How to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp quickly


The purpose of this short how to guide is to get you efficient enough with WhatsApp to make a video call in just a couple of taps on your phone.

make video calls whatsapp

Much like some of the other major messaging applications (Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, etc), WhatsApp allows you to make video calls to other users who also have WhatsApp installed. Unless you aren’t paying attention at all, or are completely new to WhatsApp, it is hard to miss the camera icon beside the phone in your active chats.

Basically, all you have to do is to tap on this icon 🎥 in an active conversation with someone and the video will begin. If you are new to the process, below you will find a more detailed breakdown of the steps to take for Android and Apple devices to get video calling today.

Making Video Calls Through WhatsApp In 3 Simple Steps

No matter what platform you might be using to run WhatsApp, the process remains the same for starting a video call through the application. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Open a Chat Thread for Who You Want To Video Call
  3. Look For a Camera Icon just Beside the Phone in the Upper Right Corner and Tap It

Just so you know, to use video chat features you have to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.

Much like the other major messaging applications, this feature is able to be used internationally. The process is meant to be as simple as shooting fish in a barrel.

⚠️If you are not on Wi-Fi when using this feature, be mindful of the data usage it draws from your phone.

It is always a good practice to know about the data you have remaining before making video calls, unless you are actively connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or have an unlimited plan with your provider.

The Features in a WhatsApp Video Call

  • Your video chat will start out using your front facing camera, but if you want to show things ✅using your primary camera on your smartphone, simply click on the camera icon on the screen. This will engage the back camera instead.
  • You might find there are times where you want someone to see you, but not hear the noise around you or what you are saying. You can mute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon that also appears on the screen.
  • One thing that many people do not realize is that they can do other things on their phone while actively engaged in a video call. This ✅multi-tasking feature is a unique addition to WhatsApp.
  • Your application rates your current internet connection every time a video call connects. This means that when you have a high rate of speed, the quality of the image will be at its best versus lower quality imagery at reduced internet speeds.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Video Calling With WhatsApp?

While there are not many negative things to say about this feature, there are a couple of things that you should know. As of right now, WhatsApp video calling is ❌only supported on mobile devices. If you are using this application through a computer, you cannot make or receive video calls.

While group chats are a large draw to the WhatsApp Messenger, this feature ❌has not been implemented to the video chat realm yet. Thus, all conversations in this medium are one-on-one.

Does it Cost Money to Video Call with WhatsApp?

Both the application and this feature are free to use. You should be mindful (as was earlier stated) about the amount of data that you are using however. Without an unlimited plan or with the use of Wi-Fi, you could be subject to overages in your data plan.

You can avoid video calls and their excessive data usage when away from Wi-Fi by choosing the “Low Data Usage” option in the Settings menu. Once in Settings, you can click on “Data and Storage Usage” and tap on the ‘Low Data Usage’ option.

⚠️You can still usually make and receive video calls when in this mode, but the quality of the video might suffer as a result of the throttled data.

Hopefully this how to guide was helpful in teaching you what you need to know about WhatsApp’s video chat function and features. If you have any trouble connecting calls or understanding how to do something in this application, leave a comment below and we will get back to you quickly to help you figure it out.

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