Is WhatsApp Safe For Kids?


Should I let my kid use WhatsApp? Here is everything a parent needs to know about WhatsApp.

As parents, we care deeply for the well-being of our kids. I’m sure you will agree that in this digital age, their safety is even more important. We all know how they love to spend endless hours glued to their devices. Most of the time chatting on WhatsApp.

As you look at them laughing and smiling at the screen, are you constantly wondering, “Is WhatsApp safe for my kids?

In this guide, I will show you a few WhatsApp parental control tips to keep your kids safe while they chat and send each other hysterical memes.

Is WhatsApp Safe For Kids?

First things first, the goods and the bads of WhatsApp for kids

Why do kids love WhatsApp so much anyway? Children and teenagers, tend to stay away from the more common social media platforms like Facebook. They are too full of adults. They prefer WhatsApp because it’s more personal. And believe it or not, because they can talk as a group and send each other GIFs easily and quickly.

Who doesn’t love GIFs?

But did you know of the unseen dangers of WhatsApp for kids these days? There are people with bad intentions, pretending to be trusted friends. These people flock to WhatsApp because of the limited control on adult content. They “groom” children into believing that their parents don’t care for them and go on to do terrible things. From sexting to child abduction.

Cyberbullying IconAnother thing you might not even have considered is that kids are sometimes victims of cyberbullying on WhatsApp chats. Sometimes even in the beloved group chats! The worst part is that as parents we may not notice what is going until it’s too late.

Here’s the deal: Talk to your kids!

Be crystal clear with your children about your concern of WhatsApp dangers. Talk to them about the bad people that pretend to be friends. Explain that they should only give their WhatsApp number to people they really know. Tell them that you trust them to know who their friends are.

Be explicit to your children about never sending anyone photos of themselves, especially without clothes. Remind them to always tell you if someone they thought was their friend is sending them sexually oriented photos. Show them how to change the privacy settings on their phone so that only their contacts can see their activity, and to turn off geolocation on their camera.

Here’s the deal though, 👉you should really monitor their WhatsApp activity.

Even if you trust your kids, you cannot trust the people that might convince them to give out their number. These people befriend kids on other social media platforms first. Then they ask to move on to WhatsApp due to how it’s less regulated.

If you tell your kids that you are monitoring them, that is up to you. As a parent I don’t tell my kids that I monitor their WhatsApp use, I need them to feel like they have privacy or else they will never trust me!

Thankfully, monitoring our kids’ WhatsApp use is not that complicated.

Check out the 3 ways to have WhatsApp parental control


FlexiSpy is a complete monitoring system for computers and handheld devices of all kinds. With this program, you can monitor everything your kids do on their phones, not only their WhatsApp conversations. FlexiSpy will let you see all the chats, as well as shared photos and videos even if they have been deleted. You can also use the system to hear WhatsApp calls and see all the contacts stored on your kid’s phone. For FlexiSpy to work on any phone, there are some technical steps to take first. The best way is to install this type of software on your kid’s phone before you even give it to them!


Easily the best program for WhatsApp monitoring is called mSpy. The dashboard shows the activity from your kid’s phone organized in a way that is easy to keep track of. You can see who calls the most, who sends the most photos, where each contact is messaging from. The system can be hidden on your kid’s phone and they won’t even know it’s there or how to disable it. Just like FlexiSpy, for mSpy to work at full capacity, Androids need to be rooted and iPhones jailbroken. Being able to see what has been deleted is key! Fortunately, mSpy can do this for us in one of their best paid plans.

Mac Spoofing

For those who can’t afford paid services like FlexiSpy and mSpy, there is another way of monitoring your kid’s WhatsApp activity. It’s called Mac Spoofing and it involves a bit of fiddling with both your phone and your kid’s phone. By changing a few settings, you can make your phone think that it’s actually logging into your kid’s phone. If you follow all the steps correctly, your kids will never know that you are spoofing them. This process is different to mSpy and FlexiSpy in the sense that you will see the WhatsApp program just as your child sees it. You won’t have a dashboard with repeated activity or be able to see deleted images or videos.

Bottom Line: It’s best to invest

With all the WhatsApp dangers at our kids’ fingertips, there is no better time than now to start being extra careful. Getting a spyware system like mSpy is just as important as talking to your kids about the potential dangers of WhatsApp. I would recommend that even before you give your kids a phone, you have the conversation about their online safety. Before they can even log in and download their favorite apps, you should have already set up the monitoring system in the device.

Like I said before, telling them about the monitoring is up to you. Some parents prefer to be completely honest about the spyware, with the hope that their kids will return the favor and be honest about how they use their phones.

It’s a known fact that online predators prey mostly on children who are unhappy at home. This is why, talking to your kids about everything is so important.

But you know what the worst part is? Some of these predators are so good at what they do, that they can even convince happy kids to do their bidding. Please keep your children safe from these horrible people, install a monitoring system straight away.

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