WhatsApp – 72 new emoticons


The new emoticons will be available from June 21st for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

WhatsApp new emoticons

On 21st June, WhatsApp users can enrich their messages with 72 new emoticons. For example, those who are pregnant no longer have to write it. It will be enough to send the new emoji of the pregnant woman to your group of friends.

Do you want to tell your friend that they are a liar? Send them a Pinocchio’s nose smiley. The black heart, bat, crossed fingers, handshake and sneezing face are just some of the new emojis to be launched with the new Unicode 9.0.

Besides this, WhatsApp will introduce the emoji very much in demand over the last year: the selfie emoticon.

However, the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for implementing the emoticons, said that although the date of approval of Unicode 9.0 is on 21st June, this doesn’t necessarily mean that users can use the new emoticons on the same day.

It actually means that from the 21st, Apple, Google and Microsoft will be ready to include and display the new smileys in their mobile operating systems.

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