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6 Effective Methods to Track your (Cheating) Partner Phone’s Location

By using this guide, you can find out definitively where your cheating partner is (find cheaters location) by exploiting some of the most widely used messaging apps in the world like WhatsApp and Facebook. You will also learn how tracking software can do this as well. This guide will work for either iPhones or Android devices.

Using GPS to Find a Cheater’s Location

Hi, Frankie Caruso here and this is my blog.

Today, I want to share some of the effective methods for finding your partner using their mobile phone’s geolocation function.

I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now…

One side of the argument – you want to know where your partner is and catch them red-handed doing something they shouldn’t be. On the other, if you are right, you have to find out a very painful truth today.

Want to know what I think?

It is much better to discover a painful truth than to keep living a life where you are the victim of deception and lies.

I won’t waste any more time and we can get right to how you can catch a cheater red-handed and find out who the other person is in this sordid triangle.

This guide has been split into three portions.

In the first part I will show you a method that allows you – besides locating the mobile phone – also to gain access to social conversations, call logs etc. of your partner. In short, a method of spying 100% complete.

In the second part I’ll tell you about the best way to track your partner’s phone without installing software.

Finally, in the third part i will illustrate ninja techniques to geo-localize a mobile phone at no cost through software like WhatsApp, Facebook, iPhone Find My Friends, and Google Maps.

No matter what methods you choose, either software or ninja techniques, you do not need to be tech savvy to implement these strategies.

If you follow this guide, everything should be straightforward in simple steps. You will only need about three minutes and your own mobile phone.

Without further ado, let’s figure this out.


Frankie’s Take:

Checking a phone with GPS is not only a useful feature for finding out if your husband or wife is lying and cheating on you, but you might have even more legitimate reasons for using it. Parents who want to keep track of their children’s whereabouts and who fear their kids might end up in dangerous situations (you can also read How To Monitor Your Child’s Phone on Android and iPhone), or you want to find your stolen phone by tracking the movements of the thief.

Find a Cheater’s Location with Spy Software


  • Efficacy: 100%
  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Devices: iPhone and Android

If I were cheating on my wife and I knew that mSpy existed I would be scared to death!

track partner phone location with mSpy

I’ll explain what it is right now.

mSpy is the most widely used spying app in the world. It was created as a Parental Control app so it is 100% legal. If you’ve read other tutorials on the internet you’ve probably already heard of it. It allows you to spy on pretty much everything that happens on the victim’s cell phone, not just know the exact location.

In fact you’ll have access to: chats on Facebook Messenger (by the way if you’re interested I’ve written a guide on this topic), Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, SMS and other social networks. You will be able to monitor the live location of your victim, have access to the call log (both incoming and outgoing) and much, but much more. You can find all the features listed in detail here.

Let me show you how it works and what you need for localize a cell phone with mSpy.

How mSpy works

I will try to be as straightforward as possible!

Most importantly I will share with you only TRUE INFORMATION. Unfortunately, many of my “fellow bloggers” write about mSpy without ever having tried it and they say a lot of crap.

If your victim’s phone is an Android (so a Samsung or a Xiaomi to name a few) then you must have your victim’s phone at hand (even for a couple minutes), root it and then install mSpy.

Root is neither a dirty word nor a tribal dance. It is actually nothing too complicated to understand.

I’ll try to explain it to you in the simplest way possible: when a phone is put on the market, blocks are set in its operating system. These restrictions serve to keep the phone safe. For example, you are prevented from installing apps that

For example, you’re not allowed to install apps that don’t come from the official Google store (Google Play) or change certain settings, and so on.

Rooting your system means “unlocking” your phone. In other words, it removes these restrictions and allows you to use it to its full capacity.

Doing it takes a few minutes (depending on how good you are at hacking mobile phones). Google it and you’ll find a lot of free guides.

If your victim has an iPhone, everything is a bit simpler. In fact, to install mSpy you must know your iCloud access data (all iPhones have an iCloud account otherwise you can’t use them) and have access to the device for a couple of seconds (just enough time to verify 2-factor authentication).

Note: mSpy for iPhone is available in two versions, one without Jailbreak (the equivalent of Root for Android) that has limited features but still gives you the ability to spy on WhatsApp, and one with Jailbreak that allows you to spy on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Okay, don’t panic!

I understand that you may be a little confusing (especially hearing new words like Root, Jailbreak or 2-Factor Authentication), but it’s all much simpler than it may seem.

Let me show you now how to install mSpy.

How to install mSpy

The installation process is very simple:

  1. Get your mSpy software license from the official website. By clicking on this link you will get a 25% discount – it’s an exclusive discount for my blog readers.
  2. After a few minutes you will receive an email containing the log-in data to access the dashboard to check your victim’s mobile phone from remote and detailed instructions for the installation (video and screenshots related).
  3. Install the software on your victim’s mobile phone.
  4. Go to the Dashboard from any mobile phone, PC, Mac, etc. and monitor everything that happens on your victim’s phone.

Believe me, it’s easier to do than to explain!

mSpy Dashboard

To help you with each step, I have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to install mSpy on iPhone or Android without making any mistakes. Enjoy your reading 🤓

I have a super news for you that will make you very happy.

In case you fail to install mSpy or Root the system on Android, mSpy offers a paid support service – called mAssistance – where an operator will guide you step-by-step through the whole procedure via video call.

The monitored person won’t have any idea of what is going on. In fact, mSpy software works in “stealth” mode and the victim cannot detect it (let me explain: no logo with mSpy app will appear on the home screen of the victim’s mobile phone).


mSpy’s price varies depending on the type of subscription you choose: monthly, quarterly or yearly.

A single month costs about 45 euros. If you want to get the quarterly subscription, the monthly price drops to 25 euros. The yearly plan costs 9 euros per month.

Using the discount I was able to get – accessing from here – you get 25% off all plans 😎

What are mSpy’s limitations?

The only actual limitation that mSpy has is that you need to Root your Android phones. Even though, as I already told you, mAssistance is there to help you step by step during the Root or Jailbreak procedure and installation, because for some users it can be a major challenge.

Now I already know what you’re thinking: Francesco, is there a valid alternative only for Android without the need of Root?

Yes, there is and it’s called Hoverwatch. It doesn’t offer the same functions as mSpy, but if you need an app to locate your GPS position on Android, this one is very simple and easy to use.


Frankie’s Take:

I consider mSpy to be the most comprehensive app for locating your partner’s phone and accessing everything they keep inside their phone. You can try the DEMO version by clicking here. So you can get a more complete idea and see if it’s right for you.

Track your Partner’s Location by Phone Number

The technique I’m going to show you seems to have been conceived by the devil himself 😛.


  • you need to know the phone number of the person you want to locate
  • is fee-based (costs about 0.79 cents – less than a coffee)
  • works on both iPhone and Android

I would like to tell you about Localize.mobi.

Track partner phone location with Localize.mobi

I want to be honest with you. I’ve been experimenting with spy apps and monitoring techniques for almost 15 years now, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Let me share a story with you.

When the developers contacted me to let me try it, I immediately thought it was the same old scam that steals money and wastes time… but I had to change my mind.

Localize.mobi is a website where you enter the phone number of the person you want to locate and it finds their exact location.

Localize.mobi screenshot

I’m not kidding, it works just like that! So freaking cool.

You don’t need to know the model of the phone, or mess around with software and stuff like that, but most importantly you don’t need to access the target device. If you are in NY and the victim is in Boston you can easily locate them.

I’ll show you how it works straight away (although it wouldn’t be necessary because it’s super self-explanatory):

  1. go to Localize.mobi
  2. enter the phone number of the person you want to locate (select the USA +1 area code)
  3. click on Locate
  4. a window will appear asking you to register: enter your email and choose a password. Then click on Continue
  5. enter your credit card information. The trial costs 0.79 cents, after one day the subscription will be renewed at a cost of $49.80 per month. You can cancel at any time at no cost and with no explanation required.
  6. click Accept payment
  7. the software locates the mobile phone and you can see its location on the map

How to use localize.mobi

If you subscribe, you will be able to locate any mobile phone as many times as you want without limitations.

A tip to save you money: if you are not interested in the subscription and you want to locate your victim’s mobile phone at that very moment and then not anymore, you can activate the trial period and disable the subscription immediately. So you’ll only pay 0.79 cents for one day 😉

The company is reputable, they deactivate the subscription immediately and if for whatever reason they charge you, they return your money without hesitation.


Frankie’s Take:

what can I say, I think this method is the best ever: fast, convenient, does not require any experience (even my cousin who does not know how to make WhatsApp calls could do it), cheap. Try it and let me know 😏

Ninja Techniques to Track a Phone by GPS For Free

I can show you free and fat methods to geolocalize smartphones using apps like Find My Friends, Google Maps Timeline, and Facebook. You can also use several messaging apps to achieve this, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, when you both have these apps installed on your respective phones.

I have listed your options with their reliability, starting with the most reliable.

Let’s start then with the juggernaut app Facebook.

Locate a Cellphone Using Facebook


  • Effectiveness: 75%
  • Ease of Use: Very Easy
  • Devices : iPhone and Android Phones

You can utilize Facebook to help you spy on a cheating partner for free.

Nobody seems to know this, but Facebook has a feature that allows you to find out where certain people are at any given time.

Wait, Frankie, are you serious?

You bet I am. I am not kidding – I can show you how to do it right now. Fire, activate the feature on your victim’s account. You will need their phone handle for a few moments. If you memorize these steps, it should take you less than 15 seconds to complete this process.

Before I lay out the steps, you should check out this video devoted to effective methods of using your partner’s mobile phone without them becoming suspicious.

I’m certain you will find those useful. Back to this business, however. There is a procedure to activate the Nearby Friends function through Facebook.

  1. Open the app from your Android or iPhone device
  2. Tap the () button located in the top left on the screen (Android) or the bottom right (iPhone).
  3. Click on Nearby Friends > Get Started > Share location with: Friends > Next
  4. Exit the app

If you prefer to see it, you can take a look at the video below to see the steps to follow.

Facebook often changes interfaces, so I work to keep my guide up to date. I could miss things. So, understand that these steps might vary somewhat.

Congratulations! You’ve enabled this feature!

I would recommend doing it yourself on your own mobile phone a few times so you completely familiarize yourself with the process. Now it will take even less time to complete.

This feature enabled on both devices allows you to see where your partner is and then decide if you want to catch them red-handed.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a technique that works – it is the best option among the free ones. You leave no trace on the victim’s phone and it is easy to use as long as you can access their device for a few short seconds.

Find Cheaters with Find My Friends App on iPhone


  • Efficacy: 70%
  • Ease of Use: Very Easy
  • Devices: iPhone

While Find My Friends is not a messaging app, if you and your partner both have iPhones, this technique can be perfect for you.

Find My Friends is a stock app on iPhones allowing you to share your real-time location with contacts in your address book.

Much like the Facebook approach, you need to set this feature up on a victim’s iPhone. It only takes a few seconds, and no one will be able to tell anything is different.

First, try and get your partner to allow you to use their phone. If it gets jealously guarded and they are not giving it to you, watch the video in the previous chapter for asking for their device without drawing suspicions.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Find My Friends app (Find My) and click Allow to permit the app to use your GPS.
  2. Click on Me
  3. Choose Share My Location
  4. Exit the app

With just a few seconds of work, you have activated the Find My Friends feature on your partner’s iPhone.

Remember these steps in your mind so you do not waste much time that might make your spouse or partner suspicious.

To see where your partner is at any given time, you can simply log in from your iPhone on Find My Friends, click on People (bottom left) and search the map for their locations.

And just like that – they have been caught red-handed.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a very simple technique that requires no IT skills to complete. The downside is getting access to your partner’s device long enough to install it. If you cannot access the phone, I would suggest you take a look at my guide on how to spy on an iPhone remotely.

Find a Cheater Using Google Maps


  • Efficacy: 65%
  • Ease of Use: Medium
  • Devices: iPhone and Android

Another application that you can use to discover the whereabouts of your cheating partner is Google Maps.

Few people realize that you can share your location through the app to another contact.

Allow me to explain.

You can setup Google Maps to always share your location with a specific contact. You can exploit the tool to your favor. The steps to follow are identical on both iPhone and Android options:

  1. Get your partner’s phone and open Google Maps
  2. Click the icon in the top right corner.
  3. From the new menu, choose Location Sharing and then Get Started
  4. Select Until you turn this off
  5. Click to Select People and insert your email address
  6. Exit the app

Congratulations! Now you can always know where your partner is.

Checking your partner’s whereabouts is simple. Access Google Maps from any device and you can see a pin on the map with your spouse’s photo on the map.


Frankie’s Take:

Just like other techniques, you need to access your partner’s phone. If the victim of your dirty game logs onto Google Maps, it is possible that they might notice they are sharing their location, so be mindful of when and how you use this feature.

Find a Cheater’s Location with Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Etc.)


  • Efficacy: 25% (LOW)
  • Ease of Use: Very simple
  • Devices: iPhone and Android

Frankie, can someone really track movement using WhatsApp?

The answer is both yes and no.

Allow me to explain – yes, you can determine precisely where someone is at a given moment. And no because in order to locate someone you need that contact to share their location with you.

Not really a spying technique if you ask me.

What you can do is ask your partner, using some tricks, where they are at a specific moment. If they are betraying you, they will very likely not just give up where they actually are, but hey it’s worth a try.

To accomplish this is easy, just follow some simple steps:

  1. Press the (+) key on the paper clip icon (Android)
  2. Click Location
  3. Choose between Real-Time Location or Send Current Location

What is the difference? Current position is limited where a contact is at the precise moment while real-time follows the contact throughout the day wherever they go.

The real-time location has a time limit of 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.


Frankie’s Take:

Using WhatsApp to know where your partner is, or if they are with their lover, is not a technique I would recommend. You partner is also capable of sending a fake location in this way or creating a fake alibi to cover their story.

Frankie, what about Telegram?

A similar feature to what you have on WhatsApp can be found on Telegram.

Again, the person you are trying to spy on has to share their location with you. You need to be good at finding an excuse to get them to send you their location. It is unlikely that if they are having an affair, they are going to send you coordinates where the tryst is taking place, however.


It is now the end of the guide. I hope that the information I was able to provide has been useful, as so many others have found it helpful in the past.

Before I officially bid you farewell in this guide, I want to go over the content of this article one more time. I told you about some techniques for tracking the location of another cellphone. I don’t want you to have missed something that can help.

In the first portion of this guide, I talked about mSpy. This tracking and spy software is (in my opinion) the most reliable method of tracking a cheater. With mSpy you also get to read messages and spy on conversations over social media. You can not only discover where the cheating is happening, but who he is cheating with!

Secondly, I told you about Localize.mobi. A website where you enter the phone number of the victim and you are shown his location within a map..

The third part of the guide introduced you to several ninja techniques used to geolocalize smartphones for free. Two of these techniques are related to Find My Friends and Google Maps, another uses Facebook, and the final two rely on features in WhatsApp or Telegram messaging applications.

I hope now that this is clear and concise for you. If you have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to write in the comments. I can get back with you quickly.

Come back and check in to saee if there are new methods and techniques as I discover them.

A big hug

Frankie Caruso

PS – Besides knowing where a cheater is, why not spy on everything on their phone to get the full story? Check out my guide on how to spy remotely on a mobile phone.

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