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Is He Cheating on You Online? Here Are Some Signs To Catch Him Red-Handed

This guide was written to divulge the signs of a cheating husband guilt. With this information, you can go about collecting the right information and damning evidence to leave no doubt who is cheating on you.

Signs of cheating husband guilt

Hello, its Frankie here once again. Today’s guide is going to talk to you about how to learn if your spouse is cheating. The paragraphs below walk you through both some cheating warning signs and even how to catch a cheating husband.

If you have already read some of my other guides on the blog you will know that I am not a psychologist, therapist, or expert on familial relationships. What I am is a fan of hacking and social engineering techniques and an expert in the various messaging apps available at this time.

So, then you are thinking: why should I follow this guy’s advice?

Let me explain.

Because of my blog, I have been in contact with hundreds of people (both men and women) who all seem to have the same problems: they need to know for sure if their suspicious partner is cheating on them.

Through the years I observed and documented female behaviors on cheating and you are reading part of my gathered evidence about men in this guide here.

From this studying, I determined that there are ‘standard’ behaviors that cheating husbands have. Signs of cheating spouse can be easy enough to spot when you know what to look for.

Let’s get to it.

The first part of this guide is dedicated to showing you any signs he is cheating online. Secondly, I want to show you some methods of finding out for sure if he is cheating on you and allow you to gather evidence to make this claim irrefutable (messages, recording calls, live GPS tracking, etc.)

Ready to get started?

We are going to begin with 10 signs he might be having an affair.

10 Signs of Cheating Husband Guilt

No matter if he might be cheating online or cheating at work, signs that your husband or boyfriend is unfaithful usually follows a similar set of behaviors.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1. He Takes His Phone Everywhere

If he is on his phone much more than ever before, this might be indicative something is wrong.

You can further gather some evidence by gauging his reactions when you ask him about it. If he is nervous to answer why is phone goes everywhere with him, even to the bathroom, you might confirm some suspicions.

If you are not getting information about what is he is doing or who he is messaging, or worse yet he gets angry because you had the nerve to ask – code red!


Frankie’s Take:

A man who cares about you and is 100% engaged with you does not have another person in his life and a reason to hide his actions. He isn’t as diligent to always take his phone everywhere so you don’t have access to it.

2. He Is Texting Someone All the Time, But Won’t Say Who

Another indicator that your husband is cheating on you is that you find him chatting and texting, but he will not tell you who it is.

Typically, this is going to be getting a response to this question, but it is incredibly vague. The less the information, the less they are ‘technically lying.’

Be mindful of this behavior to skirt around the problem.

Here’s a tip: Check if he logs on in the middle of the night to social media applications like WhatsApp and Messenger to continue chats.


Frankie’s Take:

You might not know this, but nearly all mobile phones and devices store data usage information in their memory. If you physically access his phone, you can see how much time gets spent on each of these applications. In the case of programs like WhatsApp, you can even see whom he messages the most.

3. He Dotes on You with Overly Sweet Texts

Have you two spent most of your married life without him gushing all over you with his verbal affection? If you are getting sickeningly sweet, lovey messages out of the blue, enough to make Snow White get diabetes – take heed.

This is a sign that something isn’t right.

One of the most common behaviors of cheating men is to send overly sweet messages to their partner as way of rectifying their affair and dealing with their guilt.

It might feel nice to get these messages when they happen, but I would advise you to pay attention and not fall for the honey trap. Men (even me at times, yes) can be diabolical on occasion.


Frankie’s Take:

This is only a red flag if this behavior is uncommon for him. If he sends you much more than normal, however, it works the same. Start getting suspicious of a greater volume of overly doting messages.

4. He Likes All of Someone’s Social Media Posts

That can really start to give you a direct signal something might be up. Social networks have brought about a serious uptick in the amount of divorces.

Apps like Facebook and Instagram are double-edged: you can much more easily make new friends and connections, but this also can be a lethal aspect for otherwise healthy relationships.

A simple click on a like button for a ‘friend’ wearing a swimsuit can be all it takes for all hell to break loose.

Try to study his actions when using social media platforms, namely, whose pictures are getting a high volume of likes. If you are suspicious of one person in particular already, you can see if you can find how often your husband is liking her photos.

I would like to share with you my system with liking photos on social media – so don’t take me for some crazy person please. A like every now and then means nothing. If I like two consecutive photos, I like you. Three and up means that I am hopeful to share something else with you if you get my drift.

I would say that’s how 98% of males think.


Frankie’s Take:

Try to identify any childhood and long-time friends from those who might actually be a threat to your relationship.

5. He Uses His Computer for Long Periods at Night

Please do not misunderstand what I mean. Having an at-home office space where work must get completed is different. Urgent deliveries that keep him glued to a computer or his cellphone might also be acceptable from time to time.

If you are catching him night after night with his cellphone or on the computer doing unspecified activities, this should be somewhat of a red flag for you.

Feel free to question his actions at these times to gauge the reaction. Cheaters have signals, you just need to learn to recognize them.


Frankie’s Take:

Often, you can expect this behavior from a husband cheating online. In fact, you can expect as this worsens that they spend more and more time on dating sites.

6. He Does Not Provide His Passwords When You Ask

Without the threat of hacking, most people do not just up and change their passwords without warning or reasons. The same goes for the lock code for their phones.

If you encounter a situation where this information has changed, immediately inquire what the new information is. If he won’t provide it, ask him why.

Make certain you pay attention to the answer he gives and his demeanor. If he is hesitant or reluctant to provide information, it is likely there is something to hide.


Frankie’s Take:

This behavior is often something that accompanies a husband having an affair. If I can provide some advice, you should certainly push with a few more questions to see how he reacts.

7. He Operates Multiple Social Media Accounts

Pay attention! There is often no good reason for this if he is not cheating on you.

Think about it: why would he have more social accounts? Something is getting hidden somewhere.

Most husbands in this situation would create a second account to avoid leaving a trace of their activities as they communicate with their lover or look for other women.

Luckily for you (and unluckily for them) creating a new email address, or a second profile on Instagram and Facebook leave traces behind on your device.

If you can access your husband’s cellphone, tablet, or PC, first work on logging out from his official account (which is sure to be flawless.) Then go to a log in page. If you notice you are suggested to login with another account, then most likely have two accounts accessed from this device, the official one and the secret.

I have put together a video that should help you with the best methods, personally tested by yours truly, to get a cellphone from your partner without raising their suspicions.


Frankie’s Take:

You might not realize that there is certain spy software that can be installed on a victim’s PC/smartphone/tablet that records the keys pressed and conversations that occur. If you want to know a little more about keyloggers, I have written an entire article about these.

8. He Gets Mad When You Text Him About Where He Is

Another situation that might make you suspicious about his behavior is how he reacts to specific questions.

Allow me to give you an example: If you were to ask him where he is and he answers in an annoyed tone, he is most likely hiding something from you.

A cheating husband is often going to have that reaction. Having a lover is a stressful situation, so the risk of making a mistake is a constant threat. Any question asked, even innocently, is perceived as an attack on their privacy.

So now the cheater feels continuously threatened.

To respond to this, they are going to reply to messages with an irritated tone, get easily pissed off, or act like the victim.


Frankie’s Take:

It is not an easy thing to maintain a double life. If you are sure that he is being unfaithful, press him with questions rapid fire and he is sure to crack. This is a technique widely used in many circles to catch a husband cheater. I will go into a little more detail about this after this section.

9. He is Hard to Reach Most of the Time

I have often found that many cheating husbands are often inaccessible to their wives most of the day.

When they are with their lover, they are going to turn off their cellphone (or put it in airplane mode). They might choose not to answer calls and stay disconnected from social networks.

They will quickly attempt to justify this behavior with tales of being too busy at work, watching/playing sports, or other hobbies and habits.


Frankie’s Take:

You should be mindful that experienced cheating husbands have the information on how to become invisible on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

10. He Is Bothered By You Grabbing His Phone

This is a classic signal. In fact, it might be the most direct red flag of all.

If your partner has nothing to hide, there is often no issue in letting you take the phone. If there are secrets he intends to keep, he is going to give you multiple excuses why you cannot have his phone. If you do manage to get the device anyway, you might notice him very upset.

Another behavior you might notice is him getting nervous with a welling fear in his eyes.

If he was smart about it, he has already taken off the most compromising messages he wrote or received on WhatsApp, and wiped out any conversations that might incriminate him on Messenger. You can also clear out search histories on Facebook. There are still potential traces of these activities that might leave you suspicious, however.


Frankie’s Take:

If you can check chats, try to determine if it seems like portions of conversation are missing. It is possible for your husband to delete just a few incriminating messages rather than an entire (otherwise innocent) conversation.

How You Can Catch Your Husband Cheating

How to catch your cheating husband guilt

You now have a better understanding of some of the cheating warning signs that you need to pay attention to moving forward.

The second part of this guide is dedicated to showing your how to catch your husband cheating.

I will give you three techniques to accomplish this. I have tested these and can vouch for their reliability and success in acquiring hard evidence about cheating.

I have been imaginative in that I named all of these after famous bureaus and organizations involving investigations and espionage.

  1. FBI Interrogation
  2. CIA Spyware
  3. KGB Locator

Settle in to get a better idea of each of these techniques and how they might help you to get the information you hope to acquire.

1. FBI Interrogation Technique


  • Efficacy: 75%
  • Difficulty: Hard

This technique is among the most widely used and oldest to catch a husband cheating. It does not require experience with technology, but rather is rooted in human psychology.

It is all about pressing your husband with a series of targeted questions created to put him in a crisis state and increase his mental stresses, so he trips up and makes mistakes.

Those who are cheaters must lie to maintain this double life. Lies need to be remembered precisely. Under duress, your husband might be more likely to contradict himself and make glaring mistakes.

If you are experienced in these techniques or deliver it well enough, your husband ultimately has no choice but to trip up and be forced to give you the entire truth.

Here are some tips to help you capitalize on this technique:

The first is to collect some clues, namely picking up on some of the warning signs of cheating that I have previously listed.

If you recognize something is wrong and begin to have suspicions, move on to the second step: preparing a list of pointed questions that you need answers for.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Why are you always on your mobile phone? Are you hiding something from me? Who are you talking to at all hours? Why did you remove your Facebook status? Why can’t I see the conversations you have on WhatsApp and Messenger?

I would suggest putting in some questions that you have already learned the answers to to gauge whether you are getting lied to or not.

Memorize them and think clearly – you need to be logical and not emotional. Do not let your feelings overrun the conversation and derail your information hunt.

Step three: when he begins to waver with the answers he gives, push harder. Put him in trouble by giving questions demanding precise answers (e.g. where were you Wednesday at 4 PM?)

I know that you must be thinking that this is not the easiest thing to do. It requires concentration and calmness in an escalating situation. It does work if executed correctly, though.


✅ You can get an admission of guilt from your cheating partner.

✅ It is legal to acquire information this way.

✅ You risk nothing by trying this.

❌ If the partner is a tough (serial cheater), it is harder to get him to crack.

❌ If he is not having an affair, you are going to make a very bad impression.


Frankie’s Take:

This is one of the most traditional approaches for catching a husband cheating. A quick piece of advice: make sure you have good evidence before you decide to try this. If you partner is not being unfaithful, you are the one who looks bad.

2. Use a Spy App To Catch Your Cheating Spouse – The CIA Technique


  • Efficacy: 99%
  • Difficulty: Easy

You might not be aware that for several years now technology and software has existed to monitor a smartphone like your husband’s or partner’s.

Allow me to explain.

Without wasting a lot of time, I can tell you about the best spy software that I have used or seen: mSpy. To date, this is the most used spyware to detect cheating and unfaithfulness.

This is software is designed primarily for protecting underaged children from the dangers of the internet. Parents install it on their child’s devices to be able to monitor their activities and whereabouts.

Despite its intended use, it can also get used on other devices like your husband’s as well.

mSpy has been created for use on iOS and Android devices, making it versatile software for whatever the situation. With this application you can have access to:

  • Conversations (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, iMessage, etc.)
  • Call Log
  • Email
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • And much more

You can actually get a free demo of this service to see for yourself how well designed it is and what it is capable of finding.

In short, you can literally see anything that happens on your husband’s cellphone.

Installing the software is very simple:

  1. Purchase a software license on the site (15% DISCOUNT)
  2. Access the target device if it is an Android. If an iPhone, you do not need to physically access it if you have the victim’s iCloud login credentials (email and password.)
  3. Install mSpy
  4. Login to your provided dashboard to begin gathering information

I discuss this in more detail in an article I wrote about installing mSpy on cellphones in less than three minutes.

[wpcd_coupon id=6365]


✅ You can get direct evidence of infidelity (including conversations.)

✅ You can catch him in the act.

✅ You risk nothing – it is invisible on the intended victim’s phone.

❌ It costs about 40 dollars a month.


Frankie’s Take:

There are several apps similar to mSpy out there, but I suggest using this one. Among its many positive features, the software comes with 24/7 assistance and options like mAssistance that guides you through the installation process step-by-step.

3. GPS Locating: The KGB Technique


  • Efficacy: 90%
  • Difficulty: Easy

This method is not complicated, but it does take up your time.

The first thing that you need to do is find a GPS Locator spying tool that sends signals back to your smartphone. These can work in numerous ways. They can tell you where someone is if it is tracking them – including environmental sounds – for more advanced spy bugs purchased.

You need to be able to position these spy bugs in a hidden location, such as the dashboard of his car, or in a room where your husband was to keep his computer or talks on the phone.

To save you some time, I have a shortlist of what I believe to be the best products on the market at this time:

  • Bug GSM Spy Audio n9 Environmental Listening Bug Spy
  • Panoramic Hidden Camera Light Bulb 360 SPY WIFI Cam Indoor
  • HD Mini DV DVR Cam Spy Camera Pen


✅ You can catch him red-handed

❌ You risk being discovered investigating.

❌ It costs around $20

❌ It is time-consuming.


Frankie’s Take:

This type of spying is not legal, so do so with caution. Carefully hide spy bugs. If you want to know more about these locators, you can find more in this interesting guide I wrote all about GPS Locators.


We have now reached the end of this guide. I have given you a lot of information that you can hopefully use to draw helpful conclusions.

Before we part ways, lets discuss what we have covered in this guide:

In the first part, we discussed 10 signs that he is cheating online. These signs might include:

  1. He uses his phone more than usual.
  2. He is regularly changing the password and passcode for his accounts and phone.
  3. When he is with you, the phone gets turned upside down.
  4. He uses his phone or PC until late into the evening.
  5. He wants to know your account information (where you are, what you are doing, who you speak to, etc.)
  6. He posts photos without you on social media.
  7. He has chats where portions of the conversation were deleted.
  8. He takes care of himself more than usual.
  9. He has removed his relationship status from Facebook.
  10. He keeps his phone on silent.

These signs do not give you all the information you need to assuredly believe he is cheating, but they are red flags that should grab your attention.

In the second portion of the guide, I showed you a few techniques to catch your husband cheating. These are:

  1. The FBI Interrogation Technique – press him with questions until he cracks
  2. Spy Software CIA Technique – install spyware on his device and track his conversations, interactions, and location.
  3. GPS Locating KGB Technique: Use GPS tracking and spy bugs to find out where he goes and what his conversations consist of.

Now that we have recapped, it is time to bid you farewell.

If you have any questions or concerns on catching your husband red-handed with his infidelity, you can leave a comment in the box below. I will get back with you as soon as I can.

A hug,

P.S. – I wrote a considerably-sized blog on how to spy on a cellphone and how to defend yourself against those that want to spy on you. Don’t miss it.

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