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Sharing Facebook Messenger Videos to WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

With this guide, I can should you how to share Facebook Messenger videos to your WhatsApp account easily whether you use an Android device, an iPhone, or have a Windows or Apple computer.

Share Facebook Messenger Videos to WhatsApp

Hello! it’s Frankie here again and today I want to tell you another technology trick to help you share Facebook Messenger videos to WhatsApp.

Have you received a video on Facebook Messenger and you are dying to share it with your favorite groups or individual chats on WhatsApp? Have you seen a video scrolling through your Facebook feed and wish you could show it to your WhatsApp friends?

You have landed on the right page then.

Despite Facebook being so prominent, its chat application Messenger lacks features like direct share options. I can show you how you can easily do this with just a couple of quick taps.

We can cut to the chase and see how to direct Facebook videos to WhatsApp through Android, iOS and computers.

How to Forward Videos from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp

I can explain to you how this works in just a few lines.

Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, there is no simplistic “Share on WhatsApp” button next to Facebook videos you encounter through private Messenger chats and scrolling feeds.

So how do you accomplish this?

You first have to add a video to your “Saved Videos”, then go to these saved items, copy the link and share it through WhatsApp.

While that might sound a little complicated, trust me, it isn’t.

No matter what device you use, sharing your favorite videos on WhatsApp is easy to do when you follow the steps below.

Let’s begin.

Android and iPhone

The procedure for Android and iPhone can vary slightly depending on the device model specifically, but it should be able to get navigated with the steps I divulge.

Let’s assume that you have already logged into your Facebook account and have Messenger installed on your phone.

Your friend now hits you up with a funny clip that has you busting a rib laughing so hard. You want to spread this same joy by taking that fun over to WhatsApp.

Note that you do the same procedure even though its about sharing a video you see in your feed.

Here is how you do it step-by-step:
  1. Tap on the three dots beside the name of who shared the video
  2. Tap on Save Video
  3. Open the Facebook App
  4. Press the menu button, and select Saved items
  5. Locate the video you just saved and tap the three dots beside it
  6. Select the copy link choice
Now there are only four more steps to go:
  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Locate the chat to share the video
  3. Tap and long press the typing space bar and paste the link you copied
  4. Send the message

Now your friends on WhatsApp can have the same laughs from the shared video.

Depending on your device model, the sharing of the video through an Android phone might vary slightly.

On A Computer

To forward Messenger videos to WhatsApp, of course you need to have the apps for Windows or Mac installed on the computer.

If you do, proceed as follows:
  1. Log into your Facebook account in a new tab. Once you have logged in, browse your videos.
  2. Click on the play icon with the video of interest.
  3. Copy the link on the URL bar.
  4. Access WhatsApp on your computer.
  5. Send the link to the chat with the person you want to see the video.

And now you’re done! You have shared a Facebook video through WhatsApp.

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With this easy step-by-step approach, sending videos from Facebook Messenger to your WhatsApp friends will be a piece of cake. If you still have questions or hiccups in the process, don’t hesitate to drop a line below in the comment box and I will get back with you soon.


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