Using Siri To Read WhatsApp Messages


Siri for the iPhone can be a convenient companion when it comes to keeping your life in order. It is a beneficial feature that can help to make any application more useful. A new change in policy is making Siri available to WhatsApp. A recent update has added this functionality to WhatsApp giving it the ability to use Siri when checking new messages. All that one needs to do is to speak the command to Siri and the response will be the latest messages from WhatsApp.

Siri reads whatsapp messages

The reason for this technology upgrade comes from Apple making Siri software open to third-party developers. This decision came last year at the annual World Developers Conference or WWDC. In order to receive the full benefits offered by Siri and WhatsApp, the device must be updated to iOS 10.3 as well as enabling “Hey Siri” in the settings menu.

iTunes Preview for WhatsApp version 2.17.20 introduces additional features and other updates offered by this application. There are many options that are well deserved and needed that can enhance the iPhone for its user. One of these options is the ability to retrieve an embarrassing text within a five-minute time slot after hitting send, but this feature is believed to only work with a text if it hasn’t been read.

Other features include the choice to share your location with friends and family. Also included are new font shortcuts and a new feature that will allow the user to update a number, letting the user alert their friends and family.

There are many new add-ons that will be introduced to WhatsApp allowing for an expansion of Siri services. Another update includes the option to select various statuses replacing the Voice Call icon with a plus sign. When this button is pressed, it will display several contacts to make voice and video calls. You can also send messages and answer calls from WhatsApp while the phone is still displaying the locked screen.

As new updates and features are added to WhatsApp, the Siri software will be able to become more dynamic, allowing the iPhone to achieve new levels of interactions and usage. More changes have added a simplified UI for the two-step verification process, group information, contact information, and calls. The Facebook application is working to become more appealing to Apple users. The application is also very convenient and gives you the ability to have the freedom to communicate with ease without looking at the phone.

By opening the software to third party groups, it allows for an expansion of Siri into other formats, giving this application a new environment to grow in ways that have yet to be discovered. Having Siri and WhatsApp connected makes conversation easier between people as well as quicker and can help groups and individuals to foster a better way to transmit ideas through conversation.

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