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10 Tips to Impress a Guy Through WhatsApp Chat

Ready to settle down and have a committed relationship? Here are 10 tips to impress a guy and leave a lasting impression when you’re talking on WhatsApp.

How to impress a guy on WhatsApp chat

Let me introduce myself. I am Frankie Caruso, and you are on my blog!

WhatsApp is becoming more and more popular for sending text messages to family members and friends.

You might have met a guy and find yourself in the texting stage of the relationship but wish to make it something more than that. It is possible that you can learn how to impress a guy on WhatsApp chat, so you move from just being a texting buddy to becoming his full-time girlfriend.

If you want to impress a boy using this chat medium, just continue reading below at what I have put together for you. If you already have his WhatsApp contact information, the game has begun. He didn’t give it to you if he wasn’t interested in you. After you get this information, now it is up to you to keep him on the line.

Start and Keep a Conversation Going with a Guy

I have 10 specific tips to impress a guy while chatting on WhatsApp.

Also, these could be used as great tips to not get blocked on the service as well. If you think you might already be blocked, I wrote a guide to help you figure out if he has blocked you or not.

1. Don’t Appear Desperate

Most guys are not looking for fish in a barrel. They don’t like a girl who is desperate, and certainly not one who is already being clingy and needy. If you want to actually nab a boy using WhatsApp chat, one consideration is to avoid coming off as desperate. If a guy is texting you, you don’t need to respond immediately.

This is going to show him that you have a busy life, and he’s not the most important thing in it. Even if you’re not busy, at least make him wait a few minutes before you reply. Take your time and think about the words you want to use. If you text, and he doesn’t respond right away, another way to look desperate is to blow up his phone.

You don’t need to keep texting and texting. You will end up looking crazy. Constant texting is very annoying. Additionally, sending mean texts when he doesn’t reply is almost as bad. You have no idea what he is doing. He could be in a meeting at work, his phone could be dead, he could have left it in the car, or any number of things. When he reaches his device, and sees your dozens of text messages and rude statements, that will be the end of your discussions.


Frankie’s Take:

An adage goes, spoken words get lost in the wind while written ones remain. In this case, they remain in a chat room. What you said orally can eventually be forgotten, or you can correct it. When you send something in chat form, it can stay for even months or years. He might be alone one day picking up his smart phone, and amusingly reading through your crazy and paranoid chats from months ago.

2. Keep Your Messages Concise

You might not know this, but multiple surveys have been conducted regarding the effect of long text messages on conversations. Boys and girls both get bored with a long text. If you are having a conversation, and your texts read more like small novels, you should delete this portion of the conversation and start again. Stick with short, funny messages when you’re first starting out.

This is going to show him that you have an interest in being funny, that you are too busy for lengthy and ridiculous messages and provides mystery to your conversation. Honestly, this is what most guys are looking for. If you consistently send messages that are far too long, you can even be certain that he’s read the entire thing when the conversation continues.

In fact, I would say most people scan long text messages rather than fully reading them as you intend. Keep him interested by keeping your text messages shorter.


Frankie’s Take:

Posts should be short and written with proper punctuation, grammar, and without using shorthand abbreviations. Every message that gets read full of errors and typos requires more focus and becomes an annoyance rather than an informational piece. People will lose their emotional connection through being annoyed at deciphering your poor output.

3. Emojis Are Fun to a Point

Impressing a boy on WhatsApp chat involves the use of emojis. It can be often difficult to convey feelings and a text message, so that is where the use of emojis comes into play. It can be easy for your guy to misunderstand what your texts mean without some assistance.

Something could be said in a joking manner to you, but he could take it seriously. Consider this misunderstanding ending your texting relationship and you never get a chance to take that relationship any further because of an egregious misunderstanding.

So be sure that your guy understands what you’re trying to say by using emojis to make yourself clear. You don’t need them and every single text. That just makes you look like a child. Use emojis when you are trying to convey the context of what you are sending.

Flirtatious emojis can also be helpful from time to time in showing that you are interested in being more than just his friend.


Frankie’s Take:

Emojis are awesome for clarifying statements that could be taken in more than one way. If you write a joking sentence that could be interpreted literally, using emoji to convey that you’re playing around. Don’t use them to decorate your texts like a Christmas tree, however. If it is not necessary for your communication, don’t litter the conversation with them.

4. Don’t Forget to Flirt

There are plenty of guys who are not very bright when it comes to the ways of women. You might be totally into a guy, and he has no idea. You can keep from getting stuck in the text buddy zone by being flirtatious with the guy during the chat.

These are clear indicators you want to be more than just friends. The great thing about texting is you can respond at your leisure. This gives you a chance to think hard about what you want to say before you put it into words.

You might not be the best at flirting, or you could be a world class text flirter. Either way, to be sure that he knows that you want more out of this WhatsApp conversation than just friendship.


Frankie’s Take:

When you are flirting, be sure to use your sense of humor and keep things casual. You’re more using service communications and flirting at the same time. For example, you might say something like ‘I’m 10 minutes late, sorry, I can’t wait to see you soon’. Or other small tokens of affection/attention. Playful and cheerful are the name of the game here – as this makes you seem confident and seductive instead of needy.

5. Don’t Pour Out Your Heart in a Text

Getting a guy through WhatsApp chat is a delicate balance. You don’t need to tell your whole life story through text. Texting can be a great way to get to know someone, however, you don’t need to tell your entire life story using this method. Talk about your day and your plans, but every detail of every day is not meant for these short conversations.

If things go your way, you are sure to be meeting face to face soon enough. If you’ve already told him every single possible detail about yourself through text, that conversation is going to be brief and very boring.

Also, if you are so busy telling your guy every detail about your life, you no longer have any mystery to add to the equation. Mystery is important to a blossoming relationship. It should go without saying, but you also want to avoid having ‘the talk’ during a chat on WhatsApp as well.


Frankie’s Take:

Many guys use WhatsApp to meet someone and have some fun. If you’re chatting with a guy and start talking about all of your feelings, he is going to want to leave and drop the conversation right away. Everything has its right time, and WhatsApp is never the venue to weigh down a light conversation.

6. Chats Can Be Too Long

If you find that when you are chatting with a guy on WhatsApp and you no longer have much to say, or find a lull in the conversation, it is time to say goodnight. Only keep a conversation going with a guy if that conversation is interesting.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the world’s most boring chat. If you end it, you look less desperate. You end the chat before he thinks the chat is boring because of you.


Frankie’s Take:

Get creative. Get out of your normal routine, out of your comfort zone, and come up with something that is unexpected and fun. You want to make this conversation something that is memorable and that he wants to make sure he comes back to.

7. Use Questions That Require a Thoughtful Response

If you want to have a lengthy chat with the guy, you need to keep things going on your own. If you simply text ‘Hi’, you are not going to get much of a response. Similarly, you can’t just ask a yes or no question. Starting a good conversation means asking the right questions.

For example, you not going to ask how his day was, because he will likely just respond with ‘good.’ This puts an end to the conversation quickly. Instead, ask about what he did today. Not only does this require more of an engagement on his part, it can open the door for a longer and more interesting chat to follow.


Frankie’s Take:

Absolutely avoid triggering questions. Some of these include:

  • When are you coming back?
  • Where have you been?
  • When will you call?
  • Why don’t you ever call?
  • Are you avoiding me?
  • Do you love me?

These are childish, manipulative, and sure to make a guy worth your time turn tail and run. You are better than that. These messages have an eros quotient less than zero.

8. Use His Name When You Can

Perhaps one of the best tips to attracting guys is using their name often. You can subtly show that you are interested, and increase the intimacy of your texts, by utilizing his name as often as you can.

Don’t just say ‘Hello’, you can say ‘Hi’ and use his name instead. This is often sure to get a quick reply. Personalizing your WhatsApp messages piques the interests of the recipient.


Frankie’s Take:

Obviously, you don’t use their name in every single sentence you write. Place it with some common sense. As I mentioned, the beauty of text messages is that things do not have to happen instantaneously. Consider the moment, and the type of person you are talking to.

9. Ask Him Questions About Him

People like to talk about themselves. You might like to talk about yourself so much did you forget that your crush likes to talk about themselves as well. When texting a guy, ask him questions about himself. Not only does that show that you are interested in getting to know him, it gives him the opportunity and the OK to talk exclusively about himself for a minute.

When asking him questions, don’t send one after another. You don’t need this to start appearing more like a job interview than a casual conversation. This could be a huge turn off. Ask a question or two and try to build conversations based on his answers rather than just more questions.

If you’re lucky, he might start asking questions of his own about you. This is a good sign that he wants to get to know you as well.


Frankie’s Take:

It is important that you do not take this opportunity to put the other person under some sort of pressure to respond the way you wish. Questions must make sense and work towards learning more about the person rather than judgement. As I always say, silence is always better than a stupid and out of place question.

10. Compliments Are King

Everyone enjoys a good compliment, and your crush is no exception. Make sure that you are complimenting your crush on their personality, their looks, or something that they have said. It’s important that you understand you can compliment too much. If you are just only complimenting and using that type of language, you start to look more like a groupie than somebody they want to make their girlfriend.

If you are just getting to know someone on WhatsApp, you need to make sure you are texting in a way that keeps him interested. You also should know what to say to make you seem more interesting as well. If you follow the tips listed for texting your crush above, you have a greater chance of becoming more than just someone stuck in the friend zone. Before you know it, you are an item and going out on dates together.


Frankie’s Take:

Bear in mind that if you don’t think you should be complimenting him, or just think you cannot empathize or put yourself in his shoes, perhaps this is a sign. If you cannot understand and appreciate him in this early stage, stop wasting your time because it appears it’s not working out.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Impress a Guy Through Text Messages

When it comes to texting a guy on WhatsApp, there are several mistakes to avoid if you want to impress him and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Don’t be too negative or complain too much, as it can make you seem like a downer and not someone he wants to spend time with.
  2. Don’t use too much slang or abbreviations, as it can be difficult to understand and come across as immature.
  3. Don’t send too many messages in a row without giving him a chance to respond, as it can be overwhelming and feel like you’re not respecting his time and space.
  4. Don’t be too aggressive or forward, as it can make him feel uncomfortable and pressured.
  5. Don’t ignore his messages or take too long to respond, as it can make you seem disinterested or unresponsive.
  6. Don’t share too much personal information or details about your life too soon, as it can make you seem too vulnerable or needy.
  7. Don’t use text messages to have serious or emotional conversations, as it can be difficult to convey tone and meaning through text and can lead to misunderstandings.
  8. Don’t be too sarcastic or use humor that he might not understand, as it can create confusion or hurt feelings.
  9. Don’t bring up exes or past relationships in your conversations, as it can make you seem stuck in the past or not over previous partners.
  10. Don’t send too many selfies or pictures, as it can come across as vain or self-centered.

If you want to attract a guy through text messages, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes. Instead, focus on being yourself, having fun, and keeping the conversation light and enjoyable. By showing genuine interest and respect for his time and space, while also maintaining healthy boundaries, you can create a positive and engaging connection that may lead to a successful relationship.

Questions to Use When Chatting with a Guy – Real Life Examples

Women often carry the same unquenchable romanticism they have in real life to their chat world.

Each time they approach a conversation with a new man, they are reliving the hope that he is finally the right person that will sweep them off their feet and live happily ever after.

This desire and hope trigger automatic behaviors that are often counterproductive. For example, you might want to know everything about him, an information that might portray him as the hero in your eyes. You were looking for information that labels him as the ideal man for you.

There are hundreds of questions that might come to mind, starting with is he single or engaged? More specifically, you might wonder if he is single, separated, divorced, engaged, or widowed? Does he have children? What does he do for a living? Does he have successful relationships? Does he live nearby? Does he work for a living or still go to school? What sort of work does he do? Is he emotionally available for a relationship, or somebody still getting over being hurt in the past?

There is an endless stream of possible questions that you feel you must know immediately to get an idea of who you are dealing with.

Because of this stress women put on themselves to know this information as soon as possible, it can often force someone in a text conversation to show their worst hand.

They take on these roles of inquirers, apprehensive mothers, and these asphyxiating teachers ready to please bright red marks on the lives of those they are learning about when the wrong answers are given.

It is not lost on men when this desire for control and inappropriate intrusiveness finds their way into the conversation. This is a process intended to judge and categorize new potential relationships before they even begin.

Men are more aware of this than you might think.

So, the response is to take countermeasures they consider to be appropriate to classify and categorize you as well.

Healthy men would just leave the conversation. Disturbed men remain in the conversation to use your anxiety and your neediness against you. These manipulators can capitalize on your insecurities.

So, let’s change up the name of the game here and start asking the right questions that put the right foot forward in a new budding relationship.

This process begins with an important assumption. If you are using a direct question like: ‘Are you busy?’ you show your insecurities. You come off as needy and you need the other person to hurry and get to the point, but instead you really just make that other person raise their defenses, possibly lie to you, and be suspicious of your intentions.

Manners in questions go a long way in these new conversations and reassure the other person with a relaxing atmosphere. You can learn a lot more about a person by taking your time and asking the right questions that have a specific purpose.

Ultimately, this makes conversations you have more engaging and interesting. You suddenly aren’t somebody demanding answers to questions this guy does not wish to answer yet.

I have found that there are some questions you can always ask a man in a chat to keep the conversation going while collecting information. This also helps you break the monotony of the same humdrum conversation that everybody else seems to be having.

One possibility of a question that tends to open a lot of possibilities is ‘Where did you grow up?

You can learn a lot of things about a person by asking them questions about their childhood and overall background. When done correctly, this does not come off as nosey, but really just genuinely interested.

With this question, you can learn where a person is from, where they might be living now, how they get along with their family, and how they feel about where they have been.

In the same vein, you can ask questions like ‘Did you take vacations growing up?’ or ‘What was your favorite game?’ or ‘Where did you go to school?

These are all questions that appear spontaneous but usually get authentic replies from the other person.

A good reply to any of these questions can be enough to spark a hearty conversation on several related topics. You might be able to talk for some time without having to think of new questions or ideas to keep the chat afloat.

Before asking questions, you can use the technique of sharing first. In this sense, you share something about yourself and wait for the other person to engage you about this information.

An example of this might be:

I’m really happy tonight! I saw a great movie today called (TITLE). I liked it because (REASON). [STOP THERE] Have you seen it?

Then, to follow up:

Do you enjoy going to the movies? (Do you like any TV series? Which ones? Why? What do you like about it so much? Do you enjoy reading?)

These lines of questioning are not about judging or making fun of the other person. Of course, this might change if you have already reached that point in your relationship where you can rib each other a little. Remember, give an answer from your point of view to establish a fair relationship and not just an interview to see if they are a suitable partner.

Remember, if a guy or man stops if confronted with certain questions, it is because he is seized by a cosmic emptiness. He might just not have anything interesting in that area of his life. You must accept this and move on.

Other questions that can open the door to a person’s mind and possibly their heart (although it is NOT a given that they have either) are:

  • What is your fondest childhood memory?
  • What is the best vacation you ever took?
  • What was your best subject in school?

These are questions that force information to come along with the answer. You cannot answer these in short and concise statements usually.

Getting someone to open up and share can deepen the intimacy of your conversations.

You cannot help but to get to know someone better when sharing collateral information.

If you are not just wanting to talk about their past, you can have them share information about the present as well. Stereotypes suggest that men are only really interested in sports, cars, and technology.

While you don’t want to appear like you keep them in a bubble, it does not hurt to assume that a guy you are talking to might fit into one of these areas unless they show you otherwise.

You can start off by asking something like ‘What’s your favorite team?’ Often, this can be a lengthy conversation in itself if they like sports. You could also ask a broader question like ‘What do you do with your free time?’ or ‘What’s your favorite sport?

You can use the information gathered here to determine if he is into sports. Learning his interests can lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations moving forward.

Maybe you take this information, and you ask about their favorite sports memory they ever witnessed firsthand or sitting at home in their armchair.

Use the information that you received to ask more about what he likes and loves, and not to use this to pry out details of achievements that he may or may not have accomplished.

Ultimately, this makes him feel important for who he is and not just for what he has done. This should be a safe place to converse. He should not be judged when he is with you.

In addition, you can use this a new information to gain a better understanding of his life and evaluate if you have a place in it.

You might get more out of indirect and less precise questions then you do by injecting a chat with direct and abrasive inquiries.


Frankie’s Take:

You don’t need to be pushy. If he’s being evasive, or doesn’t want to answer your questions, then you need to start. Stick with him for just a little bit, and if this continues to be an issue, you might want to move on. You might also try alternating questions with stories about yourself that are not too personal or intimate in the earliest stages.


I don’t think that I have left anything out about chatting with a guy on WhatsApp.

I have shared my 10 tips for impressing a guy on WhatsApp chat and perhaps more importantly, covered the subject of these conversations with preferred questions and ones you should avoid.

You should know that chats are not the best place to grow strong relationships, but they are an initial opportunity to get something started. It depends on how you use them and the skills you gain in conversing with guys through the app as I have shown you here.

I would also recommend that you take a quick look at another guide of ours about 40 WhatsApp features you might not know about.

Good luck and love,


PS – If that guy is your ex and you want to win him back, you should look at the guide we have about figuring out if he already has another girlfriend.

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