7 Ways to Type Faster in WhatsApp


One of the best ways of using your phone effectively is by typing faster. Whether you are searching something on the internet or replying to a text, we type all time. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at seven ways to type fast in WhatsApp.

Research indicates that an average person spends roughly 3 hours in a day with his phone and specifically in WhatsApp. This is actually about eighteen percent of the work life of a human being.

For that reason, it’s always important to ensure that you use your phone in an effective manner. It’s on record that one major way of using your phone well is by typing faster. Additionally, it’s always frustrating when you receive numerous WhatsApp messages from a relative or friend and you cannot manage to quickly type messages of your own.

However, being able to communicate quickly via typing is actually and you can achieve it through a little bit of practice or by acquiring some knowledge of your texting app. In as little as a week you can actually get the right skill and you too could be typing like an expert.

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Here are the seven ways to type fast in WhatsApp

1) Dictation

microphone iconThis is generally a Google voice search option that is integrated beside the WhatsApp text bar. The tool appears like a small microphone symbol and can be a very fast and effective of replying your texts in WhatsApp.

The voice note works by long pressing it and then speaking the message you want to send on the chat line. The message is recorded and sent as a text to the receiver.

Normally, when you say something, your words go the Google server where they are interpreted and then it types. The method may be relatively slower but very accurate.

On iPhone you can dictate a text message with Siri. Sending a text with Siri is incredibly fast and accurate.

2)Purchase a typing trainer app

whistle iconThis is an essential tool when it comes to enhancing your skill. The typing trainer app helps you in knowing where your symbols and letters are on your keypad and importantly choosing them swiftly.

The speed in typing normally comes with practice and you can actually get within a short period of time. The technique is one crucial way of speeding up your texting abilities. It’s a fact that different languages, regions and phones make good use of different keypad layouts.

For that reason, you have to relearn the layout of your phone and get to understand where various letters and symbols are located. Ingraining the keypad in your mind is one major way of being super-quick in your WhatsApp typing.

Take a few days or week to memorize to cell phone keypad and all will be well. Importantly, you can also customize you keypad so that it naturally sets up for you.

3) Landscape mode

landscape phone iconThis fast typing technique is important and helpful, especially for a larger phone. It usually involves aligning your keypad the entire phone horizontally so that you can type easily.

This makes it quicker and easier for both of your thumbs to reach the keys that you would have otherwise gotten a challenge to reach if they are in the middle of your screen.

4) Study and use texting shorthand (Use shortcuts)

OMG iconTo express your thoughts and ideas in WhatsApp in quick manner, always use the shortened forms of words. This is actually one common way that people use when chatting.

This technique reduces the time you could have spent typing the entire word and overly makes your texting as fast as possible. Some common texting shorthand include:

  • For = 4
  • Talk to you later = ttyl
  • Oh my god = omg

5) Use template for common phrases

tap iconIf you find yourself using certain phrases frequently in your WhatsApp, you can actually save yourself from typing by teaching your texting software the expressions.

You can always do this by going to your phone system settings and then set up the keyboard options/ languages. Some of the common phrases that you can consider include:

  • I’ll be right there
  • Where are you?
  • I’ m running late
  • Sorry, I’m busy right now

6) Use manual or predictive texting for non-touchscreen phones

speed iconNon-touchscreen phones generally rely on a keypad that is button based. Each and every pad corresponds to certain letters that are arranged alphabetically.

For you to type a word, you must press each letter on the keypad is generally very slow in as much as your WhatsApp texting is concerned.

However, most phones that use number pads with corresponding letters usually have a predictive texting software that can save you from the tiring acting of pressing each letter in your keypad. An example is “T9 predictive text” which usually stands for “text on 9 key”

7) Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth iconWhen it comes to heavy typing in WhatsApp, it can sometimes be frustrating and tiring when using the real keypad on your phone. However, thanks to the portable Bluetooth keyboard that has really made it easy and quick when typing.

The keyboard gives you a wider a margin where all your fingers can easily touch the letters hence fast in typing. The keyboard is important when handling large amounts of WhatsApp texts. It’s also portable hence bringing about flexibility in its use.


We have just seen the 7 major ways in which you can type fast in WhatsApp and all the ways can be of importance if properly learned and implemented.

The use of dictation, tap method, landscape mode, purchasing a typing trainer app, the short form of words and connecting a Bluetooth keyboard are actually the best ways that have been tested and recommended for everyone.

The above-discussed ways are very significant when you really want speed in your typing. Make an effort and learn one or two or the methods discussed above if not all and you would have greatly improved your typing skill.

If you have any question in regard to our content above, you always drop a comment.

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