WhatsApp for iPhone: update November 2015


The latest WhatsApp update brought about exciting news on iPhones. The new release introduced the link preview, 3D touch support and new more surprising features.

whatsapp update iphone november 2015

The developers have released a new version of WhatsApp for iPhone, adding new interesting features for iOS users. The last November 2015 update, the fifth in a short time, is the version 2.12.11.

The update comes with four new features:

  • Link preview
  • 3D touch support
  • A new theme for settings
  • A new folder with important messages

New features introduced with the new update

The evolution of instant messaging applications is unstoppable. Users are becoming more demanding, competition is not lacking and WhatsApp, in order to remain the market leader, cannot lose ground. The last update largely demonstrates the desire of developers to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s look at all of the features one by one:

1. Link preview

This is probably the most important characteristic. Now you can share a link with a preview in the simple chat or in the groups as it occurs on social platforms such as Facebook. You copy the link, paste it in a WhatsApp conversation and then the preview image will automatically pop up.

2. Support 3D touch

The new 02.12.11 update integrates the 3D Touch support, which allows you to use what is known as “Peek” and “Pop”. However, what are they specifically?

Peek: This feature allows you to read a message without showing to the recipient that it was read, or simply to peek at a message. To activate the Peek, just press a little harder on the iPhone screen.

Pop: this function completes the previous one. Pressing even harder on the screen after you turn on Peek, the phone will show you an enlarged chat preview.

Currently, the Peek and the Pop features are only available on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

3. New Theme for Settings

Another interesting innovation of the last update is the new theme settings. The old rough theme was replaced with one worthy of an app of this level.

4. List of starred messages

The latest feature introduced is the ability to view all messages marked as starred in one dedicated screen. To access the folder of important messages, go to Settings> Starred messages.

How can you have the new update of WhatsApp for iPhone?

To enable these new functions of WhatsApp, just update the application to the latest version. Remember, in order to see the preview of a link in a chat, both the sender and the recipient must have the last version of the app.

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