WhatsApp for computer: how to install the app on Windows and Mac


You can now install WhatsApp on your computer! Just download the application for PC and Mac, and in a few seconds you can start sending messages from your laptop.

The most popular IM app in the world has officially released a version of WhatsApp for computer. Unlike Web WhatsApp, you no longer have to access it from your browser. Just download the app for Windows or Mac, and you will always have WhatsApp among the icons of your desktop.

WhatsApp for computer

WhatsApp for computer


How to use WhatsApp on your computer in 3 steps

  • Go to the official page.
  • Download it to your PC or Mac, and install it.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, go to Settings > WhatsApp web and scan the QR code.


You can now use WhatsApp on your computer. It will look like the following:

whatsapp for desktop

Some information about the new WhatsApp for computer

The new app for desktop works only on the Windows 8 operating system (or later) and Mac OSX 10.9 (or later).

Why has WhatsApp decided to release an application for computers? On the one hand they are offering new opportunities, while on the other they are entering the business world little by little.

Does your phone need to be powered on to use WhatsApp on your computer? Yes, it must be turned on and near the computer (a maximum of 3 meters away) with an active internet connection.

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