WhatsApp crashes? Here’s how to solve crash and optimization problems


Sometimes WhatsApp crashes during an optimization in progress or at other times. Here are the main problems and their solutions.

whatsapp crash and optimization problems

Having problems with WhatsApp? The application doesn’t respond and you can’t solve the problem? Don’t panic, as there is always a solution. In this article I explain how to fix WhatsApp issues quickly.

The solutions on this page are based on these types of failures reported by users:

1. WhatsApp stops at 100 optimizing process and I cannot open the app.

2. WhatsApp crashes and shut down automatically when I try to open the application.

3. WhatsApp crashes when loading earlier messages.

4. WhatsApp abnormally shut down and I cannot figure out why.

These problems can affect both WhatsApp on iPhone and Android as well as other smartphone models.

Regardless of the type of mobile phone, however, the solutions are the same. Let’s see how to solve crashes.

Solution to optimization problems in progress and other crashes on WhatsApp

The following are the procedures to be put into practice in case of problems with WhatsApp. The solutions are listed in order of importance. Try step 1 first and verify if WhatsApp will work properly. Otherwise, try point 2 and so on up to 5.

N.B. If you’ve found different solutions or are experiencing other problems with WhatsApp, leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

1. Restart WhatsApp several times

This solution applies to any type of crash and phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone etc.). Sometimes, you need to restart WhatsApp even dozens of times before it can run properly. But, in the end, it will be back to working.

– Close the application from the taskbar.

– Open the WhatsApp application and wait for it to load. Then close it again.

– Repeat this procedure several times until WhatsApp works properly.

2. Facebook Sync on iPhone

If you are using WhatsApp on iPhone and the phone suddenly crashes, this is most likely due to the fact that the latest version of Facebook you have installed has activated automatic synchronization with your phone contacts. To solve the crash problem you may need to disable synchronization. Go to your Contacts on your iPhone and select Groups in the upper left corner, then deselect Facebook.

3. Reinstall WhatsApp (for all smartphones)

The easiest way to carry out the restoration of WhatsApp after a malfunction is to eliminate the application and reinstall it. Before removing it, it is recommended to back up so you don’t lose any data on your phone.

4. Problems with WhatsApp update

If WhatsApp crashes during an update, the problem may be that the type of installed file is not compatible with the version of operating system you are using on your mobile.
This is a common problem reported by several users:

“… During the optimization process, the “WhatsApp is optimizing” stage seems to last an infinite time, as if it were blocked, usually on the 100.”

If steps 1 and 2 have not solved the problem, proceed like above:

Go to this download page and update the application to the latest version, only after you upgrade the operating system of your phone.

5. Freezing during a chat

If WhatsApp crashes while you’re trying to have a conversation with a specific contact, delete the image of the profile you’ve set for this contact in your phonebook (or try to remove the images for all the contacts you have both on your smartphone and in WhatsApp).

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