How to Send WhatsApp Messages without Appearing Online


Have you ever received a message from a WhatsApp contact but ignored it to prevent them from seeing you? Have you ever been wary that your contacts may track your whereabouts via WhatsApp?

If so, let it be known to you that there are two main ways through which you may get round these issues.

In the discussions below, we are going to explain to you the two main ways to hide your visibility but still stay active on WhatsApp.

Chat on WhatsApp without changing last seen on Android and iOS

Follow the following steps to enable that to happen:

  1. Disable your Internet Connectivity. Disable your Wi-Fi, mobile network, or any other internet connection on your smartphone. You can also do it by turning Airplane Mode on.
  2. Access the Message of Interest. Proceed to open the WhatsApp conversation that you are interested in responding to.
  3. Compose the Appropriate Response. Write the response to the message of interest and tap on “Send.”
  4. Close WhatsApp. Close WhatsApp completely.
  5. Re-establish your Internet Connectivity. Do this by reactivating your Wi-Fi or mobile network internet connectivity or by turning airplane mode off in case you have activated it.

WhatsApp will automatically send your replies without indicating that you were online. This way, it will retain your previous ‘last seen’ status rather than the current one.

PS: Consider also installing the ‘Unseen App’ for Android. This is a software application that basically lets you read a WhatsApp message in incognito. It hence enables you to read messages and prepare appropriate responses before ‘getting online’. It is however not so effective with group messages.

Reply on WhatsApp without opening the app from Notification center on Android and iOS

Method I: Reply Directly from ‘Notifications for WhatsApp’

This method is mainly applicable in case you miss the notifications that appear on top of the screen. To utilize this method, simply follow these five steps:

  1. Swipe down your touchscreen
  2. Go to the notifications tab
  3. Under the notifications tab, swipe to the left of the screen to access the message of interest
  4. Hit the ‘reply’ button and compose the appropriate response
  5. Once you are done with typing your response, hit the ‘send’ button.

This will send Whatsapp messages without changing last seen by retaining your previous rather than current ‘last seen’.

Method II: Reply on the Lock Screen Mode

  1. Lock your screen whenever you want to post a feedback.
  2. Swipe your touchscreen to the left of the screen.
  3. Tap the reply button and proceed to compose your message.
  4. Hit the ‘send’ button.

This method will post your response without necessarily altering your last seen status.


We do hope that you have found the discussions above helpful. Personal privacy is a very serious issue that can never be taken for granted. We would like to hear your feedback regarding our discussions above. Please drop a comment below to let us know your stand concerning the same!

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