WhatsApp status feature: how to use the same Snapchat Stories


WhatsApp Status is a new feature that offers each iOS, Android as well as Window mobile consumers the flexibility to share Gifs, embellished pictures and broadcasts that gets away after twenty four hours and in this article, you will meet everything you wish to understand concerning WhatsApp Status feature.

WhatsApp Status Update like Snapchat

Though it keeps the ‘stories’ encoding just like the regular messages, this new WhatsApp Status feature that was extended by Whats App resembles Snapchat and Instagram. This latest WhatsApp Status feature will enable iPhone, Android and Windows consumers to share images, Gifs and broadcasts furnished with graphics, emoticons and headings which will last twenty-four hours, before disappearing.

Often, the old status tab will be automatically updated by the new Snapchat-like feature even though a new WhatsApp update permits the WhatsApp Status update tab to come closer to the Calls and Chats tab.

The following is a detailed information of what it entails and the way they are used.

What is the new WhatsApp Status Feature

The encoded Snapchat Stories look-alike has been enforced to supply users with a different way to expose it. And not solely through a written communication, as within the case of the recent WhatsApp Status, but still adorned exposure with a caption, a brief video or animated Gif.

WhatsApp states that it is delighted to disclose that it has improvised the status function, which enables you to share images and videos together with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp simply and safely.
WhatsApp has been made to resemble Instagram Stories as it appeared originally on Snapchat, and so on Facebook with the new WhatsApp Status feature.

How to use WhatsApp Status

Similar steps of the past WhatsApp Status can be followed to post different WhatsApp Stories Status:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • At the left bottom corner, tap on the Status tab.
  • All the Status that your friends have posted will now be visible to you.
  • At the right top corner, click on the dotted circle with “+” icon.
  • You can now pick the image, Gif or video you wish to feature as a Status.

Tapping on the status of your contacts enables you to reply to their new updates by hitting the reply button. Here, replies are normally sent to regular conversations alongside the snapshot of that individual’s WhatsApp Status and this can really be a decent approach to begin a fresh conversation on WhatsApp.

Similar to the stories that you just have already seen within the alternative social networks like Snapchats, Facebook and Instagram, remember that you just will be able edit your videos and photos with completely different effects.

Here is a group of phrases and pictures for WhatsApp to share with whoever you wish especially for those looking for some inspiration

Viewing my contacts stories:

  1. Open the status tab to see your contact’s WhatsApp Status.
  2. You will come across a list of your friends who have already updated their WhatsApp Status.
  3. You will be able to pause a status and have long time to have a look at it just by tapping on the screen.
  4. To move forward, click or slide to the left to view the consecutive status of the person.

Who will see my status?

There is a section within the privacy options whereby you will be able to select whom can view your WhatsApp Status and as such, who will see your status is all dependent on you.

N.B. Modifying the privacy settings will prove to be invalid for WhatsApp status already updated.
N.B.2. You will be unable to verify if your WhatsApp Status has been viewed or not if switch off the read receipt.

Am I able to recognize who has seen my status?

There are blue ticks to point who has seen the new WhatsApp Status and when as it is the case with ordinary messages,

Is it possible to reply to status?
Yes. By simply swiping with your finger upwards on a WhatsApp Status, it will be possible for you to send a private message to someone who updated a WhatsApp Status.

What is the biggest video size?
The limit set by WhatsApp is forty five seconds unlike Snapchat that only gives you permission to upload videos up to ten seconds.

What if somebody makes a screenshot of my Status?

You will not receive any notification if somebody makes a screenshot to your WhatsApp Status. It is prudent to watch out what you share because the very fact that the WhatsApp Status can vanish after twenty four hours does not mean it will disappear forever as somebody might have saved it on their mobile phone.

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