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How to transfer WhatsApp to a New Phone

If you want to learn how to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to a new phone, you have come to the right spot. If you have a new phone, you have not lost anything because this simple tutorial will explain the simple procedures to you.

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Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone

Nice to meet you, I’m Frankie your guide on Messagingapplab.com. Today I’ll explain how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone. Whether you are using iPhone or Android phone, this guide is will educate you on how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages. You can simply continue your chats from where you stopped.

Let’s start!

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android

transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android

If you want to backup and restore your WhatsApp chat messages from one Android phone to another, there are two different ways of doing that:

  1. The first method is transferring the message through local backup
  2. The second option is through Google Drive backup

Method #1: Transferring WhatsApp Message via Local Backup

This is an automatic feature and this process backup your chat history daily at 2 am. It is one of the folders available in your WhatsApp, and it is in the system’s internal memory. It is present in external SD card. You can actually restore your chat history through the local backup, and the process is simple.

Here is how to go about it:

STEP 1: First, you have to launch WhatsApp on your old Android device from where you want to restore your old chat history. To launch it follow the following steps: Menu Button > SettingsChats > Chat Backup and finally BackupThis will backup the WhatsApp chat history in your old Android system.

STEP 2: Now you have to transfer the chat history to your new android phone. This is how to go about it:

  1. Ensure that WhatsApp is in your new phone.
  2. Ensure that there are SD card specifications for the two phones. If they use an external SD card, then remove the card from the old Android phone and place it in the new phone.
    If on the other hands that android phones use internal SD card, then there is the need to transfer the folder or WhatsApp/SD card to the new phone from the old phone.
  3. When this is done, connect the two phones to your computer or laptop through USB.
  4. Open the old Android phone on your computer, and locate the WhatsApp or the database where the backup files are located. Copy the files from your computer and transfer it to the databases or WhatsApp of your new Android system.
  5. Run WhatsApp on your new Android phone. Ensure that they are the same phone number. This is to ensure that you backup the correct chat history.
  6. A new notification will pop up and click Restore.

You have restored, or backup your WhatsApp chat history from your old android system to the new Android system. This method is through local backup. The other method is the Google Drive backup.

Method #2: Transferring WhatsApp conversations via Google Drive Backup

Before starting with the Google drive backup option, it is important that you know the basic or minimum requirements for these.

📝 What You Should Know Before

Without these, the method may not work. Here are the minimum requirements:

  • First and foremost, you have to activate a Google account in your android device, especially your phones.
  • Secondly, ensure that Google play services are available in your phone. This device is available to android 2, 3, 4 and higher designs.
  • There must be enough Google Drive Space in your system, which can accommodate WhatsApp chats as well as media such as videos, photos, audio files, as well as voice messages and so on.
  • Most importantly, you must have free space in your new android system for the backup to work.
  • Unless you have checked all these it will be difficult to transfer WhatsApp to new phone.

STEP #1: Google Drive Backup

Here are the steps to backup your chat history from old phone to a new one and they are as follows:

  1. Open your WhatsApp in your old Android system
  2. Get to the Menu button, and locate Settings, followed by Chats, and then Chat Back Up.
  3. Tap Back Up to Google drive, and set the frequency.
  4. You will be asked to choose the Google account where you want to backup your chat history. If there is no account, select add account. When you create the Google account, you should always remember it.

Furthermore, you can backup your chats to Google Drive manually and you can do this any time you want. The process is almost the same thing.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Menu Button.
  2. Go to Settings, Chats, and then Back Up.
  3. Click Back Up to Google Drive, select the frequency you want, but do not select Never. Click Back Up and Google Drive backup will commence. This does not take more a few minutes to complete.

The first complete backup could take a while for the process to be complete. Because of that, to ensure that your battery is not depleted completely, it is good to connect your phone to a power source. Other backups after that does not take time to complete as it can be completed it are incremental.

STEP #2: Restoring from Google Drive backup

  1. Remember that before you can have a successful Google Drive backup, you must have the same phone number. Moreover, the Google account must be added to your phone.
  2. Uninstall and install WhatsApp, and you will be prompted to restore your messages after you must have verified your phone number. You can equally restore your media from Google Drive.
  3. When the complete restoration is done with, then click Next and you see displayed those chats. After restoring the chats, WhatsApp, the system will begin to restore your media files as well.
It is important to note that if you were installing WhatsApp without any former backups from Google Drive, the system will automatically restore, and it will restore from locally stored or backup files.
Configuring your Google Drive backup settings

Furthermore, you can equally configure your drive backup settings. This is how to do that, Open WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Chats, and then Chat Backup. Click Back up to Google Drive and set the backup Frequency.

It is possible to change the account, which you back up your chat history, and this is how to go about it. Open WhatsApp > Menu > Settings, go to chats, and then Chat Backup. Click Account and choose the account you want to backup the history.

You should note however that when you change the Google Account, it would not be possible to have access to your backups.

Moreover, you can change the connection you want to backup, and this how to go about it. Open WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Chats and then Chat Backup. Click Backup over, select the network, which you want to backup.

Deleting backup file from your Google Account

If you like, you can remove WhatsApp data you saved in your Google Drive. This is the procedure for doing that.

  1. Go to your Google Drive and log in to the Google account. If you want to get to your Google account through your phone, you can do that by simply tapping the Menu Button in the top left corner of your phone and select use Desktop Version.
  2. Tap the Gear icon located in the right, choose Settings, select Manage Apps.
  3. Scroll to WhatsApp, this could take some minutes to appear. When you eventually locate WhatsApp, look for Hidden app data. It could take many minutes for this to appear.
  4. Tap Options and choose Delete Hidden App Data.
Google Drive backup troubleshooting

In case you are finding it hard to create your Google Drive backup, you can resolve the issue through the following steps:

  1. Check the Google account you add your phone to ensure that it is correct
  2. Check the available space in the Google Drive to ensure that it is enough for the backup you want to create.
  3. Check to ensure that you have Google Play services available in your phone.
  4. You can try to backup using a different network.

In the same way, if you were finding it hard to restore a Google Drive backup, the following tips could help:

  1. Check to ensure that you are actually restoring data from the same phone number and at the same Google Account you create that backup.
  2. Confirm that there are enough spaces on the phone for the backup restore
  3. Confirm that you have Google places in your phone. This service is not available in all android services; you can get them in android 2, 3, 4 and higher androids.Confirm that you are using a fully charged battery otherwise plug to a power source
  4. Confirm that network you are using is strong and stable, you can consider Wi-Fi if cellular restore does not work.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

There are 4 different ways to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone.

  1. The first method is restore WhatsApp Chat History to a new iPhone using iCloud Backup
  2. The second method is transfer WhatsApp Chats through FonePaw iOs Data Backup and Restore
  3. The third method is Move WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to another iPhone using iTunes Backup & Restore
  4. The fourth Method is to Transport your WhatsApp Chats to another iPhone through WhatsApp Chat Backup Feature.

Method #1: Restore WhatsApp Chat History to another iPhone using iCloud Backup

This is perfect for those who do not have a computer. You can resort to iCloud service to backup, and to restore your WhatsApp data.

Before you proceed, it is important to note that the process could do away with all the data you have in your new iPhone. Because of that, find a means of transferring what you already have in your new phone. You can transfer it to your computer and so on.

After you have done that, you can proceed with method one as follows:

  1. Connect your old iPhone to a Wi Fi network
  2. Click iCloud Backup to switch it on
  3. Click Back up Now. Allow it until the backup is complete. This could take time to complete.
  4. To ensure that the backup process is complete, click Settings, locate iCloud, Storage, Manage Storage. If the backup is complete, the information will be displayed, and it contains all the necessary information including the size and the date of the backup.
  5. You have to start your new iPhone and start the restore process from the iCloud Backup, which you have created. You will do that using the same iCloud ID. The information will show up in the new iPhone.

Method #2: Transfer WhatsApp chats through FonePaw iOS Data backup and Restore

This is possible when you have already backed up your WhatsApp through FonePaw iOS. With this process, it does not take time to restore such data to another phone.

  1. Check the previous backup you already had and select the type of backup you want from the list. Sometimes it is not accessible and this means that you have to input the correct password to access it.
  2. Check the WhatsApp messages and attachments. If you like, you can conveniently restore the WhatsApp history to your PC and this is possible through Restore to PC feature.
  3. When you have saved everything on your computer, transfer WhatsApp videos, photos etc to this device. It is that simple.

Method #3: Move WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another using iTunes Backup and Restore

One of the benefits or utilities of iOS is that users can be easily backup and restore iPhone data. In the same way, you can use it to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one iPhone to another one. You will encounter the same challenge you encounter when using iCloud.

The problem is that data existing in the target phone will be written off, and it will be difficult to get at them again. This is how to do that.

  1. Open the latest iTunes version and then connect your old iPhone to your computer
  2. Tab on to open the Menu. Get to the Backups section and tab Back Up Now button. The backup will proceed, but you should know that the process is time consuming as it can take up to one hour for the process to be complete.
  3. Get the new iPhone and connect it to iTune and restore it using the backup from the old iPhone. All the WhatsApp transactions will be moved to the new phone.
It is important to note that before you proceed that you must first backup your new phone to avoid data lost. After you have transferred and restored it to your new phone, you can still use your FonePaw iOS transfer to transfer your photos, music, eBooks, as well as videos to your phone.

Method #4: Transport your WhatsApp Chats to your New iPhone using WhatsApp Chat Backup feature

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Head to WhatsApp Settings, click Chat SettingChat Backup and select Backup Now. This way you can backup your chat conversation
  2. You can restore your previous WhatsApp chat conversation to your new iPhone from your previous iPhone. To start, first install WhatsApp, then login using your phone number and you will be prompted and you can restore your chat conversation.

It is important to note however that before you can use WhatsApp iCloud backup function that you must first enable that in your new phone.

How to Transfer WhatsApp conversations between Android to iPhone

Transfer WhatsApp conversations between Android to iPhone

You can actually transfer your WhatsApp conversation from android phone to your iPhones and here is how to go about it.

  1. First is that your computer must possess the most current version of iTunes. Version 11 and above is good for this. You can easily download it if you do not have it. Run Android WhatsApp to iPhone transfer using your android device on your PC. Before you begin the process, it is good to backup your WhatsApp chats and you do that this way, settings, click chat, click chat backup and click the backup button.
  2. A message will appear in your Android phone screen asking if you want to proceed with the backup, choose backup my data option. Turn on your computer and click Ok for the process to continue. It could take time before your android and computer could establish communication. While that goes on, you should avoid disconnecting your android phone.Note before you begin, you must first enable USB debugs on the android device.
  3. When your computer and Android phone are communicating, you will notice your WhatsApp conversation appear on the computer. You can now connect the iPhone to your computer using lightning cable. Both phones will be in conversation with your computer.
  4. You will see the Android in the Devices list, click it, and this will notify the program that you want to transfer your WhatsApp messages. In the tool bar, there is an option such as Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone. If you do not see that option, you can go to file and search and select the same option.
  5. Finally, you have to select the iPhone, which you want to transfer the WhatsApp conversation. This is not difficult to do. Since you have just one iPhone connected to your PC. The system will demand whether everything you want is alright, and if it is, you can click ok and the data will be transferred from your android to iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone Using Email Chat

It is possible for you to transfer your WhatsApp messages from android to iPhone using Email Chat and this is how to do that.

  1. On your Android device, open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Settings and look for Chat Settings
  3. Click Email Chat and you can see this from the drop list that actually comes down
  4. Choose those WhatsApp conversation, which you want to transfer. A window will appear and it will read attaching media will generate a larger email message
  5. Choose attach media or without media
  6. Put your email address and click Send

Now it is possible to open your email address from your iPhone, and you can have access to all the messages you have sent from your android WhatsApp account.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone Using WhatsApp Backup

You can use WhatsApp backup to transfer messages WhatsApp from android to iPhones and this is how to do that:

  1. Back up your WhatsApp messages in your android device. To do this, go to Setting and select Chat Settings when the backup is complete. From the drop list, select Email chat
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp on the Android device
  3. Install WhatsApp and have it registered with your original phone number on the iPhone. After you have done that, you will see a pop up informing you that they have seen a backup. Choose Restore and within a short time, it can transfer your WhatsApp messages from your android to iPhone.
  4. You can restore the backup to your new phone.

The transfer process could be time consuming, but that depends on the size of the backup you are doing. Allow the process to complete and do not interrupt the process.


You can enjoy your WhatsApp on your Android and iPhone. The fact that you have lost any of your phones does not mean that you cannot get back at your WhatsApp data. Information provided will assist you irrespective of the type of phone you are using to copy WhatsApp messages to new phone.

These information is educative, if you have any issue or contribution, you can make your comments below.


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