How to use WhatsApp filters, albums and reply shortcuts on iOS


WhatsApp released new updates for iOS users which include photo filters, automatic albums, and the ability to send quick replies to messages.

8 years ago, developers at WhatsApp, Inc wrote the first lines of code for a messaging app. Back then, the original idea was to create an app that enabled users to let their friends know what they were up to. The first version was released on iOS devices and had basic text capability.

Fast forward a few years later, the company was acquired by Facebook and thanks to the acquisition; WhatsApp, Inc was able to roll out update after update. Today, WhatsApp users are able to message each other as well as send documents, photos, GIFs, videos and audio content.

They are also able to create groups, make phone calls and converse via video calls among others. All this happens under the protection of end to end encryption.

To stay ahead of its competition, WhatsApp recently released new updates for its iOS users. They include filters, albums and reply shortcuts.

WhatsApp Filters

Photo filters have been around for a couple years. They are popular because they enhance your photos adding some creativity and style to them. This new feature allows users to add Instagram like filters to their pictures. Available filters at the time of writing the article include Pop, Cool, Film, Chrome, Black and White. Now that you have updated your WhatsApp application, I know you are yearning to try out this new feature. Here is how to apply effects to your uploaded photos.

Begin by taping the WhatsApp icon to start the app and navigate to the contact or group chat where you want to send the photos to. You can capture a new photo or select a photo available in your gallery. This feature also works on GIF and videos.

Swipe up to reveal the filters named above. From here, tap on each filter to see how it enhances your image. Once you have selected the appropriate filter, save and send your photo. Note; WhatsApp developers will be adding new filters as time goes by. Stay tuned!

WhatsApp Albums

A picture speaks thousand words and that is why photos provide the greatest opportunity to capture a particular moment in time. Today, smartphone cameras have improved in terms of resolution providing users with the ability of capturing stunning photos. With over 3.3 billion photos being captured and shared every single day via WhatsApp, a feature was needed to allow better organization of images.

Enter albums, the new update from WhatsApp, Inc.

This feature was introduced just in time for WhatsApp users to group and manage their images. It helps to automatically create an album in stile layout when a user sends 5 or more photos. The good thing about this feature is that it has the capability of grouping your video and GIF too.

In the past, iOS WhatsApp users had to contend with photos appearing as a series one below each other in a chat. This resulted in users scrolling a lot in order to view all the images. Thanks to albums, everything is organized eliminating the need of wasting chat space and scrolling.

To view images in a particular album, all one has to do is select the album and the feature will adjust to full screen mode. One can swipe either left or right to view the respective images.

WhatsApp Reply shortcuts

As you all know, WhatsApp is largely renowned as a messaging app. It allows users to have individual chats with family members, friends and acquaintances. Groups were introduced much later and today, users have the ability of creating groups and inviting their contacts to join. Group chats have enabled members of a particular group to exchange videos, GIFs, photos and chats.

Before the reply shortcuts update was rolled out, users had to contend with chatting with a particular individual or group only. To chat with another person or group, you had to navigate to the main list to start a new conversation or reply to the new chat.

With reply shortcuts, iOS users have the ability of making quick replies. They can choose to reply to an individual chat by swiping right on a specific text in chats. When this happens, a new chat window opens below the chat allowing the user to type a response. This is the same with group chats. The feature is highly advantageous in that iOS users will be able to chat with multiple users at the same time.

Final Thoughts

With over 3.3 billion photos, 760 million videos and 50 billion messages being sent via WhatsApp, new features are needed to keep users interested. Furthermore, new features help the company to stay ahead of other messaging and visual apps. Current updates bringing new features to WhatsApp for iOS include filters, albums and reply shortcuts. These features are designed to ease how WhatsApp users interact with the app.

Not only will the app be able to group photos into albums but users will reply to chats much quicker by swiping as well as enhance the look of their photos with filters. These new features are currently being rolled out by the company and they are available with Version 2.17.30.

If you are yet to update your WhatsApp for iOS, I highly recommend you do so now!

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