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10 Clear Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You – And How to Catch Her Red-Handed

By reading through this article, you will learn all of the possible signs that your wife is cheating on you, how you can gather evidence to prove it, and what you should do once you have that evidence in your hand.

Clear Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You

Frankie here again, this time talking to you about the sensitive subject of how to find out if your wife is cheating using three solid methods. In addition, you get credible advice about what you should do once you find out.

Listen closely.

If you have read my blogs before, you know that while I am passionate about hacking techniques and mastering messaging apps, I’m no psychologist, investigator, or divorce attorney.

So why on earth did I take the time to write this guide?

I have received messages every day for years (now reaching into the thousands) regarding wives cheating on their husbands or husbands cheating on their wives. By now, I have been able to recognize some common patterns.

While all of the stories might be different, the signs of infidelity and ways to catch the cheater are almost always the same. After all, the human mind can only really work in so many different ways.

Cheating wives always do the same things.

Noticeable signs of infidelity begin with how comfortable they become with technology and the use of their social profiles and messaging apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)

We no longer live in the times where love notes were handwritten or delivered to your secret love through carrier pigeon or rendezvous locations. Now, communication is instantaneous through cellphones, computers, and tablets.

Settle in to read this one – as this guide is pretty lengthy. I promise that when it is done, you will know exactly what to do with your cheating wife.

Here you can discover three things:

  1. Knowing when your wife is cheating on you
  2. Three effective ways to gather your evidence
  3. What to do once you have the proof in your hands


Let’s move on now to see the 10 Signs That Your Wife is Cheating on You.

10 Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Regardless of whether your wife is cheating at work with one of her colleagues or at the gym with her personal trainer, signs of adultery are always the same.

Let’s take a look at them individually.

1 – Posting Many Pictures of Herself without You in Them

Posting Many Pictures of Herself without You

Cheating wives Always enjoy showing off pictures of how pretty they are. This also simultaneously let’s others know that the relationship that you have either does not exist, or is not all that important to her.

This is a pretty hard thing for many husbands to see.

You can begin your investigation with her social media profiles. If she used to post pictures of you together, animals, and children, but now she’s posting pictures of her alone dressed up to entice visitors to the page, it might be time to start worrying.


Frankie’s Take:

Make sure you take a look at her Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and profile pictures on messaging apps that she’s using. You can understand very quickly if she is trying to show off herself to other users.

2 – She Keeps Her Phone Set to Silent

She Keeps Her Phone Set to Silent

If her phone is the primary way she communicates with her lover or crush, she’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure you are not alerted to the influx of calls and texts.

Essentially, her phone stops making noise.

You should keep an eye on this behavior discreetly, but take it seriously. If her phone is always close to her and silenced, or even if she goes as far as to hide it in a drawer, this is a good indication that she is hiding something.


Frankie’s Take:

Often a wife having an affair mute the ringtone and text tones of their device to prevent discovery. In addition, your wife will keep the phone close or place it upside down on the surface to keep you from seeing who might be calling or texting.

3 – Messages You Like You Are Friends and Not Lovers

Monikers like ‘honey’, ‘sweetie’, or ‘babe’ are not used in your conversations anymore. You are getting pushed back into the friend zone.

It is actually something that she might do without even realizing it.

If your wife cheated on you, she will begin to keep her distance. One thing that almost changes instantaneously is how she communicates with you. Sadly, she will start to treat you more like her friend than her husband.


Frankie’s Take:

Take a look back at the messages with your wife on services like WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps that she uses. Be careful if she starts addressing you with affectionate but directly friendly words, and not loving terms that she used to use.

4 – She is Using Her Phone or Computer Much More

She is Using Her Phone Much More

This is absolutely behavior you should watch out for, especially during late hours of the night where she is likely chatting away with her lover on one of these devices.

She is having a sexual relationship, she will use her phone compulsively.

One of the common behaviors of a woman in the early stages of a new relationship is a need to constantly communicate. She will lose control of using her phone and computer to stay in nearly constant contact with this new connection.


Frankie’s Take:

If your wife has a lover, she will communicate with him on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps people having an affair commonly use. Thanks to this fact, discovering her infidelity might be easier than you imagined. (I will explain).

5 – She Changed Her Passwords

She Changed Her Passwords

This is a red flag that by itself get explained away with worries about getting hacked. When combined with other signals on this list, changing her password is usually a good indication there’s something she does not want you to see.

She is going to do whatever it takes to keep you from knowing her new passwords.

If she is having an extramarital affair, her Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp , or even iMessage account might be hiding substantial evidence of this infidelity. Changing her passwords, even just the lock screen on her phone, can keep that information safe from you.


Frankie’s Take:

If there was a time where you could easily access her messaging apps and now you can’t, that’s typically a red flag you should not ignore. As I will explain below, and is not going to be difficult to read your wife’s messages even if she has changed her password.

6 – She Often Texts About Your Location

She Often Texts About Your Location

Your wife is very likely not going to rendezvous with her lover if there is a risk of getting caught. If she knows where you are, this reduces the chances of you finding out about her new relationship.

The last thing that she wants is to get caught red handed.

It is hard to always ask directly ‘Where are you? without you becoming suspicious. You should look for conversations that you are having that seem to lead to your whereabouts.


Frankie’s Take:

If your wife is having an affair, she is going to be terrified of getting caught. She is going to want to know where you are all the time to ensure that this never happens. It should not be difficult to determine when she is acting strangely.

7 – There is No Relationship Status on Facebook

Removing a relationship status on Facebook is one of the many great ways that your wife could signal to others that she is open for new relationships.

Maybe, she has not officially started any affair yet.

With these types of steps, this behavior is not far off. Often by this point, your wife has already targeted somebody that she is attempting to attract by removing her relationship status from Facebook.


Frankie’s Take:

If your wife has already decided that it is time to cheat on you , she is going to want to “clean up” her social media profiles. In many ways, that means removing you. one of the easiest ways to do this is removing a relationship status from her profile, so watch for this.

8 – You Get Gushing Messages Randomly

In an attempt to alleviate a nagging conscience, your wife might send you overly doting messages. If it seems a little too sweet, it probably is.

When she starts to feel guilty, she might get “sentimental” about your relationship.

This sort of behavior can also be seen in an intimate sense. While you might see your wife become much sweeter to alleviate her guilty conscience, she might also decide to become more impetuous in bed.


Frankie’s Take:

Don’t let a seemingly positive change in your wife fool you into believing that everything is okay. drastic changes are often caused by something else happening in her life, and this could indicate something she is trying to keep from you.

9 – She Gets Mysterious Phone Calls at All Hours

It might not be difficult for her to try to convince you that these phone calls she receives are spam, but if she is answering them on a regular basis, this should be alarming. Another strong indicator would be that these conversations happen out of your earshot.

She will not be able to resist the opportunity to get in touch or speak with her lover. Attention because she could use some apps to make national and international calls without leaving a trace.

Women are far more emotionally driven than men, so she will have a difficult time not talking to him on the phone even if she is at home with you. She might even use a different phone than what she typically would.


Frankie’s Take:

If you are noticing that your wife is always on the phone and locking herself in the bathroom or bedroom so you cannot hear the conversation, or talks to different people every day, this might be a cause for concern.

10 – She’s Hanging Out and Texting Her Single Friends More

To cheat on you, she is going to need her single friends by her side. Morally conscious married friends are going to make her realize she’s doing something wrong and discourage this behavior.

As the adage goes, “You can tell a man by the company he keeps.

If your wife is cheating on you, you’ll notice a closer relationship with our single friends or those in her life that would happily turn a blind eye to her having an affair.


Frankie’s Take:

We are all looking for approval, especially when we know that we are doing something very wrong. Monitor who your wife is hanging out with, she might be seeking this approval from her single friends.

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating in Three Simple Steps

There are clear ways to find out if your spouse is cheating on you.

One of the first ones I will show you is the psychological trick to snatch a confession, and the other two give you evidence of the betrayal.

I have named them after the ways that protagonists and successful TV series have acted. I can list them for you now:

  1. Harvey Specter – The Mind Games
  2. The Mask of Columbo
  3. James Bond’s Gimmicks

Each of these methods has its own pros and cons you shouldn’t ignore.

Let’s take a closer look together.

1 – The Mind Games of Harvey Specter to Catch Your Cheating Wife

The Mind Games of Harvey Specter - spy a wife


  • Efficacy: 70%
  • Difficulty: Hard

✅ You could get an admission of guilt from your wife

✅ It’s a legal method

❌ Hard to do if you’re emotional

❌ It doesn’t leave you holding evidence

❌ High risk of making a bad impression

Harvey Specter, the ruthless NYC lawyer from Suits conveyed that:

“If you tell the truth, you have nothing to remember”

Honestly, there is little more truthful than that.

This whole strategy is based on that statement. Through some psychological tricks, using this Specter method, you can play with your wife’s emotions to get her to confess her affair.


Frankie’s Take:

Before you use this strategy, you should make sure that there’s a high probability your wife is actually having an affair. If she is not, you can leave a very bad impression.

3 Steps of the Harvey Specter Method to Get Your Wife to Confess

As I have alluded to, this approach is cold blooded, so make sure you’ve done the right mental work so you stay relaxed.

Now, here is what you do.

Step 1 – Collect the Information So You and Your Wife Can Have a Peaceful Conversation

You know all those signs that I listed at the beginning of this article?

Read them again, and write down on a piece of paper all the doubts that you might have, or things that don’t seem to add up.

Make sure that you have a clear list of questions as you would like answers to, and memorize them.

Phrase your questions so that it forces your wife to tell stories and not just answer with a simple yes or no.

For example: you might ask her what she’s done on a particular day, who she talked to when she was in the bathroom, and what exactly her in her ‘friend’ were talking about on the phone.

The idea is to ask open-ended and general questions, so that you could press her for more specific information. The objective is to always get her to speak as much as possible.

In Step 3, you will understand why her speaking so much is so important.

Alright, good job! After that, you need to find a quiet moment and ask her to have a conversation.

You do not have to be nervous comma and you need to work as hard as possible to keep her calm as well. Have her sit next to you, don’t be bossy, but work to make her a little uncomfortable.

One method of this is invading her personal space. Bring your chair closer to hers than you normally would.


Frankie’s Take:

Invading her personal space will put her in an uncomfortable position. She will work to put objects between you and her to ‘protect herself’ like a glass or even an ashtray. It is a psychological reaction. Do not let her do this, and stay in her space.

Step 2 – Ask Questions Like You Already Know the Answer

Now that you have yourself in front of your wife comma and the previously explained uncomfortable position, it is time to start asking your questions.

From your list that you have prepared (and memorized), ask her very calmly and confidently all the questions on your list. You should be able to make her talk as much as possible while working to show her understanding and resolve.

She can get left with the feeling that ‘damn, he knows everything but still seems sympathetic.”

It is important that you have her start telling you stories, like how she spent her days, the conversation she’s had with ‘her friend’, or any of the evenings she was out with ‘the girls.’

Here is a good piece of advice: never interrupt a liar’s story. Instead, exploit long, silent pauses which encourage her subconsciously to spill her guts.

You have to make her speak as much as possible, bring as much detail to her stories as possible.

Now, you can carefully observe her behavior. If she has something to hide, here is what you are likely to start seeing:

  • She will repeat every question that you ask before she answers – this tactic you might remember from your time in school. When you black out and don’t know the answer, re-asking the question can buy you a few precious seconds to invent a story or provide a false answer.
  • She will provide many irrelevant details – there is a science that suggests that when wives lie to their husbands, it often comes with many details and facts that are irrelevant to the story. Her need to “populate” this fantasy world is a way to catch her in her lies.
  • She unintentionally places her feet in the direction of an escape – Unless you are dealing with a pathological liar, lying is a stressful activity for those doing it. They often cannot wait to escape, so a subconscious response is to point their feet at a nearby exit.

Other than noticing these unusual behaviors, you have to remain calm, listen, and memorize the details of her story. You do not have to do anything else. In the next step you will understand why.

You are now ready for the final attack.


Frankie’s Take:

You might think about using your smartphone to record this conversation. There are dozens of apps for both Android and iPhone that can easily do this for you.

Step 3 – Ask Her to Reconstruct Her Version Starting at the End

For those that read books about gestures and micro expressions of the face, or watch TV shows like Lie to Me or The Mentalist, some of these tricks are not breaking news.

A few tips to expose liars can always come in handy though.

These are not just intuitions, they are proven techniques from scientific studies, such as those conducted for years by Professor R. Edward Geiselman – a psychologist at UCLA. among other things, this individual teaches interrogation techniques to law enforcement, CIA, an FBI agents.

What is the litmus test to see if a person is lying to you?

Let her talk for a little while comma and when she least expects it, have her start telling you the story backwards from the end. Ensure that she specifies as many details as possible.

If she is hesitant and tries to stall, or is inconsistent with her details, it’s a good indication she’s lying to you.

This is where you’re going to attack.

She will have a hard time. You start filling her in with questions and emphasizing all the inconsistencies in her previous story. You have to be like a hound, or like a ruthless lawyer, psychologically break her down.

If you perform this technique correctly, and she is cheating on you, she will break down in a few minutes. You will have your confession. That is how lawyers win trials.


Frankie’s Take:

The mind cannot process reality and the lie at the same speed. She has to make a conscious effort to tell a lie backwards. You’re going to have to corner her.

2 – The Mask of Columbo: Outsmarting Your Wife Disguised as an Idiot

The Mask of Columbo

  • Efficacy: 99%
  • Difficulty: Easy

✅ You can find hard evidence

✅ You can catch her in the act

✅ Keyloggers these days are nearly impossible to detect

❌ It will cost you around $20

Columbo, a seemingly bumbling lieutenant of the popular TV series for which he’s named, states:

“There’s no one smart guy who can win as much as another smart guy disguised as a fool.”

That’s a fact.

It is exactly this principle that we based the new strategy on. You might have to act like an idiot out of the blue so she lets her guard down and you can fool her.


Frankie’s Take:

Espionage is at its peak with this technique – and this means using a keylogger. I will discuss more below. Ultimately, you need your wife not to suspect anything.

What Is the Columbo Method?

There are two critical elements to this approach:

  1. Play the Idiot – You need to make your wife believe that you suspect nothing. Find a way to access her devices for just a few minutes.
  2. Install a Keylogger (Fairly Simple) – This is software or hardware that can track whatever happens on a device.

First, it is important that you understand what a keylogger is so that you can understand why making yourself appear like an idiot is critical.

What’s a Keylogger and How Can You Frame Your Wife with It?

Have you ever heard of keylogging?

They are possibly one of the greatest threats to privacy, enemies as devious as they are invisible.

Their purpose is to catalog everything that gets typed on a smartphone or computer keyboard, including passwords, without anyone being any the wiser.

These programs are virtually undetectable with the “naked eye”, since they are invisible.

I have put together a video to explain exactly what these are and how they work.

Using programs like these to monitor actions without the user’s consent is a criminal offense that is punishable by law. The information I am giving you is for illustrative purposes only, so we are not liable for consequences of misusing this information.

Types of Keyloggers

Keylogger software

There are multiple types of keyloggers, ranging both in hardware and software. Hardware resembles USB sticks and usually used to spy on computers.

All that needs to happen here is to connect the keyboard cable so you can intercept data. You can collect all of this data in real-time.

Software must get installed directly to the device you want to control, and this program is what records the phrases on your keyboard.

Software is suited best for monitoring the activity of Android and iPhones. I mean, most people are going to want to notice a USB stick in one of the ports on the phone.

They are definitely going to have some suspicions about a random USB drive.

Some of the keyloggers you can use even work remotely, they store the data on an internal memory and send it as a report to e-mail account you designate during the installation.

The presence of keyloggers is almost impossible to detect – and that is why bad people use them so often.

The software runs independently from the operating system of the phone or PC, so once installed, the operating system cannot detect that anything is amiss.

Keylogging software is active 24/7 and can intercept many forms of communication and valuable information, including:

  • Standard text messages (SMS)
  • Messages from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram
  • Sent or received emails
  • A real-time GPS positioning/movement map
  • Call history
  • Internet history
  • Multimedia like photos and videos
  • And much more!

You can literally see everything happening on your wife’s device, even if she is attempting to hide her tracks.

One of the best keyloggers available in the world (and easiest to install without a tech-savvy background) is mSpy.

I have written an extensive guide about keylogging and putting that technique into practice. Take a look if you get a chance.


Frankie’s Take:

If you want to use a keylogger right away without wasting any time, mSpy is the way to do it. It is the best in the world. You can install it on your wife’s phone in just a few short steps. mSpy also offers 24/7 Technical Support that can guide you through installation and retrieval of information.

Put On the Fool’s Mask So Your Wife Does Not Become Suspicious

You know what a keylogger is now, so you have realized the importance of using one of these without drawing it to anyone’s attention.

You should not indicate at any point that you have suspicions about your wife. You need to allow her to keep her guard down and stay relaxed about her affair.

If she suspects that you might be on to her, or believes you could be plotting something, she might choose a new device to converse with her lover and your entire plan gets foiled.

I have written many guides that can help to protect you from keyloggers, or to enhance the privacy on your phone to make it impenetrable to keylogging software. My program and guide are called “Try to Catch Me

If your wife gets suspicious, she can read articles I wrote to help her protect her phone and stop your efforts. Your dreams of catching her in the act are going to go up in smoke.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a very critical step. Women are not stupid, especially those that cheat on their husbands. If you make her suspicious, she will turn on her danger radar to make things difficult for you.

3 – James Bond’s Gimmicks – Hi-Tech Approach to Corner Your Wife

Gimmicks of James Bond

  • Efficacy: 99%
  • Difficulty: Easy

✅ You’ll have hard evidence

❌ You’ll have to spend a lot of money

❌ Your wife might find bugs

James Bond needs no introduction I’m certain. One of his defining treats are the incredible technology and gadgets available that the fictional Q offered for every mission. Bond was noted for saying:

“Everyone enjoys the benefit of the doubt until we listen with our own ears.”

Now that is a truthful statement.

This is the principle that this method is based upon. With the Bond Technique, you use highly advanced technology to ‘listen with your ears’ – catching your wife red-handed.


Frankie’s Take:

This is a technique that involves the use of bugs placed around the home in places that your wife sneaks off to speak on the phone or where she might be meeting her lover.

What is the Bond Method?

This method is quite simple, but more expensive than the other options.

To accomplish it, you need to do two things:

  • Buy One (or More) Bugs – As I will later explain, you can find them all over the internet.
  • Put Them in Strategic Locations – Find the spots in the house where your wife talks on the phone with her lover, or spots where they might meet.

Let’s think about exactly the kind of technology you might need to frame your wife.

What Bugs Do You Use?

Spy bugs are electronic devices used for investigation, surveillance, and security.

What makes these tools so interesting is there tiny size, which allows them to be more easily concealed and hidden in plain sight throughout the house.

Virtually any object can hide bugs, sockets, computer mouse, wall clocks, desk lamps, personal items, etc.

Spy bugs are ideal for environmental investigation and listening because they are literally composed of a microphone and transmitter to send the information over radio waves.

There are several variations which you can divide into multiple categories, depending on the way that acquired data gets transmitted and stored.

  • GSM Bugs – these are capable of transmitting data over a GSM system (2G cellular network). These get monitored by any device that is compatible with this technology, including mobile phones. This monitoring can happen at unlimited distances. These bugs are designed mainly for audio, but in some cases can transmit low quality video as well. To use them, you must install a SIM card inside them.
  • RF Bugs – these devices transmit audio and video on dedicated radio frequencies. The units have a limited transmission range (though still often more than 100m), and require a special receiver to monitor.
  • Wi-Fi Bugs – These are advanced bugs that are essentially IP cameras. They transmit recorded video signals over the home network to other devices connected to Wi-Fi or to an app/program that can store the feed.
  • Bugs with Storage – For their function, you can expect these bugs to be a bit bigger. Instead of transmitting data, they store it to an onboard microSD card or fixed internal memory. Accessing the material requires connecting to the software for the bug with a compatible device.

You can find bugs anywhere you want to online. I would suggest starting with sites like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Below are some of them available through a lengthy internet search.

These all have a good quality/price ratio:

Bug GSM Spy Audio n9 environmental Listening Bug Spy

Panoramic Hidden Camera Light Bulb 360° SPY WIFI Cam Indoor

HD Mini DV DVR Cam Spy Camera Pen

As you have assuredly seen by now, there are bugs for almost every use and need that you have. The real question becomes what they cost and what you want to afford.

There are devices that can fit into almost any budget. Hidden bugs placed in objects and designed to record content into memory often only costs a few dozen euros.

For smaller devices designed for long-term transmission like GSMs, the price can increase to $150-200.

Professional bugs are even more extreme, often costing more than $1000. This can go up with further technical character.

Installing a Bug at Home

Now that you have selected the right model that suits your needs and wants, it is time to get on with planting it discreetly in your home.

You need to first think about the kind of bug you have chosen. If it is small and designed for audio, make sure you place it somewhere that you cannot see it, but that isn’t closed off from noise, either.

You could attach the bug inside of the cavities of tables, chairs, and furniture – or in any other tiny empty spaces like corners.

You might also opt to attach your bug in areas that are full of other objects like bookshelves or flower pots.

Some bugs require external power, so be sure that it is placed near an outlet. Insert the small battery in a place that is difficult to see (it can be completely closed).

Take a look at your placement from several angles to note the visibility of output cables. You can easily cover this up with insulating adhesive tap, which can blend in with the color of the surrounding environment.

Micro-camera bugs must get positioned in areas where you can see the entire field of where you wish to monitor.

Some bugs operate on motion sensors, so you should ensure that the sensor itself gets positioned towards the most trafficked entrance to the room.

Using an RF bug?

Place it in a place free of electromagnetic interference that can keep you from getting a clear signal.

If you have chosen one of the ‘built-in’ bugs within an everyday object, the placement involves the item in question and where it would not draw suspicion.

You must place the object in a place where it can blend in and it makes sense.

If you purchase a spying pen, for example, you might place it in a bigger container of pens on a table or set on a desk.

Likewise, ashtray bugs should go to ornamental tables , vases on shelves or pedestals, books on shelves and desks.

If this bug runs on radio frequency, avoid placement in areas where it could interfere with the radio waves.

Once you’ve properly placed and connected the bug to its power supply if necessary, it is time to begin with syncing the devices to their receivers.

Turn on the bugs and pair them with their receivers or configure their GSM transmitter. Follow the instructions carefully in the user manual.

Opted for the Wi-Fi route?

You can download the correlating app and connect it to the home network without her there.

Once connected, take a moment to appreciate audio or video quality from the placed device. If it is compromised, relocate however appropriate.


Frankie’s Take:

I do not need to tell you that women pay a lot of attention to detail. a crooked picture might be suspicious. Pay close attention to where you place bugs so that your wife does not find it.

Legally speaking, spy bugs are regulated strictly from an international level with specific legislation. One should consider the fundamental rights of a target, interfering in private affairs, their right to that privacy, and how the installation of devices can interfere with that privacy unlawfully.

BONUS – The Great Bluff: Fake Conversation with ‘A Friend Who Knows’


Another method that you can use to try and catch your wife having an affair is to stage a soap opera of sorts. You need to convince here that someone who would know her secret has decided to tell you about it.

This is a very risky technique, so be careful.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Think of someone who might know about your wife’s cheating. Some examples might be her single friends, trusted acquaintances, or someone in her office.
  2. Come up with a fake conversation with this hypothetical person where you reveal (to yourself) that your wife is having an affair. This is where you need to get a little creative.
  3. Show this physical conversation to your wife. How? We have a guide on creating fake conversations for WhatsApp. I can show you everything that you need to know. In the last paragraph of that guide there is a technique called “Shell Game” that you can use for other apps like Messenger too. Take a look.

As I’ve said, this is a risky play. If you are wrong about her cheating on you, there is no way that you have not left her with a horrible impression of you.

Whether your wife confesses or not – you have to tell her that you lied to her to coerce it. And that is going to make her furious if she’s guilty or not.

Let me give you another gift – in another article I have written about an interesting technique that can help you called the Tricky Message, give it a try.

What If You Discover Your Wife is Cheating?

Now you have to deal with the hardest part – the truth. If you find out your wife cheated on you, you begin to ask yourself ‘What do I do?

First thing to remember – stay calm. Don’t do anything stupid.

I have learned a great deal from listening to the thousands of stories of cheating and affairs over the years. Adulterous relationships have two possible scenarios:

1. Negative for the Husband

  • Hidden affair. You, the poor husband, suspect nothing.
  • You suspect something when your wife is spending hours on WhatsApp and logging off quickly when you enter the room. She leaves at odd times. She is frigid or excessively sweet towards you.
  • You discover cheating through UNLAWFUL means
  • File a civil suit for separation
  • Husband leaves court the loser

2. Positive for the Husband

  • Hidden affair. You, the poor husband, suspect nothing.
  • Now you suspect something when your wife is spending hours on WhatsApp and logging off quickly when you enter the room. She leaves at odd times. She is frigid or excessively sweet towards you.
  • You discover cheating through LAWFUL means
  • File a civil suit for separation
  • Husband leaves court the winner

So now let’s figure out the difference here and get educated.

What Is the Difference Between Lawfully and Unlawfully Discovering Cheating?

As you have seen with the techniques that I described above like the James Bond Method or Columbo Method, there are more ways than ever to discover when someone is cheating on you.

Unfortunately, although many of these are incredibly effective, they are illegal and punishable under the law.

The only person who can legitimately discover cheating is a private investigator.

Adultery can also get brought to light through undeniable methods, such as having a child with DNA that does not match his fathers, or a public official who puts a matter on record.

I remember with a smile a visitor of this website coming home from work early and hearing noises inside his apartment. He thought they were thieves so he called the police to respond.

He went in with the police to find no thieves, just his wife and her lover.

He didn’t tell me if he suspected already that his wife was cheating or if he actually believed there were burglars in the house.

I sort of doubted it was a happy accident. It was brilliant though to discover the affair along with two public officials that had to put everything down in their report as they discovered it.

I am fairly sure you already know what I mean here.

With methods I explained before, you can stave off paying a private investigator until you know with certainty that betrayal has occurred.

Once you know, unofficially, you can contact a private investigator to now legally discover the affair you already know about. You might be able to give him a heads up of where they are going to be and wait to get the right pictures and evidence of the affair. (What luck!)

Unless you enjoy living with a cheating wife to not ruin the lives of your children, or simply because you would forgive her. It would still be a noble act.

Many of my readers as me how to make a cheating wife feel guilt – I would say punish them anyway and put it all away.


Frankie’s Take:

I know how this feels. You want to yell and humiliate her, but that won’t get you anywhere. You have to be smart if you really want to make sure she does not get away with this.

Bottom Line

One of the dumbest things that you can do is to throw your evidence in your wife’s face that you found out with an unlawful technique.

Beyond the outburst and the yelling, you get nothing from it and you risk going to jail yourself.

Bringing illegally obtained information to court would be inadmissible and could lead to you getting charged with multiple crimes. Now you are a cuckolded loser.

She is going to be smarter.

Instead, pretend you know nothing and act on the information that you have and continue to receive.

If she doesn’t think you suspect anything, she will continue to do her own dirty work. It will be easier for a private investigator to discover (legally) this affair and collect the evidence necessary to take to court.

Right now, a lawyer is also a must, as he is going to be useful in the care and can help you avoid missteps that leave you looking like the bad guy.


I believe that I have told you all you need to know on this subject, but let me recap in case you were skimming and missed something important.

In this guide we have seen three main things:

  1. The possible signs that your wife is cheating on you
  2. The Harvey Specter, Columbo, and James Bond Methods for getting evidence to make her confess
  3. What to do once you find out she cheated on you

One of the least risky methods and one of the most effective options is the Columbo Method. You can look like the bumbling and unassuming idiot all while spying on your wife’s phone with the world’s number one spy software mSpy.

Once you have discovered an affair, you can contact a private investigator for the ‘legal’ discovery of the affair and necessary evidence. If necessary, get yourself a good lawyer as well.

With all of this said, I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions or doubts about what you learned here, leave a comment below so I can get back in touch with your quickly.


P.S. – We wrote an in-depth guide all about how to spy on a phone and how to hack Facebook. If you want to learn more, check it out.

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