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How to Get WhatsApp on iPad

In this guide, I will reveal everything you need to know about using WhatsApp for iPad. There is a common misconception that you have to Jailbreak your Apple devices like your iPad in order to use WhatsApp. While this is quickly becoming the premiere way to instant message across the world, there is still a lot that people do not know about installing it on devices like iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPad Airs. Here is how that is done.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

How’s it going everybody? Frankie here again, this time to tell you everything you need to know about WhatsApp for iPad (here you can find 39 other amazing WhatsApp tips and tricks).

You have likely already been led to believe that downloading and installing WhatsApp is impossible on iPad. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the app works wonderfully on these devices. All you need to know is what to do. While it might be true that the app was not technically meant to be supported by iPads, there is a way to get around this.

In the past the only way to get WhatsApp on an iPad was to jailbreak the device, but this was often to tech savvy and risky for users to accomplish.

Now, however, there is a way to get this app on your iPad that requires no jailbreaking. Even better, you can utilize this same set of steps to install the messenger on any mobile device.

Let’s look at the steps to installing WhatsApp on your iPad.

How to Install WhatsApp on Your iPad

If you are someone that is not interested in trying to install new applications, you might want to check out the WhatsApp Web service instead.

This utilizes your browser to access WhatsApp instead of physically installing it on the device.

In order to do this, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Safari browser and go to web.whatsapp.com. Once the page has loaded, you will notice that you are on the WhatsApp home page.
  2. Tap on the URL and drag down to reach the “top drawer” area. Here you should see an option to “Load Desktop Site” – tap that.
  3. Once the page has reloaded it should look very familiar. You will find a QR code to pair this with your iPhone’s account. With your iPhone, got to “Settings”, then “WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code you were given to link the two devices.
  4. Once you have done this, the page should reload on your iPad and display your latest conversations and settings.

Getting WhatsApp on iPad

You should note, though, that there are some drawbacks to choosing this route to use WhatsApp.

Unfortunately you will not be able to send any voice notes, as the browser you are using is not being run by WhatsApp, but you can play voice notes that you get usually.

You are not going to receive notifications about new messages with the web browser option either, as this feature is simply not supported via the browser on your iPad. Apart from a small group of bugs or glitches though, those are the only real drawbacks to utilizing this option.


Frankie’s Take:

You should be very careful about accessing WhatsApp on other devices, as it is simple to utilize spying tools to access your account if someone would be inclined to do so.

Alternatives to WhatsApp Web Service?

There is no doubt that there are some drawbacks to using the browser for WhatsApp on your iPad. It isn’t seamless and the experience leaves a lot to be desired. Noticing the gap that the lack of an official application left behind, many third party sources have designed their own software to access your WhatsApp through the iPad.

There are risks with this however, as WhatsApp has been known at times to ban users that are utilizing 3rd party software to get into WhatsApp. Just understand that by using apps you’ll find with searches like Messaging for WhatsApp on iPad or Chat for WhatsApp, that you could be putting your entire account at risk.

Do I Have To Have A Phone To Use WhatsApp On An iPad?

There was a time where you could utilize a workaround and install WhatsApp directly to your iPad. With the update offering iOS 9, this workaround no longer exists.

If you are not interested in jailbreaking your device, then WhatsApp Web service is one of the best options you have.

This of course means, however, that you will have to have WhatsApp installed on a phone in order to get this system to work on your iPad. If you do not have a smartphone, you are going to be out of luck here. There is no realistic way (beyond complicated jailbreaking) to use WhatsApp on an iPad without needing a smartphone as well.


As by now you have seen, everything is fairly straightforward. The only highly effective approach is to pursue avenues like WhatsApp Web and through QR code scanning.

Any other methods to accomplish this involve apps like Messaging for WhatsApp that are not 100% secure. I would advise you against using any of these.


PS – Did you know that you can have one WhatsApp account linked to two devices? Find out how by taking a look at this guide.

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