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Sneaky Ways to Snoop on Your Partner’s Phone

Do you have a feeling your spouse is up to no good? Is there an urge to go through someone’s phone and find out what they are up to? You are in the right place. Your dear friend Frankie will show you how.

Snooping on Your Partner’s Phone

If you’re in a relationship, then you probably check your partner’s phone from time to time. But what if they won’t let you? What if they keep locking you out of their digital world?

Well, there’s no need to panic!

First, I think I should tell you who I am. I am Frankie Caruso, a nerdy Italian raised on spaghetti, pizza, and all social media platforms.

This article discusses the best methods and apps for snooping on your partner’s phone and their respective social media accounts – like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook for example.

The best way to snoop on your partner’s phone without them knowing is by using the right app. These apps will give you the ability to silently monitor any device connected to the Internet without being detected.

But you can also opt to check through someone’s phone by directly accessing it when they are not using it while ensuring that you will not be caught.

In this post, I’ll share with you 10 strategies that involve using spy apps and exploiting common social engineering tricks to obtain your partner’s mobile phone.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Frankie’s Take:

Reading the articles about cheating signs would be a good idea before attempting to snoop on your partner’s phone. Articles have been written about these signs for both men and women.

Legal Advisor: note that the information I provide here is for informational and illustrative purposes exclusively. I will not be responsible for what happens with this information once you have it. In most areas, spying on social media and messaging apps is considered a criminal offense – as well as a clear violation of another’s privacy.

So why decide to help people snoop?

Many spouses have often had issues with the evident change in relationship behaviors. Snooping has often given answers to restless spouses, and some just don’t get caught.

Cheating or other snoopy evidence is mainly found in our phones because it is the only way we communicate these days and the presence of different apps that connect us. You may notice your partner predominantly using a specific app for communication which is quickly switched when you come around.


Frankie’s Take:

While experiences may differ, almost every person who goes through their spouse’s phone has found evidence of cheating. Usually, strange or suspicious behavior may alert you to the possibility of a change from your partner that can be easily linked to an affair.

Join me as I address some of the possible ways you could use to look into your partner’s phone without getting caught.

Ten sneaky ways to snoop on your partner’s phone without their knowledge

Would you like to try a method that will avoid confrontation? You could look through your lover’s phone this way in the following ways

1. Track and spy on calls and messages.

This may be a dangerous move, and you could even risk being caught if you are not cautious. Spying apps have been rising, and your partner may know you may risk such a move. The guilty ones will always know.

However, you can do so subtly by syncing your messages and tracking them discretely while not making it evident to them when they are at home that you suspect something is going on. Communication between people can tell you what is going on, so there is a high chance you will know where you stand in the marriage or relationship.

With the recent burst in technology, phones themselves come with tracking apps that enable you to link devices. It cannot be hard to snoop on your lover’s phone; you have the right tools. Tracking their movements and communication is enough to help you settle into their routine and see what happens when they say goodbye in the morning.

You can fit into your spouse’s day in life while at home. You have to be very careful to avoid getting caught in the process. You will often feel the urge to call and confirm with them; thus, if you make it a habit, they will know that you may have doubts or hints they are playing you. Therefore, be slick in ensuring they do not have to suspect you, as they can change their movements or schedule to prove you wrong.

The software also varies according to the specific information you want; therefore, you could get into all the apps. You could go as further as recording or watching them live from the camera. However, this may land you in trouble, so it is better to opt for other choices like tracking the location, messages, and call logs before making a decision.

Best software

Software like mSpy is popular and commonly used by couples to spy on each other and is also used by parents who would love to spy on their kids. mSpy has opened an opportunity for people to reach social network applications and track their partner’s moves. mSpy could help you get to track your partner’s movement in different ways:

  • Email monitoring. The software can track all emails sent or received. It can be an efficient way to track your partner’s engagements as it supports different providers. If your spouse is constantly making arrangements or engaged in business, emails may be one of the tools where you can get information on his whereabouts.
  • SMS, MMS, and iMessage tracking. The best thing about this spy app is the features that come with it. You can track all messages, including photos, videos, and other attachments sent to another person. You are also able to track deleted messages. Access to these files makes it easier for you to have the best track of events and notice any change that may not be easily evident. This is the software for you when you want to get all the information.
  • Social network monitoring. The feature can give access to all social networks and is one of the app’s essential features.

dashboard mspy

These are among the features that the software can offer. The best thing about the software is that it cannot be detected in your partner’s phone, making it very efficient.

Attention: I wrote a lengthy guide on installing mSpy on iPhone and Android without much grief. Here, you can find all the steps to follow with pictures and videos to make it even easier.

Frankie’s Take:

Many partners have admitted to finding the information they never expected in this way. Sometimes going through your lover’s phone may reveal heavy details, which may be hard for you to take in. Some will regret it, while others are grateful they knew before it was too late. It is upon you to choose what you want, which could even benefit your marriage or relationship.

2. Go through the phone when they are not around.

The urge to go through your partner’s phone is undeniable, especially if it has happened unexpectedly several times. You may be tempted to look at the phone for various reasons.

Constant notifications

When your spouse is in contact with another person, they are most definitely cheating on you with someone else. Where few messages or fewer calls were taken before, it is easy to notice such a change that could unsettle you. For this reason, you could have to wait when they are not around or in another room and quickly go through the phone to see if you will find any evidence.

When they avoid their phone with you

Typically, couples are free to use their phones around each other and even share jokes or information. When your spouse avoids using the phone around you and often gets defensive in sharing their phone, it shows there is something worth looking at. You might want to take that phone and find out what is happening.

When he is constantly dodging conversations

We all know when someone gets a new catch, they will mostly ignore other people, even their friends, to spend time or talk with their latest crush. Thus, if your partner is avoiding conversations with you and constantly focusing on their phone, you have to find out. Often, your partner may become very defensive and blame it on being distracted by work or tired. Now, you really cannot buy that, get that phone.


Frankie’s Take:

You have to ensure that when doing this, you are in an excellent position to use the phone freely for a few minutes. You could go through the phone while your spouse is showering or taking out the trash. Going through the phone is exceptionally sneaky and getting caught makes you look like the bad guy. You must be swift and return the phone as you found it and, if possible, at its exact position.

3. Ask to order food with their phone

You can use this time wisely to identify the applications that have been used recently and look through them as fast as you can. You have to devise a great excuse for using their phone to avoid raising eyebrows.

With the phone unlocked even for a few minutes, it is easy to snoop through and check the different messages and interactions with other people. You may not get all the necessary information, but knowing where the relationship stands can still be an option.


Frankie’s Take:

It may be hard for partners to give their phones, mainly when they know you may be suspicious, but this is one of the instances where you can easily snoop without your partner thinking much of it.

4. Offer to charge the phone.

If you have your spouse’s passcode, this may be a straightforward trick to pull up to get into the phone. You could do so when they are not busy with the phone and use the opportunity to go through it.

This way, even texts that may pop up can be easily seen. You could do this swiftly by checking for specific applications or individuals you feel suspicious about.


Frankie’s Take:

Buy some time on the charging port by pretending to have an issue with the charger. This will give you a small allowance to snoop to the right places. It is important to note that this can be effective if you have their passcode.

5. Borrow the phone for a few minutes and watch for demeanor.

You can get to know a lot from your partner’s response, especially the body language when you ask for their phone. You have to ask smartly for something as casual as calling your phone or sharing a file or photo.

If they agree, you could open the applications you wanted and snoop for a few minutes before giving them back. However, you must be fast since they know you may have other intentions. Ensure that you do not show any change when you find incriminating evidence.


Frankie’s Take:

This approach can also be impractical, especially with a defensive partner. Still, you could also use the opportunity to confront them or identify the application they make clear they do not want you accessing.

6. Sneaky Eye

The sneaky peek into your partner’s phone is familiar to many people, where often it can be unintentional. You could use this time to observe their activities on the phone and the frequent people they interact with.

An evening or afternoon together next to each other could be a perfect opportunity to snoop on your partner’s phone. It is a risky move but still worth it as you can easily see the information you need without a struggle.


Frankie’s Take:

This could also draw fewer suspicions since they could be deeply engrossed at the moment and not mind what you may be doing.

7. Take note of the frequent apps.

Identify the apps your spouse mainly engages with; this will save you time knowing where to look. You save time when you get their phone as you will go straight to the applications

This also helps you avoid getting caught; when going through the phone, you could return the phone to the last app opened to avoid raising any suspicions. Many people often do not give much thought to the phone’s location, but they may take notice of the precious apps opened.


Frankie’s Take:

To avoid getting caught, leave the phone on the applications left open.

8. Learn the password.

Learning their password can easily help you snoop into their daily activities without them realizing it. Several people have reported that this way, they have found several of their spouses cheating.

Often with passcodes, you can snoop even when they are next to you, especially when they are not using the phone or paying attention to it. You, however, must be smart and not let them know you have the passcode.


Frankie’s Take:

You could get ahold of the password by peeking when your spouse is accessing the phone. You could easily do this while walking by or seated next to them. This information makes finding your partner’s information quickly without much back and forth.

9. Identify the last place they left the phone.

This may sound a little too much, but it is essential. Some partners could be vigilant, especially when things are tense between the two of you. So you must ensure that you return the phone to the exact point you got it from.

Getting caught can only ruin chances for you getting a hold of his phone at another time, especially if you do not find any evidence or information. If you find the phone face up, ensure that the position does not change when you return it.


Frankie’s Take:

Despite the notion that your partner may not be petty or does not care, these are one of the visible signs that may lead to you getting caught. Also, remember to delete any history of the applications you have accessed and ensure that there can be no trace.

10. Learn their routine.

Sometimes, it may be hard to access the phone when your partner is busy or carries their phone wherever they go. You can identify the tiny bits in their daily routine, especially when they leave the phone.

This could allow you to snoop quickly without raising any concerns. If you do not have their passcode, wait for them to leave the phone unattended and go through it before it shuts off. Do not forget to leave the last application on to avoid getting caught.


Frankie’s Take:

You could also do this when they are asleep. Therefore you have to know if your partner is a light sleeper or a heavy one and work around these periods to snoop without getting caught.


Is it illegal to snoop on my partner?

Most individuals take privacy very seriously and may get offended when they realize they are being tracked. However, snooping on your partner when you have access to logins and other information cannot be termed as so because, legally, you have been given authorization willingly from your partner.

Is going through my partner’s phone toxic?

Sometimes, it is the only way to know if you have suspicions. It is not the best approach, but it can still prove effective when you have no option. You may get your answers this way and choose what to do with the information later.

How do I know my spouse is cheating?

The information does not lie. The apparent tone change while talking to another person is enough evidence to show that something is going on. You know how your partner talks to you; it is easy to understand when he is being suggestive to another person.

Sometimes your partner can leave the phone unattended intentionally, trying to get a raise from you, especially when the relationship is on a rough patch. So you may find, in some cases, no evidence or a shallow message that may not lead to something.

However, you must be alert to note the different moods and changes to know when you are being played. Cheating can be easy, especially if your partner does not think you would suspect anything.

Why do people snoop?

People have different reasons why they may not trust their partners completely. These small bits may hinder their personal growth or the relationship. Thus you may do it to find closure for your thoughts and therefore learn how to cope with different situations.

Is it natural for a partner to feel jealous?

Yes. When your partner does not express any form of interest as before, jealousy can increase. For this reason, you may question his movements and interactions with others through the phone and outside your home.

Is snooping the best choice?

No, it’s not. Direct communication is better since communicating as a unit is better than dealing with your insecurities alone. Talking can help you understand where you are in the relationship, thus helping you forge forward. At the same time, partners can be very defensive and make you feel as if you are wrong in trying to understand the situation.


In summary, while you understand your relationship, it becomes easier for you to see the different ways in which change may be processed. Snooping may be a convenient option for you; therefore, you have to ensure that you are well-equipped to have the right tactics to access all this information.

You can engage with many options on the phone, especially when considering where to start. Knowing your partner’s behavior makes it easy for you to know where to look, how to do so, and when. Observing through these timelines can help you track conveniently without getting caught.

Sometimes you may find information that may throw you off balance and thus affect you, but if you are not looking to confront them immediately, you have to act okay. Sometimes, going through the phones can help us get the closure that we need on where the relationship stands.

Going through the phone immediately gives you answers since the recent activity is recorded and thus reduces the slim chance of them deleting his messages or call logs. Incriminating statements have often been found this way; just be prepared for anything.

Do feel free to contribute to this discussion and share the article. Your feedback and experiences are also welcomed. I would love to hear from those who have tried the above methods, whether it was successful, and how it generally affected the relationship.


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