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5 Clever Ways to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Being Seen

Instagram is a social media service that will allow the user to send pictures and messages. If you want to check out messages without someone knowing it is possible. These are some ways to read Instagram messages without other people seeing what you are reading.

The internet allows you to communicate with others and get to meet people. You may be looking to make new friends but have a nosy partner that wants to see what you are up to.

You may be looking for some new experiences but do not want to worry about other people being nosy.

We are going to look at the different ways that you can read Instagram messages without anyone seeing that you read them I am going to tell you a little more about myself.

I am Frankie Caruso and I was raised on Italian food and social media. We are going to look at the easiest ways you can read Instagram messages without them showing up as read. We are going to look at how to do it and how to stay hidden.

Please note: this article is not done with malicious intent. We are checking up on Instagram to keep your privacy safe and to keep people from spying on what you are going while on Instagram.

Top 5 Ways to Read Instagram Messages without Being Seen

1. Restricting

Instagram has a feature to restrict people. This was designed to fight back against cyberbullying.

If you use this feature to limit someone you are going to hide any comments they have on your post and they are sent to the requested part of Instagram.

No one else will be able to see the messages.

To activate this feature on Instagram go to the person’s profile whom you want to receive messages without any trace. Click the three dots at the top and then select restrict. Confirm that you want to restrict the account.

The other person will not know that you did this and you can read their messages without them showing up as seen. You can also find information here if you do not want the message you sent to be read or sent by accident.

2. Turn off Wifi or Data

If you shut off the internet connections you can read messages without them being marked as seen. They will be marked once you go back online so keep that in mind.

Once you disconnect from Instagram and go to the direct message tab to receive any messages that are sent to you. You can also force a stop to the app so you do not have it in the background.


Frankie’s Take:

As the internet comes back on it will show the messages as read but if you need to read something quickly this is an option.

3. Disable and Log Out

This is similar to logging out of the internet but it will not show messages that have been read if your internet will connect again in the background.

For this method once again you are going to turn off the internet connection. You will then open Instagram.

While being disconnected go to Instagram settings and log out. You can also clear the app’s data. When you log back in the messages will not be marked as read. If you send something by mistake you can also un-send it. More information can be found here.

4. Use a Third Party Service

If you are connected through a third party you can read all your messages on Instagram without anyone knowing.

Services such as AirGrow will allow you to read messages without sending a read report. You can send any messages over Instagram on your email as well.

You will be able to get the messages to your email app and you will not need to use Instagram to send or read them. There may be privacy risks with your data when using a third-party service so keep this in mind.

5. Read Messages in Notifications

You can read the Instagram messages through your notifications and they will not show up as read. If you have an Android device you can click the down arrow and expand the messages so that you can read them.

If you have an Apple device and get several messages you can click on the message stack and expand it so that you can read the messages.

This will allow you to see who is messaging you and read their messages without anyone else seeing them.

You can also take a screenshot of your message that way you can read it at a later time. You can find out more about screenshots here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you read direct messages without marking these messages as being seen?

You can read these messages by following the five tips mentioned above. You can use the restricted feature since this is the easiest way to see the messages.

Will the sender know if you read the message?

Instagram does not show marks noting that a message was read. It will show the word seen once you open and read the message

Is the message marked as read if you used the notification feature to open it?

The message will not be marked as seen if you read it through the notifications.

Can I delete an entire conversation?

You can delete the conversation and it will not show a digital trail. You should do it in the app and not on the PC.

Will Instagram notify me if I took a screenshot of a DM?

When you take a screen of the message in vanish mode Instagram will send a notification. If you take it in the chat the sender will not be notified. For more information on a screenshot and how it works be sure to check out this article.


Instagram is a social media service that will allow you to send and receive messages from others. You can chat messages and you can also send pictures.

There are times when you may want to keep your conversation private and do not want other people to look at or read the messages that you are sending and receiving.

As mentioned above there are five easy ways that you can keep your messages from being seen. You may need to go into the app and play around with the setting. You can adjust it so that you can read the messages.

You can also read messages through a third-party organization so that they will not show up read on your end. Logging off of the app and the internet will allow you to see these messages offline.

A third-party service can also be used but this may not keep all of your data private. Whatever the reason you do not want people reading your messages there are ways to keep them private when using Instagram.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, just drop a comment below. Later!

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