations, WhatsApp might not be the best core application for this. If you are Ninja that likes a challenge, this is certainly one to test your mettle. Use this software to get the secret results you want, but know that the end-to-end encryption WhatsApp uses might cause some issues in running secret message apps.

20. Archive Your Chats

Make no mistake that permanently deleting a message or entire chats might be the safest and most secure solution, but there are instances in which archiving a current chat might be enough.

Archiving prevents this chat from appearing in the active chat list on WhatsApp. In essence, this conversation becomes hidden.

It is not a great challenge to accomplish this, and I can show you how to do it with both an iPhone and an Android device.

Android: On the Chats screen, tap and hold the conversation you want to archive. On the top bar, choose the ‘Archive’ icon.

iPhone: On Chats, slide you finger across the conversation you want to archive, starting at the right and moving left. Tap the ‘Archive’ option when it appears.

If you want more information, like how to read archived conversations or remove them from this secondary list, check out The Comprehensive Guide on WhatsApp Archived Chats.


Frankie’s Take:

Remember that you can recover archived chats easily, so if you are trying to hide a very compromising conversation, it is much better to delete it instead. A ninja prevents problems, not fixes them.

21. Making a Voice Call

This can be a very convenient feature on WhatsApp, especially if you are traveling in a foreign country. Calls on WhatsApp are completely free if you are connected to a WiFi network. You can be in your hotel or a restaurant with the internet and reach out to your friends and family free of charge, even if they are on the other side of the planet.

Calling one of the contacts in your WhatsApp list is very easy to do. Open up a chat with the call recipient and tap on the phone button at the top.

Want to learn a little more? I would recommend checking out my guide about Making Voice Calls with WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

It is great to use WhatsApp voice calls to keep in touch with distant friends and family. Remember – they can use a lot of data to make the calls so I recommend WiFi. It is an absolute must if you talk extensively on the phone.

22. Send WhatsApp Messages to Yourself

It seems that not everyone knows that you can message yourself on WhatsApp. There is no specific feature that is designated for this, so you must do it smart. Cleverness is a trait of the true ninja, after all.

If you are careless and often forget things, messaging yourself can be a great way to remind yourself about something at the appropriate times.

So how do you do this? You create a group with only one participant (you.) You can share texts, images, videos, documents, and archives, between smartphone and PC (or vice versa).

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap ‘Menu
  2. Create a ‘New Group’ from this drop down menu
  3. Name your group and add a random friend to it
  4. Tap ‘Create Group
  5. You have a group with two members. Remove your random friend and now you are the only one left in the group to access or see messages uploaded.

There is still much more to learn on the topic, so you should check out my guide How to Send Yourself Messages on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

I really like to utilize this trick to help me move files from my PC to my mobile phone or as a standing reminder of things that I need to do.

23. Record WhatsApp Audio Notes Without Holding the Button

Were you aware that you can record audio notes without holding down the microphone icon?

When I discovered this, I was also amazed! (Don’t feel bad.) Especially if the message is long, it is just uncomfortable to hold the icon the entire time. This trick can also allow you to do something else or even set down the phone and continue recording your message.

To do this, you need to follow these same 5 steps for iPhone and Android:

  1. Open up the WhatsApp chat thread
  2. Tap the microphone button
  3. Slide your finger up on the screen
  4. When you release this button, your message recording begins
  5. Sliding down on this same spot ends the recording, and you can send it as normal.

If you want to get a little more information about this feature, you can check out my guide about Recording WhatsApp Audio Notes without Holding Down the Button.


Frankie’s Take:

Once I learned this, it revolutionized my voice message approach. Now that I don’t have to hold the button down, I can send more complex audio files, not to mention much longer ones.

24 Recording WhatsApp Calls

This is not something that everyone knows, the calls made and received on WhatsApp can be recorded.

Let me first begin by firmly stating that there are no native features that allow you to record these calls directly on WhatsApp. To accomplish this, you must use third party apps that you can find and their respective application stores for your device, or use spy software like you were 007.

You might find that there are several reasons you want to record a call on WhatsApp. You might want to prove the infidelity of your partner and use a call as evidence. If this is your motive, I would suggest you take a look at a guide where I layout three ways to find out if your partner is cheating on WhatsApp.

If you are using an Android device, recording calls on WhatsApp is actually quite simple. If you have an iOS device, it gets a little trickier. I do have a little catch that allows you to record the calls anyway.

I have put together an extensive guide on how to record calls on your iOS and Android devices. Check it out.


Frankie’s Take:

Recording calls is more than possible, even with the complications of the enhanced privacy features of the iPhone. I should remind you, though, that recording calls is a violation of someone’s privacy and is a crime in nearly every country. If you want to go about this legally, you must inform the other party on the line that they are being recorded.

25. Deleting a Sent WhatsApp Message Before Delivery

Honestly, I would chalk this trick up to a WhatsApp hack that can save your life at some point. Sending a message and realizing a few seconds later that it was a mistake, you’re already screwed, and can do nothing but wait for the fallout. Once I accidently sent a message to my girlfriend’s mom instead of her saying that couldn’t wait to see her. Luckily, she reacted well and laughed about it, but it could have been pretty devastating.

Fortunately, if you send a message on WhatsApp and you can consider right away that it was a mistake, you have a small window of time to make up for it.

You can delete the message, for both you and the sender, but it has to be within seven minutes of being sent. How do you do this?

  1. Open up the thread and select the message you want to delete.
  2. Long press this message and it will bring up a small menu
  3. Choose Delete and then the wastebasket symbol
  4. Choose ‘Delete for Everyone’ to remove any possibility of other people in the chat seeing it.

You can find out more about this impressive WhatsApp lifesaver by checking out my guide on How to Delete a Sent WhatsApp Message Before It’s Delivered. Here you can get all of the info on deleting a cringe-worthy text message within seven minutes of sending it.


Frankie’s Take:

This trick is not without its limitations. If the recipient sees the message, deleting it is pointless. If you must face this harsh truth, accept defeat with honor as ninjas are trained to do.

26. Sending Messages on WhatsApp without Internet

It might seem crazy, but did you know that you could send messages on WhatsApp without the internet? There’s a way. I figured out this trick to send messages without ever appearing online.

You might think of all the ways this could be beneficial. A jealous partner could not nag you saying ‘I saw you were online – who were you chatting with?’ Also, your boss might not be able to tell that you are casually chatting during work hours.

So let’s cut the chatter and see how you can get this done:

  1. Begin by turning on airplane mode which severs all connections
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Write a message to a selected recipient, then tap ‘Send
  4. Close WhatsApp completely
  5. Disable airplane mode

The messages will not appear as sent, but as soon as you are out of the application and disable airplane mode, they can get sent to their recipients without ever indicating your were online.

Best of all it really works! Smart, huh? Find out more about this process by reading WhatsApp without Internet: How to Send Messages.


Frankie’s Take:

If you want to avoid getting spotted online for whatever reason, this is a great trick to learn. If you are looking for even more ways to stay anonymous on WhatsApp, stick around. There are many of these ninja methods listed in the section to come.

27. Write Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough Script on WhatsApp

Are you fed up with the same formatting all the time? There are too many times where you just need to EMPHASIZE things you want to say, right?

You might already know this but saying it again can’t hurt. There’s a way to change the text formatting in WhatsApp so you can write with the bold, italic, and strikethrough text options.

It is very easy to do – just insert a symbol at the beginning and end of a sentence you want to edit.

I should be more specific – for bold you need to insert an asterisk, for italics you need an underscore, and a tilde for strikethrough font. It might appear something like *IamaNinja* , _IamaNinja_ , or ~IamaNinja~.

Want to know more, read my article about WhatsApp Text Formatting: How to Add Bold, Italics, and Strikethroughs.


Frankie’s Take:

It is a fun way to style your messages, for sure. However, once I did it a few times I stopped altogether because it wasn’t all that necessary like I thought it would be. Either way, you could love it!

28. Sending the Same Message to Multiple Contacts

Every time you plan a date with friends, you make a group and send out a mass message that no one acknowledges, right? It seems like the broadcast feature is for you.

Broadcast can send the same message to multiple recipients without anyone knowing. You can get all of the answers you need individually without waiting for a half-hearted or non-existent response in your group chat.

To utilize this feature, you need to navigate to your options on the main chat screen. You can then select New Broadcast. You just need to select the recipients and type the message you want them each to receive.


Frankie’s Take:

One thing that I hate is getting added to groups I don’t want to be in and then having my phone blown up with a thousand messages and replies. I don’t even know most of these people. Broadcast is the solution, and your contacts will thank you.

WhatsApp Privacy Tricks

If you were to ask me, I think that tricks to enhance your security and privacy on WhatsApp are among my favorites. I spend the most time with these because I am kind of a privacy nut. I hate when someone knows what I’m doing, where I am, who I am chatting with, and more. I would encourage anyone to study this content and make use of them to prevent your mobile phone from getting spied on.

29. Send a Message Through WhatsApp Without Saving Their Number in a Contact List

There is an undeniable hassle and annoyance that comes with saving every number to your contact list just to send one single message using WhatsApp services.

You might be happy to know that there is a way around this painful process.

You can ‘text’ with WhatsApp even with people that you have not added to your contact list. I can show you this trick so you can begin using it as soon as you need to.

To perform this trick, you just have to follow a few simple steps. These include:

  1. Open the browser on your phone and hit the URL address bar located at the top of the screen.
  2. Then, type in https://wa.me/ followed by the country code and the telephone number of the person you are trying to contact with your singular message. (i.e. https://wa.me/1220000000 – this would contact the number 220-000-0000 with the prefix of 1)
  3. You then need to press the clear MESSAGE button on this page that appears once you have entered text. Choose to accept the WhatsApp application starting on your phone. Your device then generates this chat for you with the number you have chosen without requiring you to save the message.

And that’s it! You have done what you needed to do to send and deliver this message to its intended recipients.

I have put together a detailed guide on sending WhatsApp messages without saving the number to your Android, iPhone, or PC. Take a look to get even more helpful information on the topic.


Frankie’s Take:

Remember that you can send these messages through WhatsApp to a number of your choosing without first saving that number to your mobile device, but they can use a trick of their own to tell if you saved their number to your contacts.

30. Hide Message Preview

I am not sure about you, but I do not need anyone reading my texts or knowing who is sending me messages. I have disabled message previews on my smartphone for this reason.

If you are having dinner with friends and leave your mobile phone on the table, it will be obvious when you get a notification. Everyone’s attention will be momentarily drawn to your screen. Disabling previews prevents those around you at the table from seeing your messages and who is sending them.

If you want to really maximize your privacy and prevent everyone from reading the last message that appears in the preview pane on the screen (even when the phone is locked) you can follow these instructions. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > Toggle Show Preview to OFF.

No matter if you are using an iPhone, Android, or a computer, the process is the same. I have also put together a more detailed guide for How to Hide WhatsApp Message Previews.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a well-known trick and one that gets used very often to help protect your privacy. It is one of the many puzzle pieces that make up the full protection of your WhatsApp account. Continue on to learn more about other tricks to complete your ninja transformation.

31. Chat on WhatsApp While Invisible

One of the key attributes of any ninja is silent movement, and because of that, this is a valuable lesson.

How many times have you wanted to be a ghost on WhatsApp? Maybe you don’t need a certain person knowing when you are online, when you last logged in, or whether or not you are reading their messages.

The Slimer Method

I have put together an effective method to make you a ghost on WhatsApp called The Slimer Method. It has 6 steps:

  1. Using Airplane Mode
  2. Blocking Contacts
  3. Disabling Timestamps
  4. Unselecting Read icons
  5. Hiding Your Status
  6. Hiding Your Profile Picture

I am not going to go into any detail about these because it would make this already lengthy guidebook unbearably long. Instead, check out my blog about The Slimer Method: Staying Invisible on WhatsApp While Chatting.


Frankie’s Take:

I am actually very proud of this method. It has helped many people to chat on WhatsApp without showing they are online. Try it out and let me know what you think.

32. Sending Messages Without Appearing Online

Ninjas can creep through the shadows without being seen. The WhatsApp Ninja should also have this same stealth by sending messages without appearing online.

Imagine all of the ways that you could benefit from sending a message without appearing online. Nosy spouses cannot nag you because you were seen online but never sent them a message. Your boss won’t know that you are chatting on WhatsApp during company time.

You might think its impossible, but surprisingly I have three different ways you can do it:

  1. Appear Offline with Airplane Mode
  2. Reply Directly Through Notification Banners
  3. The Unseen App for Android

The first two methods are the real tricks here that manipulate the WhatsApp system’s bugs. Unseen, on the other hand, is an application just for Android phones that lets your browse in private on WhatsApp, as well as other apps like Instagram, Messenger, and Telegram.

You should check out my guide 3 Methods to Send WhatsApp Messages without Appearing Online for more information.


Frankie’s Take:

Sending messages to WhatsApp without appearing online is one of those secrets of the app that you won’t want to share with anyone else. I suggest you never tell anyone about it, or it won’t be useful to you for long.

33. Discover If a Contact is Online

It was Sun Tzu in the Art of War that said:

Knowing the enemy’s movements shifts the chances of success to your side

It is equally important in this day and age to know when a contact of yours is online, so you can be sure that a message you intend to send gets read.

I hate sending a message and the recipient doesn’t read it or forgets to reply to me for one reason or another.

I have put together three methods that can help you here, one is exclusively for Android, one for iPhone, and finally one method that works on either one.

  1. OnlineNotify (Jailbroken iPhone) [70% Reliable]
  2. WhatsApp Trackers (Android) [30% Reliable]
  3. mSpy WhatsApp Monitoring (Either) [100% Reliable]

You can learn more about all of this with my guide How to Know When Certain Contacts Come Online in WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

Knowing when a contact gets online allows you to ensure that your messages get read and responded to. When you can assure a contact sees you online, they are going to see it and likely respond. You can’t have excuses like ‘I didn’t get the chance to login to WhatsApp’  – you know they are there.

34. Fake Background Noise

This next trick that I am going to talk about is serious Ninja stuff. If you want to make me proud, bust this out.

Now, set the stage for a minute where you are somewhere you shouldn’t be and your partner asks why you aren’t at home. What do you do? If you are an experienced WhatsApp ninja, you can send a voice message with a background sound that provides the ideal alibi. Say you remained at the office for a meeting with the boss and you can use a clip of people talking in the background. It’s perfect.

To add fake background noise to WhatsApp messages, just follow these steps:

  1. Through your computer or someone else’s smartphone, play a video with the noise you intend to recreate. You can use this background noise generator and simply select a background sound as well.
  2. Adjust the speaker volume to provide the right level of background noise. Can’t be too low or too high.
  3. Record the voice message with your smartphone staying close to the speakers of your computer.

I have helped by collecting a wide range of background noises that you can choose from and you can find them in my guide How to Add Fake Background Sounds to WhatsApp Voice Messages.


Frankie’s Take:

I would exercise caution here, it can be addictive seeing what scenarios you can create with provided background noises.

35. Fake Chats

Now that you have put together a voice message with fabricated background noise, the next step to strengthen your alibi is a screenshot of a fake conversation.

Back to the example listed above, you might send your partner a screenshot of a fake conversation you ‘had’ with your boss asking you to stay over for a meeting.

Now, you need to know that using WhatsApp, there really aren’t many ways to make fake messages legitimately. Instead, you can utilize one of many great apps like FakeWhats.

FakeWhats is a fantastic and fairly highly rated app. You can create a conversation that looks like it came directly from WhatsApp, and you can modify settins like delivery status, if someone is online, typing, away, change the time of the chat messages, choose background image you use on WhatsApp, etc. It is easy to use.

I can tell you much more about using this and other apps in my more detailed breakdown found in my guide How to Create Fake Chats for WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

Believe me, these fake chats would fool anyone because they look completely authentic. You can even choose your phone provider, battery level, background and more. You might not even be a ninja after this, you might have become a criminal once you’ve pulled off this deception.

36. WhatsApp Ticks: What Do They Mean? A Complete Guide

Understanding the ticks on WhatsApp is an important step if you want to become a renowned ninja of this world-famous messaging app.

There are three ticks that are commonly used, and these include:

 – Single gray tick that indicates that a message was delivered to the server.

– Two gray ticks indicate a message has gotten delivered to the recipient’s device.

– Two blue ticks can show that a recipient has read the message that you sent.

If you want more information, you really should take a look at my guide – WhatsApp Ticks: What Do They Mean? A Complete Guide.


Frankie’s Take:

Have a look at this article to learn more about the ticks, but also a tip for finding out if someone has read your message even with them disabling read notifications.

37. Safeguarding Your WhatsApp Account

A good mantra for the ninja is avoiding blitz attacks from the enemy by staying alert. You can put up a similar firewall to protect the privacy of your WhatsApp account.

Knowing how to safeguard your WhatsApp account is very important. For example, if you mobile phone gets stolen, there is a high probability that messages or photos shared with your friends will get seen.

I have developed an 8-step method of safeguarding your WhatsApp profile. Here is what you should do:

  1. Lock WhatsApp with a password
  2. Prevent WhatsApp from saving media to the gallery
  3. Hide ‘Last Seen’ information
  4. Prevent access to your profile photo
  5. Stay away from scams
  6. Deactivate WhatsApp if your phone is lost/stolen
  7. Be careful when chatting
  8. Logout from WhatsApp Web

I have put all of these steps into greater detail in the comprehensive guide I wrote about Privacy on WhatsApp: How to Safeguard Your Account.


Frankie’s Take:

If you were to follow all of these steps to a tee, and stick close to the advice of my guide, you can achieve a high level of security for your account. You might become virtually thief and spy-proof.

38. Enabling/Disabling Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp

You should know that two-step verification is an added measure of protection for your WhatsApp account for anyone looking to spy on your account.

When you have this enabled, anyone who wants into your WhatsApp account on a new device must enter a six-digit PIN that you created.

Kinda clever, wouldn’t you say? Getting this activated is simple.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Settings > Account > Two-Step Authentication > Enable
  3. Choose a six-digit PIN and add a recovery email address

To further increase your level of privacy while using WhatsApp, you can read my guide on How to Enable Two-Step Verification with WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

I would recommend anyone activate two-step verification. It is an added level of free security for your WhatsApp account.

39. Lock WhatsApp with Password

Another way that you can increase the security of your WhatsApp account is to rely on external applications who work exclusively to prevent unauthorized access to WhatsApp.

This software allows users to create a setup code, and without entering this, you cannot get into this or other apps. If you are having controversial conversations with someone and you want to keep it hidden, you can safely leave your phone at home. Unless your partner can figure out the unlock code, they will not be able to access WhatsApp.

The best apps that I have seen thus far to accomplish this are:

  1. Norton App Lock
  2. Avast Mobile Security

I discuss both of these options and an additional method when you check out my guide: How to Lock WhatsApp with a Password on Android and iPhone.


Frankie’s Take:

This trick maximizes the level of privacy with the app. If you do not know the code that you created, you cannot get access to the application – simple as that.

40. Deleting WhatsApp Media Permanently

Many do not realize that all of the media (photos, videos, and audio) sent and received on WhatsApp gets saved to their servers and to your device as well.

I am going to explain again a trick that can help anyone to delete any files that are saved to their phone from their WhatsApp account immediately and permanently.

This is going to help you entirely delete all media saved to your phone by completing two important steps: prevent WhatsApp from storing new content and delete media from WhatsApp and phone’s memory.

You really should follow all of the steps that I have laid out in the in-depth guide regarding Deleting All Media (Photos, Videos, Audio) from WhatsApp Permanently.


Frankie’s Take:

Deleting all of the media stored to your phone and account is absolutely critical if you have something to hide. Everyone has skeletons to hide from someone’s prying eyes, so this is valuable to us all.

41. Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture from a Certain Contact

This is a WhatsApp trick that really hits home with privacy concerns. Why let everyone see your profile image?

You might not even know that WhatsApp is set to default to let anyone with your number view your profile picture.

While it might not ever affect you personally, you should know that there are backwards individuals out there that would use your picture to create profiles on sex personals or dating sites. I personally have had images taken from WhatsApp and located them as a fake Badoo (online dating app) profile.

You can avoid all of this inconvenience by going to Settings > Account > Privacy and Profile Image. You can choose who sees it by selecting All, My Contacts, or None.


Frankie’s Take:

I would suggest that everyone changes this feature on their account. It costs nothing and prevents personal photos you take from ending up in the hands of criminals.

42. Spy on WhatsApp

Ninjas have been hired throughout history as spies, assassins and specially-skilled warriors. The life of the ninja now might seem old fashioned, but the principles and techniques of their secretive and hidden presence are still pertinent to anyone looking for some espionage and deception in their diet.

There are several techniques for spying on WhatsApp.

This is one of the tricks that you want to keep completely to yourself. It is the Holy Grail of all of the information I have provided you to this point. If you are to become the WhatsApp ninja, then confidentiality must be your specialty.

If you want to know how you can spy on a WhatsApp contact and read their conversations, there are three methods to uncover this information.

  1. Hacking WhatsApp with Mac Spoofing Technique
  2. Exploiting WhatsApp Web Service to be James Bond
  3. Spy on Someone’s Cellphone Using mSpy

The first method is simply not for everyone, as it requires undeniable IT skills. The second utilizes WhatsApp Web. It is simple, but it is not always effective and you could leave yourself open to discovery. The third option is undoubtedly the best. mSpy allows you to implant an invisible application on a target’s phone and read all of their conversations, see their photos and videos, and much more.

If you care to learn more about these methods, you can check out my guide on How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages from Your PC or Phone.


Frankie’s Take:

I would suggest that you only do this if you really have to. It is illegal in many countries to spy on a cellphone, so act with some sense and cleverness.


If you have mastered this content I have provided, then your transition into a ninja is now complete. You have seen 42 WhatsApp tips and tricks that have provided you skills to make the most of your chatting and the application itself.

Before I leave you to your own devices, allow me to recap this massive guide quickly.

  1. WhatsApp Tricks
  2. WhatsApp Chat Tricks
  3. WhatsApp Privacy Tricks

In the first grouping I have placed all of the tricks that you might want to use on a daily basis to get the most out of your time on the messaging app. The most pertinent of these are:

  • Logging into WhatsApp from another phone
  • Two WhatsApp accounts on one phone
  • Use WhatsApp with an iPad or tablet
  • Permanently delete a contact, report it as spam, and more.

The second group focused on chat tricks, and some of these included:

  • Sending secret messages
  • Scheduling messages
  • Finding out who blocked you
  • Delete a sent message before it gets delivered

In the third and final group, we focused on tricks that increase your privacy level using the app. The most helpful (and famous) of these are:

  • Chatting on WhatsApp while invisible
  • Send messages without appearing online
  • Securing WhatsApp with a password
  • Spy on an account and read all conversations (100% effective)

That’s all of it! Never lose focus my young ninja – nourish your mind. I will work to keep this guide updated from month to month. Come back to see me again as I will always have new information for you. If you have any questions or concerns, hit the comment box below so I can help.

If you want an easier way to read this guide, you can sign up with your email below to get it sent to you directly in a PDF format.

I am not going to send you spam and other annoying emails. Those really suck. I hate them as much (maybe even more) than you do.

A great big hug,

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