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Master Facebook Messenger’s Vanish Mode: Send Disappearing Messages

I will use this article to provide you with pertinent information about using the vanish mode in Facebook Messenger. You will learn how to enable this feature, disable it, perks of using it, and some other necessary information.

send disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode

Hi! It is your dear friend Frankie here again to talk with you. Today, we are learning about how to send disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger.

One’s ability to transmit these time-sensitive messages has been a long-standing staple of Snapchat and has been a newer feature for Facebook Messenger to provide this same type of service.

In Messenger, this is called Vanish Mode.

It works the same as you would see it on Snapchat, with all messages and media disappearing after a designated frame of time.

One of the main differences is that you have the option to make a message disappear immediately when you send it.

Let’s say you are sending a message to someone not currently online; you can choose to still have it disappear after a minute, five minutes, or ten minutes. This would not wait for them to get back online before disappearing automatically.

We will take a closer look through this article to find out more on Vanish mode, how to start/stop it, and what you need to know before you enable to use it properly.

Ready to get started? Let’s do it.


Frankie’s Take:

Vanish Mode is not just for sending pictures like you would on Snapchat, however. Text messages sent with this mode enabled will still disappear after the designated time frame.

What Is Vanish Mode for Facebook Messenger in Easy Terms?

To put it plainly, Vanish Mode is a new feature to Facebook Messenger allowing you to choose to have your correspondence with contacts vanish after a set time.

If a friend sends you a message in this mode, the message appears like it normally would. If you do not open it, however, it will vanish after 30 seconds.

You can also choose to have your messages disappear once they have been read once by your friends.

You can liken this to the Snapstreak feature on Snapchat, but with Facebook Messenger, this is available to everyone.

It is different from other Facebook social media and messaging platforms in this way as well, such as WhatsApp or Instagram Direct, as this does not use end-to-end encryption as other services like these might.

Pros & Cons

  • Users can easily send messages and photos without worrying about them being saved and stored by the intended target.
  • You have a clean slate with every conversation you have with a person, as it deletes all your messages and photos per chat or one by one as the messages are sent.
  • You have the control to delete your message even if the recipient never sees it. You do not have to worry about accidentally sharing or sending something offensive or embarrassing – you can remove it before they get a chance to read it.
  • You will not have the knowledge whether your messages are read or not. You could send multiple messages of the same subject thinking they haven’t read any of them, but they are getting them all and growing annoyed.
  • People using this integrated feature might be confused about the subject of conversations if they wait too long to respond as the conversation vanished.

Now you should have a better understanding of what this is all about. Let’s teach you how to enable and disable this helpful feature in the next section.


Frankie’s Take:

You might be interested to know that Vanish Mode on Messenger will notify you if the person you are chatting with screenshots an image or text message before it vanishes.

Turning Vanish Mode On/Off

Here is what you need to know to enable and disable this feature.

Follow these specific steps:

  1. Open Facebook messenger and tap on any of your conversations that you wish to use vanishing messages
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will see an indicator that this motion will enable Vanish Mode. Continue dragging upward until the circle icon gets filled.
  3. Your current chat will disappear and you will see an empty Vanish Mode screen. If you are doing this for the first time, you will get some general information about the feature to get you started.

How to turn Vanish Mode On

You can now send messages in this format.

Disabling the feature involves clicking “Turn Off Vanish Mode” on the top of the screen. Or you can choose to swipe up from the bottom in the same fashion that turned the function on initially.

NOTE: You can also access Vanish Mode by clicking on the arrow icon or the (i) at the top right of the conversation. You then have the option to click to enable Vanish Mode.

Vanish Mode is Only for One-on-One Conversations

You cannot use Vanish Mode in group chats, as it is specifically designed for one-on-on chatting.

If someone wants to see what you have sent them, they will just need to open up the conversation and everything you sent while they are gone will appear.

You can also see what they sent while away when they return, unless they are also using Vanish Mode that is.

Why Should You Use Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger?

There are actually quite a few reasons someone might be interested in utilizing this feature for Messenger conversations:

1. Protecting Yourself from Data Breaches

When you sent any kind of messages, there is always the possibility of someone with technical savviness to intercept and read it. Mail services can be hacked, or someone could be monitoring your phone.

While this is not incredibly common for everyone to experience, it is something that is feasible and can happen, so you need to stay aware.

Intercepting messages is not a threat when using Vanish Mode, as the intended recipient only has one opportunity to view and read the message before it disappears forever. So, no one is able to save it and use it against you later.

2. Protecting Yourself from Hackers

Vanishing messages can also be beneficial to stop hackers accessing personal information about any aspect of your life, work, or relationships.

How is Vanish Mode on Messenger Safe to Use?

This feature is designed to ensure that any message or content sent is only live for the length of time that you designate.

Once this time has passed, the message is gone from your device as well as the other half of the conversation’s phone. If someone tries to view this message again after the time has expired, the content will no longer exist to find or see. It will be gone from each device.

You are also protected against someone taking screenshots of the conversation you have. You are notified when the chat recipient saves content in this way.

This feature is also beneficial in stopping someone from spreading a portion of the conversation before it completely disappears when its time has elapsed.


Frankie’s Take:

No one else can see what you sent when you use Vanishing Mode on Facebook Messenger. That means you and the private, confidential information you choose to share is safe from prying eyes and hackers alike.

When Will My Messages Disappear?

Once you have enabled Vanish Mode, sent messages will disappear after your designated amount of time.

Even if your friend does not read the message within that time frame, when they do open it, it will notify them that the message has already vanished.

They are not even able to respond to this message with another one, because there is nothing there that can be replied to.

You will find that this is different than the ‘unsend’ feature used on Messenger as well, allowing people to delete their sent messages for up to 10 minutes after they are transmitted. This does not prevent the recipients from seeing it, nor does it protect against the sharing of these messages throughout connected services.

By enabling this mode, recipients won’t be able to view and read messages sent unless they are in the app on iOS or Android.


Frankie’s Take:

Vanish Mode allows used to set specific time limits for their content before they disappear completely from the recipient’s mailbox. You can choose among several options, including 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, or 24 hrs.


Does the other person know you have Vanish Mode on?

Yes. The other person in the chat will be notified when you enable vanish mode.

Also, the messages will disappear after the designated amount of time on their device as well as your own, so it is evident that the feature has been enabled. The default setting is disappearing after one minute, but it can be as long as 10 minutes or until you leave vanish mode.

What happens when a message vanishes from Messenger?

Once a message vanishes, it is no longer accessible in any inbox. They are completely invisible.

This is not deleting the message from your Messenger account, not is this undoable by the recipient of the message.

What is the point in using Vanish Mode?

We can’t speak for everyone, but it is one of the most requested features to have come about recently.

This makes it easier to have a truly private conversation with someone. Also, it will prevent unnecessary clutter in your inbox.

Can you tell if someone is maintaining a secret conversation in Messenger?

Secret messages are sent in private, encrypted ways offline and designated to self-destruct after a set period. You can only see these messages if the recipient reads and decrypts them in the Facebook app or on their respective devices.

If you want to know more about how to see (and track) a secret conversation on Messenger read this guide.

Will Vanish Mode delete messages on both devices?

Yes. Vanish mode is designed to remove messages from threads on both phones. If you want to keep others from seeing your message, or coming back to it, this is a vital feature.

How do you recover vanished messages on Facebook Messenger?

Short answer: you can’t.

While sending disappearing messages is amusing and helpful, it is not without some down sides.

You cannot recover vanished messages after their expiration and disappearance. If you mistakenly delete them or click them by accident before they self-destruct, that is it – they are gone forever.

Can you read someone else’s disappearing messages?

You will not be able to read anyone’s disappearing messages that is not sent to you. The only feasible option is by spying on their phone, but in nearly all senses, this is illegal.


Vanish Mode on Messenger has become one of its most popular features in its arguably short existence. This is ideal for those looking to keep their conversations secure and private.

You can use this feature to hide messages from people if you do not wish for them to read it, and keep conversations hidden from prying eyes like the co-workers, family, and friends.

The recipient of the message is no longer able to see or view the content that you send after a designated amount of time.

The feature allows you to protect your privacy by creating messages with an expiration time, available to be shown and displayed for only specific increments of time like 1 min, 5 min, 8 hrs. and more. You will choose this preferred time in the settings of your Messenger app.

You can choose who sees these short-term messages by selecting specific contact to give them access for the designated time window before they will disappear automatically.

If you happen to have any questions or concerns about this operation, you can leave me a comment on the post and I will get back with you.


Frankie Caruso

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