Sending Anonymous Messages on Messenger

Hello, I’m Frankie and with this article, I want to explain how you can send messages anonymously through Messenger (Facebook messaging platform).

How to Send Anonymous Messages on Messenger

I should begin by saying that this famous messaging platform does not exactly offer an ad hoc function to actually ‘obscure’ the identity of a sender as they push out messages.

This is technically against Facebook’s policy. So, what does this mean? Not even Merlin the fabled magician could do it.

Don’t freak out – I actually have a trick that can help you.

So, are you ready?

Go ahead an get comfortable, read all of what I’ve written down here and follow the instructions precisely.

You will soon see that, once you follow these tips, this joke that you want to pull on your friend is going to happen without a hitch.

If you are not doing this as a joke, but more like a “test” to see if your partner is being faithful, I would suggest you look at my guide to hack Facebook messenger.

So, try to have a little fun reading through this.

Preliminary Information

Before getting too into depth about how you send someone an anonymous message with Facebook Messenger, I should provide you with some preliminary information.

I should begin by stressing that it is actually impossible to text completely anonymously on Messenger.

While this sucks, yes, I do not want to mislead you.

The one thing that you can do is to create a fake profile on Facebook and use this to send messages anonymously to other profiles.

To date, there is no service integrated to Facebook Messenger that can allow you to text someone without them knowing where the message is coming from.

You should be advised, however, that creating a fake profile is going to be a violation of the terms and conditions of the service.

What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Well, for one, you could get kicked off by Mark Zuckerberg with a lifetime ban.

Creating a fake account for jokes is likely going to be fine, though.

If you are doing this to harass or threaten other users, you don’t need my instructions – you need therapy.

You should also be aware that should you choose to harass someone, authorities have a way to determine your true identity anyway.

So, allow me to state very clearly that I wrote this for illustrative purposes only. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ITS USE. You do with it what you want to, but I did not approve the behavior.

Sound good? Now that that’s out of the way, we can move forward.

Creating a Fake Facebook Profile

Fake Facebook account

Once you have made the decision to create a fake profile on Facebook, to text someone anonymously and innocently as a joke between friends and relatives, keep reading.

I am going to explain how you can do it both from your mobile device and from a computer quickly.

Smartphones and Tablets

If you are wanting to do these steps from a smartphone or tablet, you can just start by getting the Facebook app on your Android or iOS operating system.

This process in total will only take a couple of minutes.

Now, you are going to want to open up the app. If need be, you can log out from your actual account by clicking on the three horizontal line icon (≡) and selecting Exit.

Once you are no longer logged in to your actual Facebook account, you can get started on creating your fake one.

To do this, you have to tap on the option to Signup to Facebook through a button you can find towards the bottom. Once you have selected this, press Continue / Start, provide a fake first and last name in the designated fields. Once you have done this, press on the Continue button.

Once you have started the process, select your fake birthdate and click to Continue – indicate a gender by selecting among the two options, then you can tap on Use Your Email Address and insert a valid email address you can register the service with. You can even opt just for a temporary one.

If you want to know more about temporary email services, and there are many that you can choose, you can check out 10 Minute Mail.

10 minute mail

I personally love this service.

To make it even better, it seems to work perfectly with Facebook, so I would certainly suggest anyone should use it.

To check it out, you only need to take a look at this page.

Once you have been given a temporary email address, you can provide the password to protect the new fake account.

Now, you want to hit the Continue button and then the Sign Up button. You will have to confirm that email address you entered during your registration, and you can do this by filing in the text field with a specific code that Facebook is going to send you.


If you want to create a fake Facebook profile using a computer, you have to connect to its main page of the social network, and if necessary, log out from your main account. You can do this by clicking on the (▾) symbol you find at the top right (in the blue bar). Then you need to select to Exit.

Once you’ve logged out, you should see yourself sitting in front of a registration form for the site.

You can utilize the text fields to enter you fake name and surname used for your new profile. You can also indicate a mobile number or email address to register a new account (you should likely opt for a temporary e-mail) and specify a password you use to protect the account.

If you do not know what service helps with temporary emails, and to help you subscribe to the social network in “Anonymous” form, I would personally recommend 10 Minute Mail. From the tests I’ve done, it works quite well with Facebook.

To get yourself a temporary email address, all you need to do is visit this page.

Once that is done, you can use the drop down menus with boxes to indicate your birthdate and your selection of gender. Once you have done this – click on Create Account to get the account created.

It is important to confirm your email address you used in registration. Do this by providing in the appropriate text box a code Facebook sent to your temporary inbox. Easy enough, right?

Sending Anonymous Messages on Messenger with Smartphones and Tablets

Once you have created a new Facebook account from a smartphone or tablet, you can finally send off anonymous messages.

To do this, you must log in to the fake Facebook account you created from the app for the social media giant. Once there, tap on the Messenger icon (looks like a lightning bolt cartoon) at the top right.

From here, you need only wait for Messenger to open on its own. If you do not have it installed already on your Android or iOS device, you can do so by clicking those links.

Now, you need to tap OK to confirm an account shift and provide the fake profile information and new password.

You only need to compose your message now to the person who you want to get this anonymous chat.

So, when you are ready to get started – click on the pencil symbol at the top right. You can write in the text field on top the name of the profile contact you want to message. Confirm this by clicking OK after you have selected their name.

All you need to do now is to actually write the message by tapping the Aa symbol by the text box. Once you have written what you wanted, click the paper airplane to send it off.

You should be advised that this may not work for you if the user you want to contact is not a friend or family member, In this case, follow the steps below to use the Facebook App instead.

When using an Android device, just go to the user profile you want to message – press on the Message button – and then write a text in the appropriate box. Tap on the paper airplane symbol to send it out.

On an iPhone you have to go to the profile, then tap on the (…) button on the right, and select the Message option from the menu. After typing a message, click to send it privately and then choose to Send it.

Bear in mind, however, that if the user you have written to has changed some privacy settings, this message may never get delivered. You can get some more info here.

Sending Anonymous Messages through Messenger on a Computer

Some people might prefer to just use a computer for all of this, possibly because you do not have your smartphone or tablet handy at the time. You should be aware that you can proceed right to this process with the Facebook account you created logged in on the computer.

To continue, you just need to click the messages button (lightning bolt cartoon) and click on New Message. From here you need to type in the username you want to contact anonymously in the text field and manually select your option from the menu that develops.

Now, you are going to want to compose your message by clicking and beginning to fill the Enter a Message text box. Click Enter on the keyboard to send it out.

You should know that if the person you want to message is not a friend or friends of your friends, this process may not work. You can solve this problem by going to their profile, clicking on the Message button, and proceeding with sending the message.

The user you are trying to write may have also adjusted privacy settings. For this reason, the message may never get delivered. You can find more info here.


By reading this, you have learned how to send anonymous messages with Facebook Messenger.

Unfortunately, as you now know, the only way to do this is through creating a separate fake account through Facebook.

The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to do it. If you follow my explanation word by word, nobody is ever going to figure out that you are the one behind the fake profile.

There is one more thing that you should implement to ensure that no one figures out it is you: USE A VPN.

There is nothing that protects your data and modifies your lcoations like a virtual private network.

Even if an experienced hacker tries to track you down to intercept the data, he is only going to get the smoke and mirrors put in place by your private network.

Personally, I use NordeVPN because I think they are the best. But there are dozens of other credible options online.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to drop me a comment below so I can help you.

A hug,

P.S. – There are many tricks that you should know about Messenger. Take a look at this detailed article I put together that shows you how to master Messenger.

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