Ways to delete those unwanted WhatsApp conversations


There are many reasons we want to permanently erase WhatsApp conversations that are current or archived, or even group chats that we no longer need. Over time, WhatsApp turns into a journal of memories where major life events are recorded. These events are wonderful, terrible and sometimes dangerous.

Ways to delete those unwanted WhatsApp conversations

I’ll tell you how to permanently delete these conversations in just a few easy steps. We’ll review every option available to delete the messages on not only iPhone and Android devices, but also on the WhatsApp website. Remember that your desktop or laptop screen is most at risk of being seen by other people.

Deleting a message from WhatsApp chat on Apple and Android devices

First we’ll go over the steps needed to delete a single message within a chat on both iPhones and Android devices. You’ll need to open the conversation that contains the specific message you want to delete. Simply hold down the message with your finger to bring up options, and then tap on “Delete Message.

Deleting An Entire Conversation
You can also delete an entire conversation if necessary. Just open the chat list in the app and hold down the chat you want to delete with your finger. Tap on the trash icon and then tap “Delete.” On iPhones, you can swipe to the left, tap on “More” and finally tap “Delete Chat.”

Deleting A Group Chat
To delete a group conversation, you’ll need to first exit the group itself. You can then follow the same instructions above to remove a single chat.

Deleting Every Chat All At Once
If you want to clear WhatsApp of all your conversations, you’ll need to open the WhatsApp settings and choose “Chat.” Simply tap on “Delete All Chats” and you’ll erase everything. Please note that if you choose “Clear All Chats” instead, the messages themselves will be deleted, but the conversation will still exist in the chat list. Remember to choose “Delete All Chats” so that every conversation will be permanently deleted from the app. Please also note that this doesn’t effect group chats.

Deleting Chats On The WhatsApp Website
If you’re on a desktop or laptop, go to the WhatsApp website. Just click on the single chat or the group conversation you want to delete. Open the chat itself and click the three dots you’ll find in the upper right corner. This will show you the option to “Clear Chat” and delete the entire conversation. Or you can click “Delete Messages” to delete all the messages, but keep the conversation itself.

I hope you find these instructions helpful. If there are reasons you want to delete a specific person or people from your WhatsApp contacts, I can also show you how to easily do that.

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