WhatsApp vs Telegram: which is the best messenger?


With all of the technology that we have today, we can do much more than just pick up the phone and call someone. Most people would rather send a text message than make a phone call. They consider this to be the easiest way to have a conversation – WhatsApp and Telegram are the most used mobile messaging apps today.whatsapp-vs-telegramWhatsApp vs Telegram: what is the best messenger?

You can send a message while watching a movie without disturbing anyone else. You can sit on a bus and send a text rather than letting everyone on the bus hear what you are talking about. There are several apps available that will keep you in touch with friends and family members.

When it comes to choosing the app that is best for you, you should know what each app offers and its benefits. As already said, two of the most popular conversation apps today are WhatsApp and Telegram. Both are very similar at the core.

They allow you to send text, media, and other files easily. If you are trying to decide WhatsApp or Telegram, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. When you put WhatsApp against Telegram, it can help you to make a better informed decision.


WhatsApp vs. Telegram – Which One Is Better Nowadays?

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Consider the User Base

Many people don’t consider user base when trying to decide what conversation and sharing app they are going to be using. User base actually is important. WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion active users.

Telegram has 100 million active users. The reason that Telegram has less users is not because it isn’t a good app, it is because more people’s friends are active on WhatsApp. If you want to connect to the most users, WhatsApp would win when it comes to user base.


WhatsApp Unique Features

There are several unique features that make WhatsApp stand out among the rest.

Mobile Internet Calling: WhatsApp allows you to make calls using your mobile data or your WiFi. As long as you have a good connection, the app makes crystal clear phone calls. The app also has a low data usage mode, which will save on data.

Read Receipts: There is nothing worse than sending a text and not getting a reply immediately. You start to wonder if you are being ignored or if the recipient has not read the message. WhatsApp will display double ticks when the message lands on the recipient’s phone. When it turns blue, you will know that it has been read. You will also know the exact time that the message was read.

Backup Chats: WhatsApp has always allowed you to backup your chats, however, now you can backup your messages on the Google Drive account of your choice. If you get a new phone, you will be able to restore your older chats. You can also email chats that were backed up.

You can also archive your chats or put a star of a specific message that you will need to find later. Telegram allows you to backup chats but there is no way to back them up on Google Drive.

Create a Status: WhatsApp allows you to create a status for everyone on your contact list to view. This helps you convey a certain message to everyone without needing to send out individual messages to everyone. You can also let everyone know how you are feeling and what you are doing. This is not a feature that is offered by Telegram.

Format: WhatsApp allows you to format text so that you can get your message across easier. You can send messages in bold, italics, and messages in both bold and italics. You can also stick through the text. These are functions that you cannot get when you are texting using you phone’s messenger system.

It can be very difficult for others to understand your mood and your attitude when you are sending a text. When you can format a text, there will be less chance of someone misconstruing a text message.


Telegram Unique Features

While WhatsApp has its own unique features, Telegram has a few cool features of its own that you cannot get when you are using WhatsApp.

Secret Chat: If you are chatting with someone and you don’t want anyone to get a hold of your phone and read them, you can use the Secret Chat function. This lets you have conversations with end-to-end encryption. You will get notifications when screenshots have been taken and you cannot forward messages from your secret chats.

This will prevent you from accidentally forwarding secret messages to people who have no business seeing the message. You can also set a self destruct timer. This will delete your conversations completely after a specific period of time.

This will give you peace of mind that any secret conversations will be destroyed before anyone has a chance to see them. If you are looking for a secure way to message friends, Telegram offers the most safety and security.

Great Sharing Options: You can send PDF files on WhatsApp, however, WhatsApp’s sharing option is not nearly as good as Telegram’s sharing abilities. You can share any type of file on Telegram. This includes documents, zip files, PDF, and a variety of other files, including typical media files.

You can also send large files, that are up to 1.5 GB. You cannot send files this large on WhatsApp. WhatsApp only allows you to share files up to 160 MB.

Access of Multiple Devices: Telegram has a cloud based sync feature, which allows you to chat on one device and then switch to another if it is necessary. All of the messages would show up on all devices that have Telegram downloaded, and the messages can be seen on all of them in real time.

This is a very quick ad efficient way to send and receive messages. You can also go into the ‘Active Sessions’ screen, so that you know which devices are currently running with Telegram.

Super Groups and Public Channels: When using Telegram, you can create Super Groups, which hold up to 1000 members. These large group chats can make it easy to talk to many people without having to text everyone individually.

If you need to speak to a group about a family reunion or a corporate meeting, everyone in the chat would be able to converse with one another. You can also use the private and public channels on Telegram.

Channels are great if you are going to broadcast to large audiences, and you can include as many members as you would like. When you send a message on the channel, it would be sent right through the name of the channel.

If you want to join a public channel, you can search for it by its username, and any Telegram user can join. You can also send mute messages in the public channels, and you have the ability to edit messages that you have already sent.

This is a great feature if you realize later that you made a mistake and you need to correct it.

Telegram Bots: You can create a Telegram account to do certain tasks. These are called Telegram Bots. Each bot comes with its own set of features and commands. For example, you can use @Pollbot, and you can create polls for different groups.

If you want to search for the bot that is best or your individual needs, you can search for bots on @Storebot. You can also search for bots directly on the app. Bots are a great way to get things done easily.

Stickers and GIF Support: Telegram supports stickers and GIF’s This is not possible on WhatsApp. When you use Telegram, you can also create your own stickers using the @Stickers bot. You can also find and choose stickers from Reddit threads, third party websites, ad their party apps. This feature allows you to send special, unique messages.

Lock Chats: If you don’t want people to be able to read your messages, you can use the ‘Lock Chat’ function. This will allow you to use the passcode feature so that your messages remain private..

Hide Last Seen for Particular Contacts: You can hide last seen messages in WhatsApp, however, Telegram offers more. You can hide your last seen messages on Telegram for particular contacts. If you don’t want to hide your last seen for everyone, you can choose a specific contact or several.

Edit Messages: Have you ever send a text and then read it after wishing that you hadn’t sent it? Have you ever read a text full of typos, and you wished that you could go back and change it? Telegram allows you to do just that.

All you would need to do is hold on the message that you want to send, and then hit the edit icon. After this, you can edit the text. When the text has been edited, it will have a banner letting you and the recipient know that you have edited the message.

Mention People: You can mention people and groups when you send messages through Telegram groups and they will be able to see it when they are mentioned. If you are mentioned by a group, even if you have that group muted, you will still receive notification of your mention. This is not something that is available through Telegram.


WhatsApp or Telegram?

In the end, the better messaging app depends on what you are hoping to get out of messaging. If you want to connect with the most amount of people. WhatsApp wins.

When it comes to features, Telegram wins. It is not by much, but Telegram has many unique features which improves the app’s usability. WhatsApp allows you to backup your chats to Google Drive, however, these are features that most people can live without. In the end, Telegram wins when it comes to features.

When it comes to security, the two apps are neck and neck. WhatsApp has not always had the best reputation when it comes to security, however, they worked hard to change that. The latest version offers end-to-end encryption. You can encrypt chats and data, including media and voice messages. The security is so tight now that even the WhatsApp developers can read your messages.

Telegram has no security flaws. They are so confident in their security that they offered $200,000 to anyone who could hack into the system’s encrypted protocol. They also offer secret messages and a self destruct feature. If you are looking for the app with the most security, you can get top notch security from both.

When it comes to performance and ease of use, there is no clear winner. They both are very easy to use and they both perform great.

Both apps offer great platform compatibility. WhatsApp can be used on multiple mobile devices and on the web. They have also started offering desktop clients for Windows and Mac users. Telegram also has desktop clients for Linux, Windows, and OSX.

They also have a web app that is available on the Chrome Web Store. When it comes to platform compatibility, Telegram wins by a small margin. This is because Telegram offers independent apps for all platforms. WhatsApp requires that the mobile app always be running if you are going to run the app on your desktop.

There are many messaging apps and platforms available today. This is because most people have traded in the traditional phone call for sending messages. Of all the apps available, the top two are WhatsApp and Telegram.

When it comes to choosing the best option for you, it depends on your messaging needs. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Both are very functional, secure apps.

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