WhatsApp hits one billion users: new record


Each month one billion people use WhatsApp. Incredibly, one inhabitant of the Earth out of seven has installed the instant-messaging app on their smartphone. The goal now is hitting everyone.

WhatsApp hits one billion users

WhatsApp hits one billion users

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has realized the promise made at the time when he purchased WhatsApp. “The application will hit one billion users,” stated the patron of Facebook. After two years, the prophecy was fulfilled. On Monday, February 1st 2016, WhatsApp passed a new record of 1 billion active users. Impressive numbers that confirm the leadership of WhatsApp in the world of instant messaging applications.

The news comes just a few days after the official statement that WhatsApp became forever free of charge to everyone. This means that you will no longer pay the annual fee. Understandably, this has significantly contributed to the achievement of the incredible record of 1 billion users.

Today, a billion people are using WhatsApp. There are very few services that connect more than one billion people” wrote Mark Zuckerberg on his official Facebook page.

The patron of Facebook had bought WhatsApp in 2014 for about $20 billion. Then users totaled 450 million, so in just two years have more than doubled.

Expressing his satisfaction with the result reached is also the creator of WhatsApp Jan Koum, who writes on Facebook: “A billion users. I could not be prouder of our small team that has done so much in just seven years.

Only seven years of life for WhatsApp and it seems to have existed for centuries. The application is part of everyday life of – now we can say – more than a billion people worldwide.

WhatsApp has 1 billion users, and not only…

The record numbers don’t end here.

The same Koum posted an image showing all the “strengths” of this application: 42 billion messages per day; 1.6 billion photos sent daily; 1 billion groups; 53 supported languages; 250 million shared videos every day, and (only) 57 engineers working to ensure that everything works properly.

whatsapp 1 billion

whatsapp 1 billion

And now?

The ambitions of WhatsApp seem to be unstoppable. As they stated on the official blog, “Today, one billion people are using WhatsApp. This means that almost one out of seven people on Earth use WhatsApp every month to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and family. […] We are excited to have reached this far. But now we go back to work because we have to add another 6 billion people to WhatsApp, and we have a long road ahead.

The next goal, therefore, is reaching the remaining 6 billion inhabitants of the planet who still don’t use WhatsApp. Mission impossible? Not for WhatsApp. The question is: when will it happen?

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