WhatsApp profile picture: how to choose the right one


Can you judge a book by its cover? Absolutely yes! And we all do it every single day. The image counts and nowadays, in the era of social networks, it’s more important than anything else. It’s useless to be moralists while we only think to polish our social network’s profile pictures.

Have you ever wondered why developers continuously create more and more efficient apps to improve pictures? Have you ever noticed that Facebook is full of increasingly perfect pictures while grammar mistakes rain down? Today images outweigh words, so we have to accept that fact and exploit it. If you make good use of your pictures, you will be able to arouse the right feelings in people and therefore be more persuasive. Nowadays, people look more at our Facebook and WhatsApp profile pictures than they do in the flesh. Don’t leave anything to chance – give the others the proper image of yourself, especially if you are a professional and use WhatsApp for Business.

The following is a guide to choosing the right WhatsApp profile picture.


How to pick the right profile picture

Whether you use WhatsApp to chat with your friends or for business purposes, the selected profile image gives others an idea of who you are, especially for those we’ve never met in person. Think about the last time you got a phone number of someone for work, a deal on the internet, or romantic date before meeting up. What did you do? I’ll tell you: you saw their profile picture on WhatsApp, and you formed an opinion on the person in question.” He is the classic Playboy”, “He doesn’t seem to be a reliable person, “Did he just come out of prison?“, “What a chick!” and so forth. Mainly, this is the result of how you smile in the picture. Don’t believe me? Do you think that a smile is just a smile? Let me show you how each smile conveys a different image of us – especially when it comes to the first impression.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

For this reason, public figures and politicians have consultants who carefully choose the pictures to be published consistent with the public image they want to convey. Therefore, I recommend that you wear the perfect smile on your WhatsApp profile picture in line with the kind of person you are (or you want to be) or with your work, if you use it for business purposes. Let’s see the type of smiles we can produce so that we can pick the profile picture that best suit your needs.


The existing types of smile

1) Open Mouth

whatsapp profile picture

This is the most emphasized form of smiling. The lower jaw is brought down, giving the impression of being a cheerful person. It’s the kind of smile preferred by people who want to evoke feelings of happiness. It is often used by politicians to gain more votes; a prime example is the media campaign of Bill Clinton during his candidacy in the presidential elections.

Profile picture of clinton

In addition to politicians, comic actors use this way of laughing as a weapon on their pictures such as Roberto Benigni.

benigni facebook profile

benigni smile

Whether you are friendly, funny and cheerful, or you want to appear like that, I recommend the Open Mouth Smile for your WhatsApp account.


2) Tight Lips

Tight Lips whatsapp profile image

In this case, the lips are tightened to form a straight line and the teeth are not visible. It’s the favorite smile of women when they want to hide a secret, or they are not willing to express an opinion.

smile girl smile girl smile girl

We often see this kind of expression in business magazines like Forbes; successful managers are portrayed with a tight-lipped smile, as if they are saying “I have the key to success, try to guess what it is.”

Forbes tight lipped Forbes tight lipped

That is the type of face you should wear when you use WhatsApp for business purposes. For example, if you are a doctor or a dentist that uses WhatsApp to stay in contact with your patients, an open-mouth smile profile picture would not be appropriate, as you will look unreliable and not professional. The same thing occurs if you are a lawyer, a business consultant and so on. Instead, the tight-lipped would be suitable as it evokes a sense of reliability and safety.


3) Sideway Looking-Up

Sideway Looking-Up

In this case, the head is turned slightly sideways and lining down with the eyes pointing up. This look will make you look younger, attractive and cheerful. It can be considered a hybrid expression: it welcomes you on the one hand, and the sideways-turned head makes the person appear evasive on the other.

mastronardi smile

It’s the kind of smile that men cannot resist because it evokes in them the innate feeling of “giving protection”. This type of expression is based in part on the success of Lady Diana, calling up in men the desire to protect and in women to be like her. It’s not by chance that it’s one of women’s most commonly used weapons to seduce men.

lady diana smile lady d smile princess diana smile

It is often used by women in show business to show off their “sweetness” to win over the audience, like the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn did during her career.

Audrey Hepburn smile

Although not suitable for men, it is an excellent weapon of seduction for women

If you’re trying to win the heart of a potential Prince Charming, that’s the best profile picture you can pick.


4) Asymmetric


This expression conveys sarcasm and irony. It is the favored look of politicians when they talk about matters or people of the opposition parties.

smile asymmetric

If you’re involved in politics, that’s the kind of expression you may set as you profile picture when the opposition makes a misstep. Or if you work as a political affairs and consumer issues journalist, like the Italian reporters “Le Iene” and the Spanish “Caiga Quien Caiga”.

caiga caiga smile  giulio golia smile


5) Fake

fake profile picture

A forced smile appears artificial and unnatural. That’s because a natural smile – as discovered by the French scientist Guillaume Duchenne in the nineteenth century – uses not only the muscles of the mouth, but the eyes too. Thus, a fake smile sets off only the muscles of the mouth, and the result will be an inconsistency between the mouth and eyes. Using a non-genuine smile would make your image aseptic and emotionless.

Avril Lavigne smile cameron diaz smile

You must avoid a profile picture with a forced smile as it would be harmful in any situation.


6) Genuine

genuine profile pictures whatsapp

The genuine smile is the exact opposite of the fake one. The bottom and top of the face are perfectly coherent as both voluntary and involuntary muscles are activated. The smile conveys happiness to the interlocutor, generating immediate reciprocation.

It is probably one of the most used smiles by experts of communication as it evokes a positive feeling, bringing the interlocutor to reciprocate. If you try to view a picture of a person who smiles in a genuine way, unknowingly you will form a smile on your lips.

julia roberts smile Hunziker smile

If you use WhatsApp for private purposes, I highly recommend wearing a true smile while you snap your profile picture. Powerless to resist, you will convey positive feelings and will be liked by anyone.


7) Half smile

half smile

This is one of the most enigmatic smiles and is easily misinterpreted. Although it may seem to be an expression of satisfaction or an asymmetrical one, it is instead a kind of invitation for greater interaction. It is often used by women when they want the man who they might be interested in to make some progress in the interaction. As they say, “I like what I have in front of me, but you still have to work hard to conquer me.”

leighton smile half smile girl

It’s one the sexiest expressions a woman can give. While it is ill-advised for business purposes, it may be useful to seduce the man of your dreams.

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