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3 Most Effective Techniques (and apps) for iPhone Spying in 2023

Because of this guide, you can now learn how to spy on an iPhone and have access to the conversations held on iMessage another main social networks, GPS positioning, emails , and much more. I will explain techniques that really work for everyone, they are easy to apply and allow you to spy on iPhones without jailbreaking them. Most importantly, how to spy without getting caught.

How to Spy on iPhone

Do you want to spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing? You’ve come to the right place. This article will explain what you need and how you see what another person does on their iPhone, including browsing history.

The word spy often brings some tension and discomfort to many people. Illegal hacking and online fraud have become the norm these days. As such, it is understandable if you are cynical about digital hacking. But there are many reasons you’d want to spy on someone’s phone.

If you’re a parent, you want to know what your kids are up to on their phones. You may also spy on your lover’s phone if you suspect they are cheating. Again, employers can spy on their employee’s activity on work devices.

Whatever your reasons are, spying may be unethical or ethical, depending on how it is done.

Today, I will share with you the best and easy ways to monitor one’s phone activity using spy apps. I will evaluate each of these apps in terms of their performance, features, pros, and cons. At the end of this article, you will know the best app for you, depending on your needs and budget.

But before we go further, it is important you know who I am. My name is Frankie Caruso, a social media and technology guru. With firsthand experience testing spying methods across all digital devices, I can provide insights on how to go about it. Want helpful tips and tricks on navigating your mobile device or social media? Please subscribe to Youtube Channel.

Back to what we were talking about.

Spy apps for iPhones are becoming increasingly popular. These allow individuals to check all the data on another person’s phone. Today, I’ll talk about the three best spy apps you can use on any iPhone. But before I get to that, it’s wise to know how the article is structured:

  • 3 best apps to spy on iPhone
  • Alternative methods to spy an iPhone
  • FAQs

Without wasting time, let us begin.

DISCLAIMER: In some countries, spying on an iPhone without the consent of the owner of the device can be a prosecutable offense. Use the information collected here responsibly.

Frankie’s Take:

Many spy apps are available that allegedly work on iPhones. But not all of them function optimally. Thankfully, I test all the apps before recommending them to you. Therefore, you can rest assured you are getting authentic information.

3 Best Apps to Spy on an iPhone

Spy apps are the simplest and most effective way of spying on an iPhone. Thankfully, there are numerous spyware apps you can download. Most of them work well and will provide real-time information about one’s phone activity.

I have chosen the best three user-friendly apps that offer effective results. These are:

  1. mSpy
  2. Eyezy
  3. uMobix

Let us look at the pricing, features, and how to use each method to spy on someone’s iPhone.

APP #1: mSpy – Best Spy App for iPhone in 2023

Spy on iPhone with mSpy App


  • Access to the victims device or a knowledge of their login information to install mSpy remotely
  • Purchase mSpy (I have a discount voucher because you are reading my blog)
  • Keep iPhone connected to internet for installation
  • No Jailbreaking

As it stands today, mSpy is the best spyware for iPhone.

I’m not the only one who says so, as there are more than 60,000 users who have purchased and renew this spy app annually for more than a decade. mSpy has been featured in major newspapers and websites, such as Forbes, TechTimes, Los Angeles Times, and more.

Let’s take a moment to introduce what we’re talking about.

This application is meant for spying. It is completely invisible on a target iPhone, and allows you to monitor everything happening on this device.

You now would have access to social media conversations happening anywhere in the world, view live GPS tracking, monitor calls, read email traffic, browse internet history, and more from your dashboard.

Dashboard mSpy

That’s crazy!

That’s what you have been hoping to find, right?

Before you learn how it works, I would like you to learn a few important tidbits.

What You Should Know Before You Install mSpy on an iPhone

Is this app undetectable?

I can confirm that the application is entirely invisible on your mobile phone and does not leave a trace. When installed (which I will explain later), mSpy runs in a background mode. The iPhone user can never detect this software installed on their phones.

Do I have to jailbreak to use mSpy?

Good news.

mSpy is one of the few spy applications available for your device that does not require jailbreaking. This process removes restrictions set by Apple on your iPhone. Essentially, it is cracking the device.

There are two versions of mSpy possible for installation on an iPhone, one that allows you to spy on a certain set of information ranging from GPS and Contacts through iMessage and SMS. The other allows you to see a greater range of information including conversations on social media applications, though this version requires jailbreaking. For more information about all features with and without jailbreaking, you can follow this link.

Can I spy on an iPhone using mSpy without touching it?

With the non-jailbreak version of the software, it is possible. You need to know iCloud login information, however. If two-factor authentication is enabled, this becomes an impossible task. When this happens, you need to access the device physically to verify the popup and grant mSpy permission to connect to the phone.

Is the software compatible with all iPhones?

The non-jailbreak version of mSpy is compatible with any iPhone. Jailbreak versions are compatible with nearly any of these, and there is always an updated version to be found 3-4 weeks after Apple updates the iOS software.

Understanding How the mSpy Application Software Works

It is really quite easy to install this application. Anyone can do it, even without any technological experience.

Let me walk you through the steps you need to follow:

  1. Purchase one of the two possible plans available for mSpy (they are cheap and accessible.)
  2. Installing the app and connect the software to your child or spouse’s mobile phone using their iCloud access information.
  3. Wait a few minutes (it might even take a few hours) for the software to upload all the contents of the target iPhone to your dashboard.
  4. Now you can start to spy in real time – boom!

mSpy screnshot text messages

Attention: I wrote a lengthy guide on installing mSpy on an iPhone without much grief. Here, you can find all the steps to follow with pictures and videos to make it even easier. Also, I included a discount voucher for mSpy to sweeten the pot for my blog readers.

If you have any difficulties during this installation, you will be happy to know that there is free 24/7 customer support for any technical issues. You can even utilize a paid support service called mAssistance to allow somebody from this team to personally help you install the software on your targeted iPhone.

Not sure it gets much easier than that.

Now, I would like to show you some of the advanced features mSpy offers for iPhone tracking.

What Can You Monitor with the mSpy Spyware?

  • Manage calls history (call logs): with mSpy installed, you have the ability to view all the outgoing calls or incoming calls of the device being spied. Apart from that, the software highlights the duration of the calls and the time they were made. This same feature will allow you to block some phone calls from undesired or predefined numbers of the targeted device. This blocking is done from the control panel.
  • Tracks all text messages: Any messages sent or received – even the deleted messages will be available to you – from the targeted device can be accessed and the contents read. The time and date of sending or receiving messages are displayed on the control panel, including who sent or who the message was sent to.
  • Ability to read emails: with mSpy software, you are able to read and check the full email history of the targeted iOS device. What the software allows you to check is the time and date the email was received or sent, the contents of the email, and the identity of the sender or the one receiving the email.
  • Enables GPS location tracking: the targeted iPhone can be tracked, in that it can show the current location of the user. This feature is commonly used with parents and for those spouses who are suspecting that their partners are cheating on them. for this reason, this software is sometimes referred to as a parental control App.
  • Observe the internet use (web history): mSpy has the ability to reveal all the websites and URL’s that the user browsed. This will enable the one tracking to verify what was the intention of the user by checking the browser history of the device being spied.
  • Obtain address book and calendar: each and every contact of the device being spied can be revealed by the software, including the address book that contains the user’s important marked events.
  • Reading of instant messaging: messages that can be tracked in this software may be coming from WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Instagram or any other messaging platforms. With such information at hand, you can be able to find out what someone is up to. If you want to learn more about “instant messaging” I have written some very interesting guides that could be very useful: how to spy on WhatsApp messages, how to hack Facebook Messenger (Without a Password) and how to track someone’s Instagram account.
  • Manages and controls programs and Apps: The one spying on the device is able to control which type of App or program can be accessed. This is one way of making sure that mischievous activities are not encouraged.
  • Remote control: it is a tendency that smart phones are getting lost day in day out. With mSpy software, you are able to erase any useful information that may be risky if the device lands on the wrong hands.
  • Unlimited change of devices: even if you have installed mSpy software on one device, you can only use it on one device at a particular time. However, you can also change to another device of target when need arises, without the task of again purchasing a brand new license.

Pros & Cons

  • Spy remotely on an iPhone
  • Quick set up
  • Access to photos and videos
  • Runs undetected
  • Gain access to social network conversations, even those that have been deleted in the past month
  • No risk of being caught
  • Know where your child or partner is and find out when they are lying/li>
  • You must pay a small monthly fee (you can opt out anytime without penalty)
  • Updates may take some time

TAKE mSpy FOR A TEST DRIVE – Take mSpy for a test drive by logging into the FREE demo: CLICK HERE for more information.


Frankie’s Take:

If you are looking for something that is both effective and efficient, you want the reliable software mSpy. You do not need technical prowess, and it is a nice fit for any reason you might need a little espionage.

Alt!  I have written two very useful guides that you might find interesting!

If your partner is using WhatsApp have a look at: the 3 best ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you. Alternatively, if your spouse uses Facebook read how to catch Facebook cheater.

App 2: Eyezy- Best for AI-Driven Device Monitoring

eyeZy is a godsend app for people who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on spyware. Although a relatively new spy app, it offers a wide range of advanced capabilities. You can use it to check conversations, photos, videos, and more without being detected.


  • No jailbreak
  • Internet connection
  • Purchase eyeZy
  • Knowledge of the target device’s login information

What You Should Know Before Using eyeZy

Is the software detectable?

No. eyeZy runs in stealth mode, which means you can install and run the app on the target device without the user knowing it.

Do you have to jailbreak to use the software?

No. You don’t need to jailbreak when using this app for an iOS device. Therefore, you can do the monitoring from a distance. However, you must know the iCloud login information to install this app.

Can I use this software on all iPhones?

Yes. eyeZy can be downloaded, installed, and used on all iPhones, regardless of the model. The company is constantly updating the software to suit specific devices.

Understanding How eyeZy Works

  1. Create an eyeZy cloud account and choose a plan that works for you
  2. Install the app on your phone
  3. Log in to your account and dig out the information you need

What Can You Monitor with eyeZy

Social media: eyeZy comes with a Social spotlight feature that lets you know what someone is saying on social media. Using this tool, you can see social media conversations, even deleted ones. It works for popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, and Tinder.

Location: eyeZy lets you track someone’s location using the Pinpoint feature. This tool blends GPS location tracking and Wi-Fi network analysis to know where a person is.

Browser history: want to know someone’s web history? eyeZy can help you. The platform comes with a Web Magnifier tool, which allows you to check a victim’s search history, bookmarked sites, browsing habits, and interests.

Events phone calendar: you can check one’s future plans using eyeZy Plans Breaker. You can know the events they have scheduled, including their name, location, and date & time. Additionally, you can read their notes to check for additional information.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive features
  • Excellent social media monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks transparency on pricing
  • It can be pricey if used on multiple devices

Frankie’s Take:

eyeZy is a fantastic spyware app with excellent features. But please note that you need to manually hide the app on the target device without their knowledge, which can be unethical.

App 3: uMobix: Best for Social Media Monitoring

uMobix is an excellent monitoring app packed with impressive features. It features a well-organized dashboard, allowing you to navigate functionalities with ease. With this app, you can know what someone is up to and get clear insights into their life by checking their calls, messages, location, etc.

What You Need to Use uMobix?

  • Internet connection
  • A subscription plan
  • iCloud login information of the target device
  • uMobix account and subscription

What You Should Know Before Using uMobix

Is uMobix Undetectable?

Yes. The app is completely undetectable, so the other person won’t know you’re monitoring them. It runs in the background. Therefore, the user will not know you’ve installed them.

Is the software safe?

Yes. uMobix is a safe app with various inbuilt security layers. Data is encrypted and securely stored so that only the one with the account can access it.

Can I use uMobix remotely?

Yes. uMobix allows remote installation for iPhones. So, you don’t have to have the target phone physically to monitor activity.

How Does uMopbix Work?

  1. Create an account and choose a subscription plan
  2. Install the app on the target device using iCloud credentials
  3. Login to your account and start monitoring the account

What Can You Monitor with uMobix?

Browser history: you can check the links that a person opened from the device and block them from the dashboard.

Application activity: you can glance at the installed and uninstalled apps on the target device. You can also block apps or delete them from the device.

Calls: the app lets you see all the outgoing and incoming calls. Moreover, data is chronologically displayed, meaning the latest calls will appear on top. You can see the caller ID and call duration.

Social media apps: uMobix allows you to see what the user is up to on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides the conversations, you can check the feed the user sees.

Location tracking: this feature lets you know where a person is at any given time. The app’s GPS tracking shows the current location and history.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable, clean, and user friendly
  • Jailbreak not compulsory
  • Runs undetectable
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t offer geo-fencing
  • Requires iOS credentials

Frankie’s Take:


Frankie’s Take:

uMobix offers excellent features for spying on a person’s iPhone. But you must ensure that the 2-factor authentication is disabled. If not, you will need to access the device physically and receive an OTP. Please note the user will also receive information that someone wants to access their phones.

Two Alternative Methods to Spy an iPhone

You don’t always have to use an app to spy on someone’s iPhone. You can spy for free with apple ID. You need to access their backup registry to read the iMessage conversations, browser history, emails, photos, etc.

Or you can use a recovery stick to spy on the victim’s iPhone. This is a pen that lets you see deleted contacts, text messages, internet history, and more. You only need to connect the iPhone to a USB port on a computer and then insert your recovery stick into another USB port.

Wait for about 10-15 minutes for the program to recover, and alas. You can see the information you have searched for.

Let’s see these two alternative methods.

Method #1: Spy for Free with Apple ID

spy on iPhone for free with Apple ID


  • Knowledge of target’s iCloud access data
  • Access to the device
  • Internet access for target device

Personally, I believe this is one of the best ways that you can spy on iOS devices.

Let me tell you how it works. Using a victim’s Apple ID, you can gain access to an iphone’s backup registry. This backup contains recent iMessage conversations, emails, shared photos, Internet history, and GPS locations.

That is pretty much all you might need to know to make sure that your loved ones are safe. Pretty cool, right?

Let me show you the procedure you would use to spy using someone’s Apple ID.

What you need to do first is get the Apple ID (or iCloud) information of the iPhone you wish to spy on.

Next, go to iCloud.com or go to the Settings on the your iOS device, log in iCloud using that Apple ID and password.

Some devices might ask to merge, and if that is the case, you should accept. Once merged, you can proceed to select and view what you wish to monitor.

Apple ID gives you this option to allow the syncing of emails, messages, photos, Contacts, and other data. If you want to spy on messages, you need to go to settings and messages, then enable iMessage.

Once you have enabled iMessage, you will reenter the password and Apple ID of the targeted device.

Once you take these steps, you can sign in and wait for the device to log into their account.

You are then ready to spy and monitor on activity as it happens. This will show you iMessage conversations exchanged, locations, email activity, and photo sharing.

Note: there are plenty of times when iCloud backup on the iPhone is not activated. In this case, you need to physically access the targeted iPhone, go into their settings, and manually turn on iCloud backup with these steps: Settings > iPhone Owner’s Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup. This automatically backs up Your iPhone every day when connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi.

Pros & Cons

  • Free
  • Spy on iPhone without installing software
  • Simple and easy to achieve
  • You have to have physical access to a target phone
  • You cannot spy on social media conversations – just iMessage
  • You cannot monitor in real time – only after the device syncs.

Frankie’s Take:

I would only recommend using this technique if you’re a parent and have young children between the ages of say 8 and 11. Because this conversation does not allow you to access conversations on social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger, I suggest you block the use of these apps with parental controls. I do have a guide on how you can do this if you are unsure.

Method #2: Spy on iPhone with a Recovery Stick

Spy on iPhone with Recovery Stick


  • You need a desktop/laptop (Windows) with a USB port
  • Have an iPhone Recovery Stick ($119)
  • Temporary access to the target device

This is the kind of technology that makes you feel like you walked on the set of Mission Impossible or 007 movies.

The iPhone Recovery Stick is a pen drive that is put out by a company similar to Amazon that specializes in spying materials and products, PoofPronto.com. The device gives you access to deleted contacts, internet history, text messages (from Facebook, SMS, and other services), and more from your target iPhone.

Now that you are introduced to the product, you can see how parents or spouses now can recover data that had been deleted from an iPhone. In short, you now have the ability to keep them safer.

Let’s take a closer look. Let’s show you how it works.

The process is pretty easy, but you have to connect the target iPhone to a USB port on a Windows computer. When this device is connected to the computer, you can insert your recovery stick into another available USB port at that same time.

Proximately 10 to 15 minutes later, the program completes its recovery process. It could take longer depending on the amount of data that needs to be moved.

If your search is directed for just a specific person or address, the recovery stick has the option of searching for very specific items. For example, you can search keywords like drugs, wife, hotel, meet, husband, and other potentially triggering terms.

You need to make sure, however, that you have a Windows computer capable of running all versions.

The recovery stick operates unavailable storage from the target at iPhone, and the amount have new information that has been written on it.

Please Note: The mechanism works to recover deleted files. When the user deletes any files in the target iPhone, that deleted data is not fully erased. It remains somewhere on the device. The recovery stick can retrieve the hidden information from this cache.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to recover deleted conversations and messages
  • Recover iTunes backup files if device is not physically present
  • Free lifetime assistance for users
  • Cost
  • You can only spy on conversations from specific social networks like Facebook, KIK, and Textplus (not WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat)
  • You do not have a dashboard to view content on your phone

Frankie’s Take:

Let me be clear to say this is a very good method of spying on an iPhone. If you want to find deleted conversations in photos, this is how I would do it. It is not convenient for monitoring the phone of your spouse or child in real time, however.

Bottom Line: I’ve shown you three different methods to spy on an iPhone. The one that I believe to be the best of these is mSpy. Everyone seems to be looking for spyware these days, and for many years, mSpy has been leading the pack as the best app in the world. Just a few clicks and you can monitor everything happening on your child or partner’s mobile phone without fear of getting caught.


I want to take a moment to answer some of the questions that many of my readers have been asking over the past several years.

🔵 Is it possible to spy on an iPhone using just a phone number?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. To date, there are no ways a person can use just the phone number (or even the IMEI code) to access and spy on the device. Using spyware for iPhone like mSpy requires iCloud credentials.

It might not be easy to come by this information, but there are a few tricks you can try.

The first trick that you could try is asking your partner if they would like to buy an app from the Apple store using their account. You can pretend you don’t have money on your card or that your Apple account is giving you trouble.

Another way that you can get this information is to ask for the login for iCloud to access content on Apple TV.

🔥HOT TIP: If you only have the mobile number, the only thing you can do is to know where the victim is at that very moment. I know, it sounds like one of those clickbait news. But trust me, it can be done and it’s very simple. There is a website, Localize.mobi, that does exactly that: insert the mobile number of your target and boom! It locates them and shows you a map with their exact location. It really works.

🔵 Can I spy on iPhones without the iCloud (Apple ID) information?

This is possible but will require you to use the third method discussed above. The iPhone recovery stick can help you to bypass the need for login credentials.

🔵 Can I spy on an iPhone without the device?

Good news: yes, in fact all iPhones are backed up to Apple’s iCloud service. Since this is cloud storage, phones are able to access this without the need to Jailbreak their iPhone. Furthermore, this cloud storage allows you to spy on an iPhone without installing software on it.

🔵 Can you spy on an Android phone from an iPhone?

Yes. No matter what phone you have, the important thing is that the target phone is an iPhone. For example, mSpy provides your dashboard you can access from any browser that you use, regardless of what device you access it from.

🔵 How do I choose the best spy app?

Consider the security, features, compatibility, and free trial when choosing a spy app. It is also wise to pick an app with competitive pricing and one that offers excellent support.

🔵 Are there other ways to spy on an iPhone?

Sorry to disappoint you, but these are the only ways available. Remember that in many countries – such as the USA, UK, Italy, Australia etc., spying on an iPhone without the victim’s consent is a crime. So be careful and weigh up whether it is worth it.

🔵 Are there any alternative apps to mSpy? Which are the best apps to monitor another iPhone?

There are lots of spy apps for iPhone but, as I said before, mSpy is the best in terms of effectiveness, user friendliness and cost.

However, should you not be satisfied with mSpy for any reason, here is the list of the 4 best apps to spy on iPhone (No Jailbreak & No App Installation) alternatives:

uMobix iPhone Tracker: The app allows you to track a target iOS device in a remote fashion. uMobix also collects information from your victim’s iCloud account. You not need for physical access to the device and you will only need the iCloud credentials of the target.

eyeZy: It is a Parental Control application recently released but very performing. Allows you to monitor an iPhone without Jailbreak.

Spyic: This app is quite similar to mSpy – hopefully its CEO won’t hate me if I say that he copied the more famous mSpy. Spyic also allows you to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. As a matter of fact, the app connects to your iCloud backup and “steals” the information showing it on your Dashboard (which is user friendly and easy to use).

Note: Let me say this frankly: forget about all the other apps that promise you to spy on an iPhone. Most of the time they are not updated and do not work with the different iOS updates.

These that I have listed, plus of course mSpy, are the most used applications in the world and choosing them you avoid suffering unpleasant surprises.

If you want to know more here is a list with the features, pros and cons of the best phone spy apps (undetectable and hidden) for iPhone.

How Do I Know if Someone is Spying on My iPhone?

I have taken a great deal of time and explaining the best methods that I know of to spy on someone’s iPhone. At this point in the guide, I would like to give you some tips on protecting your iPhone from this same type of hacking. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.

Allow me to explain.

Hackers will often use the same techniques that I’ve already shown you in this post they steal data. They can take photos, credit card information you put on Apple Pay, and other sensitive information and for dishonest purposes like blackmail or cyberbullying.

I wanted to try to provide information to show it when someone is spying on your phone or your child’s phone to protect both from this kind of danger.

Note: these tips might also help you if you suspect your partner is spying on your phone.

Let me first say that if your iPhone is monitored using the mSpy app without jailbreaking, you have no way to verify its existence. I’ve explained this guide, that this software is completely invisible on the monitored phone because it connects to the iCloud account and not directly on the iPhone at all. Because of this, the only option you could use to block the spy app is to change your iCloud account password. This system is different for the jailbroken mSpy software, but I will describe that in greater detail at a later point.

1. Check Battery Consumption

If you suddenly notice a greater battery usage compared to your normal consumption, chances are something is amiss.

I would suggest backing up your iPhone and then restoring it.

2. Is Your iPhone Jailbroken?

It is not challenging to find out if your phone has been jailbroken. The easiest way to detect this is finding an app on the home screen named Cydia (which is an alternative to the Apple Store.)

To resolve this, do a complete factory reset of your device.

Note: Be careful, because if the hacker is well versed, they can hide Cydia from your home screen. I have written a guide on how to find hidden spy apps on your iPhone.

3. Are You Using Much more Data?

Some of the spy apps used on iPhones increase the data usage on the device. They work in the background the transfer any information directly back to a monitor’s dashboard.

You can often resolve this by resetting your iPhone.


Frankie’s Take:

These are a few of the main signs (for those without technological savviness) to identify when someone might be spying on their iPhone. If you want to learn more about this topic, I’ve written a guide on how to find spyware on your iPhone within minutes.

The Main Take Away

I have come to the end of my lengthy guide on how to spy an iPhone without getting caught. I understand that many reasons can make you want to check a person’s phone activity. Maybe you want to keep yourself safe from an unfaithful partner, or you want to protect your children.

Before I wrap up, let’s recap what we have discussed to ensure you have all the information needed. As I have discussed, the best spyware apps are mSpy, eyeZy, and uMobix. These can help monitor messages, calls, emails, and social media.

But if you’d rather not use an app, remember you can always spy for free using Apple ID or a recovery stick. If you still have questions or concerns about this query, I am always here to help. Feel free to leave a comment below the post, and I can get back to you.

Make sure you come back to see us; I have many new techniques to share with you about spying on an iPhone. You can also follow my YouTube channel and Facebook page for a complete picture of what you might want to know.

A hug,

Frankie Caruso

PS – Have you already read my guide on how to spy on a cell phone remotely? I’m sure you could use it.

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  5. Hey Frankie, love you tech articles. I have not found anything or anyone yet that can help me and hoping you can make a suggestion or help me out. I have done some extensive reading on spyware for iPhone, but nothing I can use. My situation is not a cheating spouse, but a partner that took me for 30K, I have her iPhone cell number, she has temporally moved from Canada to the US and I need to know where she is hiding so that the court system can server her papers. I guess what I am asking is for GPS coordination to where she is, anything else I can get would be gravy. Again I have her cell number, but I don’t have an iCloud account for her, she has blocked me from my iPhone calls and on Facebook messenger, she is not in the country…….any suggestions?

  6. Hy, If the phone that I whant to Spy is a company phone that may by monitorizeze is IT ok to instal Mspy? Or IT can be detected?

    • Hi Gus, if the target iPhone does not have company-imposed blocks, you can install mSpy. However, a good IT could detect spyware.

  7. So, I got an old i phone and added my boyfriends Apple ID to it but I’m not able to see the texts and phone calls. I’ve removed and added the Apple ID several times. Any thoughts? I really just need access to the deleted phone calls. Thanks

  8. Hi Frankie, just wanted to clarify something about mSpy. I don’t know my daughter’s Apple ID information, but I do have access to her phone (I know her passcode). So if I have purchased mSpy and I physically have her phone, I can download mSpy on her phone and then access it later remotely? I don’t need her Apple ID info at any point as long as I can physically access her phone to initially install the software? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Doria, you can install mSpy in your daughter’s iPhone but you will need to perform the Jailbreak first. If you are not very practical, it is easier to try to find out her iCLoud login credentials.

  9. Hello Frankie, I have my wife spying on me and knows my movements and all my communications and messages, how to prevent that…..

  10. Hi! So I installed the app on the target phone and have the dashboard on my phone but can not see messages or calls? Is there a way to fix this??

    • Hi Kathy, mSpy usually takes about 24 hours to connect to the victim’s iCloud and show you all the messages and calls. How long has it been since you installed the spyware?

  11. Afternoon Frankie. My hubby has an iphone12, as do I & I have complete access to his…I know his Apple ID & password for his phone but I have found in my research that the 2 factor authorization stands as a tight security wall between initiating the mspy app on it. Being I have complete access to his phone, is there a way to use the software without going thru all those steps to bypass that 2 factor situation?!

    • The only solution to use the software without going thru all those steps to bypass that 2FA is to have the victim’s mobile phone in hand during installation. This way you can enable 2FA without getting caught.

  12. Regarding capture of Snapchat text and images with Mspy, if the target iPhone is set up so Snapchat messages are deleted once seen, will the iCloud backup captured by Mspy collect all messages/images before they were deleted in the app or only those messages/images active in the app at the time the iCloud backup runs? Asked another way, does Mspy capture snapchat messages/images in real time or only once a day?

    • Hi Andrew, actually mSpy capture snapchat messages/images only once a day. I contacted mSpy support to find out if they will improve this service and they said they are working on it.

  13. Frankie
    does MspY monitor in real time social media
    also if i cant access my childs physical device
    can i use my apple ID?
    he shares it with me

  14. I have been targeted for spying for 4 years. I’m not sure how. The folks spying don’t have access to my phone and should not be able to decode my password.
    Can Mspy get your Apple ID password for remote spying?

    I even changed phones and phone number.

    I finally turned off iCloud backup And then changed my apple ID password On a computer and two factor is enabled.
    Will this prevent spying?
    Thanks for any help.

  15. Hi Frank can I use mspy to check on mobile that has the 2 factors authentication? The target phone has it for sure and if I subscribe to mspy and log on will he get a message to enter the code?

  16. Hello Frankie,
    I have an iPhone 8 Plus as well as my husband. I know his Apple ID and password. I don’t know how to sync everything to my phone(without computer). I need to see all his activity, web browsing and app usage. Help me please! After working relentlessly 2 jobs and supporting him through college, it seems he’s addicted to pornography plus he’s cheating! I need proof and lots of it if at least I want my shifts in grave yard for 7 yrs to be paid in the divorce.

  17. If I install mspy on a new iPhone using my Apple ID and the wife changes the phone to her Apple ID will the app still work?

    • Hi Mohan, Frankie’s speaking. The answer is no, if your wife changes Apple ID mSpy disconnects and you have to install it again.

  18. Hi Frankie, Is there any way possible to find out someone’s Apple ID/ password credentials? Other than having to ask them outright.

    • Hi Terry and welcome. mSpy Software has the feature, yo can use it to monitor internet activities.
      Good luck,

  19. Hi i want to spy my husband but i dont have access on his apple id and mobile. I just have mobile number. Can i spy him with the mobile number?

    • Hi Sara and welcome on my blog.
      Got a little bad news for you… the answer is NO, you can’t. If you want to spy on your husband’s iPhone you must need to know the iCloud credentials (user and password).

        • Hi Gabriela, you can install mSpy with Apple ID and Password but in some cases you may need the phone to approve 2FA (Two-factor authentication).

  20. Hi Frankie, If I have the AppleId User name and password can I use mSpy tracker? Will the phone owner be sent a notification if 2 stage Authentication is turned on?

    Thank you

  21. I can’t understand the procedure of spying viber with apple id. can you explain this procedure with steps and photos where to go and what to do for each step?

    • Hi Mirela and welcome. You can’t spy on Viber using Apple ID technique, I suggest you use mSpy tracker.

  22. Hi. Is it possible to install the software on a NEW Iphone X before the phone is set up with I Cloud etc?
    Ideally I would like to provide a new phone with spy software installed and running and allow the new user to set up the iphone from their I cloud back up as normal.

    • Hi Andrew and welcome, in my opinion installing mSpy on a new iPhone is the best solution, you can do the installation procedures calmly without risking being discovered. Unfortunately you have to configure iCloud first otherwise mSpy cannot be installed. Usually it is not a problem for the victim, most of the time it is also good because you give an immediately functional iPhone without having to waste time with the iCloud registration procedure.

      • Hi Frankie,
        I have A new iPhone 11 as a gift from someone ,i doubt is installed a spy there.how can i deactivate or install sth to destroyed it ,thank you

  23. Hi Frankie
    I have the apple id of my wife’s iphone XR, but I can’t physically touch the phone anymore. And as long as I checked the data on icloud, the phone is not backuped. How can I spy her iphone? Thanks & rgds.

    • Hi Keko and welcome. In this case if you don’t have physically access on your wife’s iPhone, you cannot spy on it. In fact, the only way to spy on an iPhone without getting hold of the victim’s mobile phone is mSpy (or similar apps like Flexispy). However, this software – if installed remotely – requires the victim’s iPhone to be backed up to iCloud.

  24. Hi Frankie
    Please i would like to know how do i know if my iphone is being spied or not and if i changed my app icloud id password will this help to stop someone from spying on my iphone
    And how to be sure if he is not using any spy app like mspy?? I check my apple store and i searched for the app and it says that it is not installed on my phone yet..can u help me please how can i stop that!!

    • Hey Leen, changing the iCloud password helps protect your iphone from spy apps (great job!). mSpy is an app that works in stealth mode so it doesn’t appear among your apps.
      The only way to make sure no spying apps are installed is to initialize the iPhone.

      • So If mspy app was installed on my iphone before i changed my icloud password that means it’s still working after i made a new password so they still can get my informations so easily and there will be no other way to stop spying except by initializing my phone??
        Thanks for the reply

        • It may work even after changing the password. It depends on many factors and above all on what type of hacking has been done. To be 100% sure, initialize the iPhone! You are welcome 😉

    • Hi Marc, Thanks for your questions… this model should be for you: iRecovery Stick. Before purchasing it I recommend you ask customer service to have 100% certainty that it is the right product for you.

  25. Hi Frankie, can you tell me how long you would need access to the target device to install the software?

    • Hi Jane, the software installation procedure is not long. It should take between 3 and 7 minutes depending on how practical you are with the iPhone.

  26. I have seen your post about the spy app.. I suspect my partner is cheating on me through WhatsApp and other social app, I tried all the way I would to restore the deleted messages but I wouldn’t find the evidence. He never do direct calls and messages because it is easily viewed in bills payment so I found out he used social app like whatsapp, Viber app. Sorry for my long message .. I even login his Apple ID in my Mac and did reset and tried some of the restore apps but wouldn’t find anything so would you please suggest me what can I do to get the evidence ?

    • Hi Neha, have you already tried using mSpy? Actually it is the best app to track messages on messaging apps like Viber, WhatsApp or Messenger.

    • Welcome Jason. Unfortunately no, at the moment (January 2020) there is no software capable of spying on an iPhone remotely without using iCloud backup.

    • Hi Renea, Sure! mSpy can get information from any iOS device that has an iCloud account on it.
      As long as you have target Apple ID and password your device is fully compatible with mSpy solution. Moreover it is 100% undetectable.

    • Can you please advice if there is a software that can be installed on Iphone 11 Pro MAx with software version 13.2 or higher .

      • Hi Youssef, I confirm that mSpy Software can be installed on iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.2 or higher.

        • Hi Frankie ,
          Thanks for the reply
          I had checked the site for mspy but for Iphone it is saying that I will use Icloud access .
          I don’t want to use this option, instead I want to install a software on the phone itself.
          Please advice

          • Hi Bro, if you find something like this let me know immediately! To date – as far as I know – there are no software with these features 🙁

          • Hi Frankie ,
            thanks for the feedback . Unfortunatly mspy site is not accessible from my country . It is blocked
            Can you tell me how I can get the software

  27. Hi Frankie,
    Can Mspy or the recovery stick show incognito web history? Can either of the two do screen shots? If the remote device is jailbroken, can they tell that their phone has been jailbroken? Does the phone have to be jailbroken in order for the icon to not be displayed on the target device? I would want it to be completely anonymous.

  28. Hi. I would like to access my husbands facebook messenger. He doesnt have facebook though, He has an iphone and we share the same itunes account however, we dont have i cloud activated. How can I access his facebook messenger. I suspect he is talking to someone on messeger. I have confronted him but he has denied it.

    • Hi Eve, if you have an iPhone you must have iCloud (Apple ID and password). Do you have access to his smartphone? If yes, you may want to consider using mSpy. It is an excellent cell phone tracker app that makes it easy to keep track of what your husband are doing on his smartphones.

  29. Hi Frankie, my husband has the Iphone 6, I would like to know if the Mspy would work and if not which spy program is the best for that phone!

  30. Hi,
    My boy friend cheated on me.
    We had a relation of a year and now he acts weird and wants to get married different girl etc.. I feel he cheated right from beginning.

    I would like to hack his iPhone 6s from my hwauei Pro 10 is that possible?

    I have his icloud I’d and password will it help even his mobile is not near me?

    • Hi, If you know the ID credentials you can get into his iPhone 6s remotely. You just need to purchase a Mspy account and use those credentials to spy on your boyfriend. You will be able to see all his messages and any of kind of piece of information stored in his phone.

      • Is it possible to install spy ware into iphone by knowing only phone number and imei and than intercept Our network? And If any kind of spyware had installed to my phone, is it still working if i turn off the i cloud back up?

        • Hi John, I try to answer your questions:
          1) no, it is not possible to spy on an iPhone knowing only the telephone number and the IMEI code (I want specify that they are absolutely useless data for the purpose of spying on an iPhone)

          2) depends on the spyware used. If the hacker uses the Backup iCloud Attack technique to spy on an iPhone … yes, detaching the iCloud backup works! If the hacker uses other techniques (for example Hidding Apps) no, you won’t solve the problem.

  31. Hi there!
    1)On the recovery stick, do you need the phone password to just access the phone , or the Apple ID password?

    2) what is the difference between jail broken mspy, and non jail broken for iPhone 8.
    3) is there a possibility that it can be installed/ used without Apple ID password.
    I know my husband has been seeing someone, but has deleted messages. Which will be my only evidence. I’m loosing my mind. I have his phone password. Apple user but NOT Apple ID password. He also deleted her from his contacts. And from his WhatsApp too. I’m trying to see which one of these would help me.
    Thank you.

  32. Hi, I suspect my 13 year old daughter using drugs. I know she´s got an Iphone 7 and the phonenumber for it and o know the screenlock code but I don´t have the apple-id and password. what options do I have? the information I need is mostly texts, calls, snap and facebookactivity

  33. I suspect my partner of 20 years and mother of our children to have been unfaithful in the last year but ended it. I confronted her with my suspicion but she denies it, but deleted entire history or WhatsApp and Messenger text to him

    Q. Can WhatsApp and Messenger secret messages/conversations be recovered from the phone after deletion?

    Q. You noted spy has limiting app control, is there a spy app that lets you activate apps (like voice recording) to then listen to it later?

    I’m the bill payer if that makes a difference

    • Hi Damo,

      I’m really sorry for that and I do hope you can make the best out of this bad situation.I will answer to your questions straight away:

      1. Unfortunately, there is no application that can get back your deleted secret text messages whether it’s Messenger or WhatsApp.

      2. mSpy Premium allows you to access all the apps on the victim’s phone as well as the call history but you can’t record calls.

      I hope this helps.

  34. Hi
    I’m suspecting my husband is not being as busy at work as he tells me and has something else going on that he’s not forthcoming with…
    Any help is appreciated

    • Hi Donzkie if you want to use a spy app (like flexispy or mSpy) you have to know if your target device is iPhone or Ipad or an Android. The cost depends on the type of service.

  35. If you were to purchase a partner a new phone and install m/spy software before the phone has been set up to a SIM card and phone number, would it still work once they start using the phone.

  36. Wow I’ve never heard of this recovery stick. I have a passcode to a phone but no Apple ID passcode. I’m in the same boat. Partner not being truthful but then I think why am I still with him? Can I recover or see anything if I only have a password and not the ID?

    • Hi Jess, If a phone is passcode protected, the passcode will be needed. Apple ID and password only needed if the recovery is being done from an iTunes backup.

      • Sorry I mean by using the Mspy or any app really.. I thought you needed the Apple ID passcode before being able to gain any information. I have the passcode for the phone, but not credentials..

  37. hello,

    I think I am in the same situation as my bf’s been cheating on me over n over. I really wish I could find some evidence? can you help me please?

    • Hi Anna! are you thinking he is cheating from an app? In this case you can restore your phone! It’s could be a good idea!

    • Hi Joelene, I am so sorry for what is happening to you. It’s a very bad feeling 🙁 Do you already have evidence of cheating? Let me know so I can help you in the best way!

      • I am having the same situation and could really use some help in confronting this issue especially since it’s causing me great stress being pregnant and high risk already if you have any suggestions and or advice I NEED it to help stick a divorce


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