Sending secret messages through WhatsApp: the definitive guide


Through an app known as Kibo, users can send secret messages through WhatsApp and even hide chats or individual messages that no one else should see. Below you will find a quick yet thorough how to guide on using this application.

How to send secret messages on WhatsApp via Kibo

If you are worried that someone is able to see your chats on WhatsApp, or have a tendency to leave your phone in an area where someone could read pop up notifications on your phone, Kibo might be the application for you. While there are always 👉ways of turning off notifications, Kibo allows you to send secret messages and completely hide conversations that you don’t want others to possibly see.

In fact, it was completely designed for hiding sensitive information and messages from those that are a bit too nosy. The simplistic app is little more than a keyboard, but you can interface through WhatsApp and other top messaging services like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype and more. Utilizing a simple trick, you can replace messages that you send in private with generic preset phrases, which will shield what you actually had sent completely.

According to the creators of the Kibo application, “people commonly believe that no one can intercept their private messages; however, their messages are often seen by friends, colleagues, and passers-by. Therefore, we aim at providing a means for sending and receiving messages that no one can see but the sender and the recipient.”

You should be aware that now, more than ever, 👉apps are being created simply to spy on WhatsApp.

To put it plainly, Kibo is a keyboard which allows you to hide real messages behind fake presets. You can disguise notifications on the screen as well, even with the keyboard locked. This brings about an era of privacy and security the likes instant messaging users have never seen before.

This doesn’t discredit the measures of security put in place by WhatsApp developers, but this is certainly a great stride in the right direction.

Sending Secret Messages on WhatsApp Through Kibo

secret messages on WhatsApp

The first thing you have to do, naturally, is to download the application and install it. Currently, the application is only available for iPhones (on this page), but the Android version will be released soon. As soon as it is released, there will be a link here similar to the one for iOS users above.

Once you have downloaded, the next step is adding the Kibo keyboard to your phone.

Adding The Kibo Keyboard

  1. Go To “Settings”, “General”, and “Keyboard
  2. Tap on “Keyboards” and then “Add New Keyboard
  3. Select “Kibo
  4. Tap on “Keyboard EN
  5. Now this keyboard will be accessible in WhatsApp

Sending Hidden Messages

  1. First, open WhatsApp and type the message you want to hide using Kibo. Next to the space button, tap on the lock icon. You can see a picture of what that looks like below.kibo keyboard for hidden whatsapp message
  2. Once you have selected the lock icon, your message will be replaced in the thread with a vanilla message. This text can be modified to statements of your choosing.
  3. Once you have done this, just tap on “Send”. When this happens, the fake message will be seen by others that happen to see your phone or chat open, but the recipient will get the real message.

This process is not just for text messages though, you can also send images this way.

Reading A Hidden Message

Copy the message that you have received to the clipboard of your phone. Double or long tap the visible message that shows up. If there is anything hidden in the text, you can see it through a pop up provided by the Kibo keyboard.

Now there is literally nothing to worry about when it comes to texting even sensitive information to other people. Everything looks like plain vanilla messages of little importance.

Remember though, that:

In order to send and receive these hidden messages to someone else, both parties need to have Kibo installed on their phones. You can invite them to download the keyboard from the app or keyboard.

Currently, the app is limited to sending a hidden message to one solitary recipient in WhatsApp or any other major messaging application.

The app is not perfect and will take a while to work out all of the kinks to be really spectacular. Be mindful to follow the advice and guidelines of the developers.

If you are interested in keeping your messages and content secret, hopefully this introduction to Kibo helped you out. If you have questions about this application or how to use it, feel free to drop a comment below so we can get back to you.

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