How to reply to individual messages in WhatsApp groups


Developers recently rolled out an update with the long-awaited mention in WhatsApp conversations to reply to a specific message. It’s a real gift from heaven.

reply individual messages WhatsApp groups

Recently WhatsApp has released a stream of big news. Apparently it will support gifs and animated images soon, but meanwhile the latest version finally allows us to reply to individual messages in WhatsApp groups.

Basically, you can choose to reply to a single message within a group in just a couple of taps. This is particularly useful for groups made up of many people, but also to mention old messages within a chat.

individual message whatsapp

In short, as in the forums of the nineties – but also the mentions on Telegram and Twitter – we can select a specific message within the conversation, and respond only to that.

How to reply to individual messages on WhatsApp on iOS, Android and Windows phones

On iPhone, Android and Windows devices, the procedure to reply to a certain message within a WhatsApp group or single chat is the same. Simply follow the following steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp group or single chat
  • Long-tap on the message you want to reply to
  • Tap on Reply

The mentioned message will be appear precisely under (on Android) or above (on iOS) our reply. This new feature makes life easier, especially in groups with dozens of participants where too often it can be a headache to chat to specific people.



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