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The Illusionist: Using Smartphone Tech to Create the Perfect Alibi

From this article, you can learn a little more about generating the perfect alibi for you extramarital affair using WhatsApp.

The Illusionist Method: Using WhatsApp to Create the Perfect Alibi

Congratulations – you have done it. You found the ideal man or woman for all of the sex, eroticism and adventure that you desire. Now, the question is:

How do you keep this new relationship secret from your committed relationship?

You do not want to risk the comfort of your life as a couple because you have a temporary fling.

What you need is a believable alibi for the time that you spend in the arms of your lover.

If you only intend to ever cheat one single, solitary time, alibis are rarely going to be an issue. If you are someone with an ongoing fling or one that regularly steps out for the excitement and thrill, a wider range of excuses is ideal. If you are not answering your phone or staying out all night without a credible excuse, your partner is going to suspect you.

This article will divulge a strategy I have dubbed The Illusionist Method. This will help you to create the perfect alibi by utilizing various features of WhatsApp, including:

  1. Scheduling Messages
  2. Creating Fake Chats
  3. Set Background Noise for Voice Messages

Let’s get going on the information that you need.


Frankie’s Take:

While establishing tight alibis can help you to maintain an extramarital affair through absences and tardiness, you must also adopt a new lifestyle devoted to specific patterns and routines.

1. Scheduling Messages on WhatsApp

Imagine being able to send a message to your partner through WhatsApp literally while doing ‘other activities’ with your lover.

This would be a worthwhile trick to learn as it would alleviate any worries and suspicions that might otherwise result.

Good news is, this is very possible to achieve. There are different ways to accomplish this, and you can do it on either an iPhone or Android device.

One of the first avenues to accomplish this comes from WhatsApp Business. This is a free version of the messaging service designed for companies that utilize WhatsApp to conduct business.

You too can put WhatsApp Business to work at saving your ass.

The second method includes apps like SKEDit (Android) or Scheduled (iPhone.) With these apps, you can create a message to get sent, including the sending time that the message is to get delivered and its recipient.

It’s generally unnecessary to dwell on the exact process to send scheduled messages here. I have put together an entire article devote to the subject by following the link here: Scheduling Messages on WhatsApp.


Frankie’s Take:

Scheduling messages through the app is only the initial strategy to apply so you can create your own alibi. You should also be sure to take these other steps into account as well, including creating fake conversations and sending audio with simulated background noises that indicate you are somewhere else.

2. Creating Fake WhatsApp Conversations

Bar none, this is my favorite deceptive tactic.

I actually came up with this system after reading The Art of Deception by Mitnick – one of the world’s most popular hackers and an expert in social engineering.

People are wired to believe what they see. All you need to do is create a fake conversation on WhatsApp to send as a screenshot to a partner indicating what you are saying as the truth.

Maybe I should clarify:

  1. Find some excuse that might seem feasible (that fits into your normal life). For example, if you are employed at a bank you could be having a meeting with your boss.
  2. Construct a fake conversation using Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator – a web app capable of creating realistic looking chat sessions. You can insert a profile picture, sending times, read receipts, telephone operator and other features.
  3. Download the screenshot that you create and send it over to your partner. Returning to the previous example, you can say something like: ‘Sorry honey – the boss is really screwing me. I am going to be stuck here for a while with him. 😭 Check out what he sent me earlier. I’m mad as hell over it.

Along with applications like Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator, you have your choice of multiple programs for both iPhone and Android. All of these can generate authentic looking chat pages. You can learn more in this guide I have written on How to Create Fake Conversations.


Frankie’s Take:

BEWARE: Creating an entire fake chat to validate your alibi might leave you feeling like James Bond.

3. Set Background Noise for Voice Messages

This strategy is similar to one that is explained in other sections here – but it is to provide an illusion that you are somewhere other than where you actually are.

Let me explain it a little better.

If you are sending voice messages, you should take advantage of preloaded background noise that can make your partner think you are somewhere else to validate your excuses. For example, the sounds of the subway might help to explain why it is just too loud to talk.

How do you do this?

There are many real sounds that you can find on YouTube and you can put underneath the voice recordings that you make. In most cases, it is sufficient to just be playing them while you record your voice message with the volume up.

There is one pretty substantial downside to this, however, and that is the requirement to use two different devices. At the moment, WhatsApp and Messenger both do not have the functionality to record simultaneously while YouTube plays.

With so many background noises to choose from on the site, you can find something suitable for nearly any location you intend to mimic. I wrote a more detailed guide on implementing these sounds into your recordings. Check out How to Add Fake Background Sounds to WhatsApp Voice Messages.


Frankie’s Take:

This is an added step that adds credibility to your excuses. Your partner is not going to notice this little trick.


Is cheating wrong? Yes. But in truth, it can happen to anyone. You can’t rule the heart as the old adage goes.

The Illusionist Method involves three separate pieces to help you create the perfect alibi:

  • Scheduling Messages on WhatsApp
  • Creating Fake Chats
  • Setting Background Noise for Voice Messages

You can use these strategies alone or together to generate the perfect excuse.

Before I say goodbye here, I should recommend some other strategies designed to keep your privacy safe and your cheating a secret.

That is all I have for you today. Come back and see me again. I update my articles to always keep you up to date with the latest steps and strategies.

Have some questions? Leave me a comment in the box below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

A hug,

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