How to use Google Translate’s newest feature with WhatsApp


Whatsapp is an app used by millions around the world but doesn’t have a native way for you to talk to those people if they don’t speak the same language as you. Google Translate to the rescue! Here is the easiest way to translate WhatsApp messages using Google Translate.

google translator whatsapp

Google recently released a video tutorial showcasing Translator’s newest feature “Tap to Translate,” which integrates with third-party apps, including WhatsApp.

So how do you start translating WhatsApp messages you ask?

Just follow to simple steps:

  1. Select the text you would like to translate and tap “Copy”
  2. Then tap on the “Google Translate” button

Just like the message is translated.

Thanks to this new feature you no longer need to copy and paste from WhatsApp to Google Translate then back again. If you login don’t see the “Tap to Translate” button doesn’t appear, you can enable it in Google Translator’s settings and activate the “Tap to Translate” option.

At the time of writing this article “Tap to Translate” was only available for Android devices, the feature is coming soon for iOS devices.

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