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WhatsApp: 3 ways to find out if your partner is cheating

Suspecting that your partner is cheating on you can be heartbreaking and frustrating. Fortunately, if they are using WhatsApp to communicate with someone else, there are a few methods that can help you uncover the truth. Learn all about these techniques here, and find out how to safely investigate your partner’s communications on WhatsApp.

how to catch a cheating wife or husband o WhatsApp

But there’s more.

Unlike the other guides you can find by googling “how to catch a cheating spouse on WhatsApp”, I have selected the techniques with less margins for error to investigate your potential betrayal.

I will also explain everything down to the last detail. Thus you will not only be able to choose which technique to use but you will also be able to implement it effortlessly.

Before I begin, let me introduce myself (I mind my manners 😁)

Hi to everybody, I’m Frankie Caruso. I have been working on computer security and social networks for about 10 years.

With my guides I have helped hundreds of wives, husbands and boyfriends to discover “uncomfortable” truths about their partners.

But back to us.

I’m here again to teach you another dirty little trick to help you master WhatsApp.

Today it is about finding out if your spouse is cheating.

Do you suspect your husband or wife is having an affair or cheating on you? Did you find one of these suspicious apps on his/her phone?

If you find yourself at this unfortunate crossroad, technology has allowed proof to go far beyond finding lipstick on a shirt collar. WhatsApp can give you a hand in learning the truth.

Great, I love when technology can step in to help us!

But before risking your relationship with your partner, I want to give you some advice: check out one of these two videos and see if you spot any common signs with their behaviors.

For him:

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For her:

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Tip: Does your partner use Facebook or Messenger as well as WhatsApp? If so, you might want to read my how to catch cheaters on Facebook guide. You’ll find lots of useful tips on how to catch your cheating partner. If, on the other hand, he uses Instagram, here is how to catch him red-handed.

While I am willing to give you the most effective means of determining if your spouse is cheating, they might not be 100% legal in all counties. It is on you to determine if what you’ve selected is breaking the law in your country.

Instead, if you are here because you want to hide the existence of a tryst and not want to catch your significant other in the act, you should check out the separate article to keep from getting caught cheating using WhatsApp.

So, let’s get right to it and clear up the world of jealousy, love and infidelity in the WhatsApp era.

How to Find out if Your Partner is Cheating Online

Three methods I will list, if effectively applied, can confirm (or hopefully refute) suspicions of adultery by our wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend.

Here are the three methods to find out using WhatsApp if he (or she) is unfaithful.

Are you in a hurry? 30-SECOND RECAP:

Catch a cheating husband – or wife – through “Exchanged Messages”: a quick, free and very simple technique to use; it doesn’t allow you to access the cheating partner’s messages but it can provide you with useful information about who the lover is (e.g. name and phone number) or with whom he spends more time on WhatsApp.

– 🥇Spy app: the best way to catch a cheater on WhatsApp. You will have access to conversations, photos and videos sent and received, you can monitor access to social and much more. In short, if your partner cheats on you with a spy app you catch him red-handed.

Tricky massage: I invented this technique (that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be successful 🤣). It will help you learn whether your partner actually cheats on you or not. Basically, you will need to be suspicious of someone in particular.

1. Find Out if He (or She) Cheats Through Exchanged Messages [60% effective]

One of the first ways to discover a potential affair is fairly simple. Look on the WhatsApp contact list and find out who your partner exchanges messages with the most.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but WhatsApp can monitor a ranking of which contacts receive the most interaction. The bad news here is that you have to be able to get ahold of your spouse’s phone for a few minutes.

Once you have the phone, proceed as follows. iPhone and Android:
  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Settings > Click on Storage and Data > Tap on Manage Storage

Now you should see a ranking of contacts and groups your significant other exchanges the most data and messages with.

Cheat Through Exchanged Messages

Setting aside the groups, you can see some suspected names like a friend you have never heard about, which can legitimize your suspicions.

Even though this might be a red flag, it does not 100% prove that your partner is doing something wrong. Ideally, you want to get other forms of proof. You can try to collect information from other social media accounts like Facebook, for example.

To do this legally, you would want to ask the potential betrayer to show you the WhatsApp ranking contact list in lieu of snatching the phone and doing it yourself.

Frankie’s Take:

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll share a few tricks to grab your partner’s phone without them noticing. Check it out. And if you do manage to get your hands on their phone, there are some other signs to look out for that could point to cheating. I wrote about those in another article, so give that a read too.

What’s the next step?

You should likely pass on to method 2 listed below, but if you cannot take it anymore, ask for an explanation from your partner about the contact and why they are ranked so highly on the list.

Try to apply some pressure to the situation with questions like why this suspected contact would seat higher than you do on the list.

If he/she becomes nervous, chances are there is indeed something fishy happening.


✔︎ Free and Fast
✔︎ Get the name of potential lover
You need to have the victim’s phone in your hands


Frankie’s Take:

This is a useful method to give further evidence to be added to others you are compiling. It is also just a good starting point for further investigation. It can be a warning sign but is not definitive proof infidelity has occurred.

2. Techniques of Espionage to Catch a Cheater [100% effective]

As we have seen, the first method can help you to discover betrayal on WhatsApp, but it has its limitations as your partner could have devised an exclusive to justify the conversations.

He/She could deny it all, and you would remain with nothing more than a suspicion without any confirmation. Even though you will be far more diligent from here on out.

There is another way to consider, though, that can show you the truth. These are applications which allow you to spy on exchanged messages through WhatsApp from other phones.

I can tell you that the best currently out there to try is Mspy.

mSpy ScreenRecorder

All you have to do is download it and you can see everything that is stored, or anything that occurs with the target’s phone as though you were inside of it. You can do a lot of things, among them being:

  • Reading SMS and messages from WhatsApp and other chat apps (like Facebook Messenger)
  • Monitor call logs and history
  • See GPS locations in real time

Dashboard mSpy

If you have an unfaithful spouse, there is no way that they could get away with it when you use an app like this.

You can try a demo of the application for free to see just how easy it is to view WhatsApp conversations.

You do not need to be tech savvy to install this application on the victim’s phone. But in case of any issues, they have a 24/7 chat and phone support ready to assist you.

How to install mSpy?

I already told you at the beginning of this guide that I would provide you with all the tools you need to implement these techniques.

Now pay close attention, you’ll see it’s nothing very complicated.

  1. the first thing you have to do is purchase mSpy (by clicking on this link you will get a 30% discount)
  2. after a couple of minutes you will receive a message containing your login details and instructions to install it (if you need it)
  3. access your dashboard and begin the steps to connect mSpy to your target device
  4. Once you are logged in, simply wait a few minutes – just long enough for the software to download a backup of WhatsApp dataand that’s it!

From now on, you’ll be able to access your partner’s WhatsApp conversations and find out whether or not he is cheating on you.

One of the only drawbacks to an application like this is that it is not free, but it is a small and reasonable amount. Let me say you should compare that low cost to your newfound spying abilities, and you have an excellent value.

Before we continue, I would like to answer a question that many of you have asked me: Can mSpy record phone calls made with WhatsApp?

Unfortunately not. At the moment it is not possible to record phone calls made in WhatsApp. However, you can track the call log, and therefore know the numbers of the calls sent and received.

I suggest you to read my article about the most used apps by cheaters to call your lover.

What’s the next step?

Once you have passed through the content on your partner’s phone, there are two options: you can come to the conclusion they are innocent, or you catch them red-handed.

In the case of the latter, your partner may deny they have an active affair, but the proof is right there for you to see. You decide now if you are breaking up or forgiving them, its all in your hands.


✔︎ Fast and Easy to apply for anyone
✔︎ Spy your partner remotely without them know
✔︎ Get irrefutable proof (text messages, call history and much more)
Spying might be considered a crime in your country


Frankie’s Take:

This is not only the most effective way to discover an affair, but it is the most popular spying application in the world. This spying software is as infallible as a 007 investigator. If you want to save time and get right to the answer, this is the way that happens. You can learn more about installation in this guide I have written: Step-by-Step Guide to mSpy (the Best Cell Phone Tracker App).

3. Discover Betrayal Through a “Tricky Message” [60% effective]

Let’s begin by saying this is a powerful method that is illegal in most countries, so be aware of that. It is generally used by betrayed victims in the grip of an irrational attack of jealousy. There is no happy ending to be found here.

For simplicity, we will call this the “tricky message”. It is a fake message that you send to your partner pretending to be their lover, and see how she/he responds to determine signs of infidelity.

To put this into practice, you have to learn some information from method 1 and identify the name of the suspected contact. If there is one, you can apply this trap:

To run it, you need three things:

  1. A telephone with an unknown phone number to call your partner
  2. Name of the suspected contact
  3. Phone of your partner for a few seconds

After getting these requirements, you just have to create a new contact in the address book of your partner’s phone.

This contact will have the same name of the suspect, that you got from the ranking list, and have the same picture as well if possible. The phone number you have picked is used to set the trap into practice.

What you have to do now is send a WhatsApp message from the phone with the new number and wait for an answer. Your partner should believe they have received a message from their lover and, depending on their response, you can find out if they are betraying you or not.

Obviously, you want to send a spicy message here, but nothing too over the top. You do not want your partner to have suspicions about the veracity of the message.

What’s the next step?

At this point, there are only two things that will happen: you either learn about the infidelity directly or you learn that you were baseless in your allegations. Either way someone is going to have to do some quick and heart-felt apologizing.


✔︎ Free
✔︎ Get hard proof
Not easy to apply
You need your partner cell phone for a while
Identity theft is a crime


Frankie’s Take:

Despite this method’s effectiveness, it requires you to be pretty cold and know a bit about how a potential lover can act. A poor choice in texting could unmask you for the identity thief you are.

BONUS TIP: How to Get Your Partner’s Phone

How to Get Your Partner Phone

As you can see, the first and last methods both require you to get the phone of your significant other for a short time. I will tell you the best way for you to do this.

Get a good mutual friend to call your spouse and then with an excuse, ask to speak to you directly.

You then start to wander around and walk away from the room to talk to them. Once you are far enough away, you can apply the methods mentioned above.

I recommend also taking a look at the apps that cheaters typically use to hid their affairs.

Signs to watch for on your partner’s WhatsApp if they’re being sneaky

There are several things you can do to determine if your partner is cheating on WhatsApp. Here are ten tips to help you uncover the truth:

  1. Check their last seen status and online activity – if they are frequently online but not responding to your messages, it could be a sign that they are communicating with someone else.
  2. Look at their chat history – if they have deleted or hidden any conversations, it could indicate they are trying to conceal something.
  3. Check their WhatsApp status – if they frequently update their status and it is always cryptic or vague, it could be a way for them to communicate secretly with someone.
  4. Look for any new contacts – if they have added a new contact that you don’t recognize, it could be a sign that they are talking to someone else.
  5. Check for any unusual patterns in their message timings – if they are sending messages late at night or early in the morning, it could be a sign that they are talking to someone else.
  6. Check for any changes in their tone or language – if they are using language or tone in their messages that they never used before, it could be a sign that they are communicating with someone new.
  7. Look for any hidden or locked chats – if they have locked or hidden chats that they did not have before, it could be a sign that they are trying to keep something secret.
  8. Check for any group chats that you are not a part of – if they have created group chats that you are not a part of, it could be a sign that they are talking to someone else.
  9. Look for any encrypted messages – if they are using encryption tools or apps to send messages, it could be a sign that they are trying to keep their communication private.
  10. Pay attention to any changes in their behavior – if they are more distant or less affectionate than usual, it could be a sign that they are emotionally involved with someone else.

It’s important to remember that just because your partner is using WhatsApp, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating. But if you notice any of these signs, it may be worth having an open and honest conversation with them to clear up any suspicions.


Well, my friend, we’ve reached the end. I hope the information provided in this guide has been helpful to you. It gratifies me to help you discover the truth, however painful it may be.

Before we say goodbye, I will briefly recap what has been explained in this guide. There are 3 very effective ways to know if your partner is using WhatsApp to cheat on you.

In order of effectiveness they are:

  1. mSpy – a software spy that allows you to access all WhatsApp conversations. Installing it is simple and if your partner has an iPhone, you can even do it without physically having the victim’s mobile phone at hand..
  2. “Tricky Message” – a very simple trick, but to use it you need to have both your partner’s mobile phone at hand and to know how the lover has hidden it in his address book.
  3. Exchanged messages – This trick allows you to know which contacts your partner exchanges multiple messages with. To do this, you need to gain access to the victim’s mobile phone.

Now it’s really everything. If you have any doubts or want to ask me some questions you just have to comment on the post below. I’ll answer them as quickly as I can.

Feel free to come back. I’ll be waiting for you.

A big hug and good luck,

Frankie Caruso

PS –  Very often spying only on WhatsApp is not enough. Read my guide on how to spy on a cell phone remotely.

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    • Hi Mlimi and welcome on my blog. Once mSpy is set up on the monitored device and is connected to mSpy server, the information will be automatically displayed in the Control Panel of your personal account that can be accessed from any browser

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    • Hi Theron! First of all, I wanted to say that I’m sorry about your relationship situation. I don’t think there’s a device that can do this. If you are only interested in reading WhatsApp conversations, messages, knowing where he is going, Internet history and numbers he is calling (but not listening to calls) you can do so without installing the app on the victim’s phone ONLY if this is an iPhone knowing the Apple id access data. However, if your husband has an Android device then you should necessarily have your husband’s mobile phone in hand to install the mSpy app.

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    • Hi Lilley! it’s one of the best apps to spy a phone! Good choice. Let me know how it’s going… your opinion may be useful to many people 🙂

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