7 Most Popular Cheating Apps for the (Im)Perfect Affair


This article is intended to showcase all of the apps that cheaters will use to keep their affairs a secret. Additionally, you will learn about some of the features of these apps and even some techniques you can use to find out if your partner is being faithful.

7 Most Popular Cheating Apps

Unfortunately, it is a common thing for people in relationships to cheat these days.

It is sad but true.

Recent statistics are even less encouraging, proposing that in a third of marriages one or both partners admit to cheating.

If you want to know how so many people can get by with their cheating, you have come to the right place.


Here you can discover the kind of Android, iPhone and Windows phone apps they download to avoid suspicions and learn their secrets firsthand.

That’s right, all of their secrets.

Also, you can expect a comprehensive list of the most used infidelity apps so you can keep a secret (though it is more honest to break up) or to catch your wife/husband or significant other red handed.

Technology, specifically smartphones, have made it harder and easier to cheat all at the same time.

While this might seem contradictory, it still remains the truth.

For starters, phones tend to leave a trail of communication between cheater and lover. At the same time, certain apps make it easier than ever to conceal these communications from everyone they know.

Ready to find out a little more, let’s dive right in.

Various Apps For Different Kinds of Cheaters

Various Apps For Different Kinds of Cheaters

First, you have to get inside the mind of the cheater.

I’m sure this is not especially difficult to do.

One of their primary concerns is keeping their illicit conversations private and away from the eyes of their committed partner, correct?

Many messages to cover up including regular messages regarding times and places to meet, suggestive material and even sexting messages.

But that is not the worst of it.

No, the worst of it is the images and videos, which at times can be downright out incriminating. Imagine such sensitive material ending up in a divorce lawyer’s hand. Unfortunately or fortunately, apps address all kinds of secret communications that need to transpire.

First you have to consider what kind of cheater you are, or believe your partner to be.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A cheater is not just a cheater. There are serial cheaters, professional cheaters and even the occasional infidelity.

As with any field of expertise, some tools are meant for professionals while others offer simplicity to newbies.

First, let’s see the arsenal in use by serial and occasional cheaters.

Messaging Apps For Serial Cheaters

Messaging Apps For Serial Cheaters

Let’s summon up the supposed traits of a serial cheater.

He/She is a solitary hunter. Much like a jaguar, they constantly hunt for prey but never take action with the herd. They do not trust people.

They are going to operate based on a calculated plan, leaving nothing to chance.

They will operate under the guise of darkness. They choose weapons carefully and never operate unless there is zero risk of getting caught.

Want to know the best/worst part?

Serial cheaters have two or more affairs at once, working to keep their respective relationships apart to avoid getting caught by either.

Let’s take a look at the apps popular for serial cheaters.

These apps can hide messages or delete them as soon as they are sent from a phone. Below are the must have apps of the aspiring or current serial cheater:

1. Viber Viber

This 3rd party messaging application is available on all major devices. On the outside, it looks like a harmless messaging app, yet in the hands of an informed user, it is a sneaky application for affairs to occur.

Here are some of its features:

Secret Chats – Viber allows you to create secret conversations. The messages in this conversation delete automatically after a certain length of time, say 1-5 minutes. This gives you the freedom to send even the most incriminating of messages, images and video, because within a few minutes it no longer exists anywhere.

Hidden Chats – Viber also allows hidden chats to happen as well. For example, if your spouse picks up your phone and cycles through your chats, the affair will not be visible. Once you key in a pin, the chat appears within the main list, and you can pick up the conversation from where you left off.

Bottom Line:

This is a favorite app for cheaters because it is known to be a common application for international calling. They can easily justify the download for work reasons, but really be exploiting the features of hidden chats and disappearing messages.

2. Signal Signal

Another cheating application perfect for erasing communications. This also looks like an innocent third party messaging application but has features that make it ideal for affairs to happen.

Disappearing Messages – This deletes all messages and media sent or received from a specific designated user after an allotted amount of time.

You can activate it just for conversations with the lover and set a time interval as often as a minute, making it perfect for those with snoopy significant others.

Bottom Line:

This service is like Viber in that it has the disappearing messages but lacks the hidden chat features. It is renowned for having incredible security, making it a believable excuse that this is an interoffice download for work communications.

3. Telegram Telegram logo

This is also a popular choice. Most people, even those that are not cheating, use this application. It will not raise suspicions then, when you install it on your own phone.

The most recent versions of the app have features almost designed for cheating:

Autodestruct – You can set a countdown timer for the conversations you have with specific users.

Hidden Chats – Telegram gives you the option to have a secret conversation with any user. This will not be accessible to anyone, as it requires a pin to access.

Bottom Line:

Like WhatsApp, it is very popular to have this application which should shade suspicions. Unlike WhatsApp, it has the option to hide chats and autodestruct messages, making it ideal for infidelity.

If you choose any of these applications, you can keep multiple affairs going simultaneously without any one person catching on to what you are doing.

Other Apps Used By Serial Cheaters

There are other applications for keeping communications a secret or for helping those cheating to find new lovers. Tinder, Fake Calculator and Vault-Hide are some examples. If you find them on your partner’s phone, it is cause for concern.

How To Tell If Your Partner Is A Serial Cheater

If you are concerned there might be a third party to your relationship, your significant other’s phone is a good place to establish this truth.

If your spouse using one or both of these applications, specifically Viber and Signal, you should be a little curious as to what they are up to.

If their reasoning for installing the applications do not seem right, you should attempt to dig in a little farther.

One of the easiest methods to know with certainty is spyware like mSpy installed on their phone and you will have all of the answers you could possibly want and more.

Apps For The Occasional Cheater

Apps For The Occasional Cheater

Opportunity makes a thief, and that’s one of the truest statements that I know.

For some people, you might be faithful to a fault until an irresistible opportunity presents itself to you. Since your spouse does not likely suspect you of cheating, you need a quick and simple way to keep the suspicions at bay.

Below you can find a couple of the apps that occasional cheaters use to communicate with lovers:

1. WhatsApp WhatsApp logo

This is a very simple messaging app that is incredibly popular by nearly all smartphone users. The benefit of this application is its use of end-to-end encryption.

This means that the data you divulge is fully secure and no one can access it unless they use your phone. So if you are cheating and your spouse never looks at your phone, it persists to be a good affair app to use. Bear in mind the possibility of he/she getting an intuition to check it out from time to time, though.

One of the best things that the cheater can do is to lockup the account with a password. This keeps anyone from accessing it from the phone, but it does not save you if spyware has been installed on your device.

Bottom Line:

Due to its popularity, WhatsApp is heavily used by cheaters even though it can get hacked into easily by a snooping spouse. It can be locked with a password, but is left unprotected from spyware apps.

2. Facebook Messenger messenger icon

Often betrayal begins on Facebook. An old classmate, gym partners and ex girlfriends/boyfriends.

Seems like everyone flirts on Facebook.

You start by liking a post innocently and end up chatting in the Messenger.

This is an excellent platform for cheaters who want to have private conversations. This is because your account is password protected and only you can access its information.

It is easier than ever to send messages to anyone right from your phone.

So what’s the kicker?

It is hackable as well, and if your partner knows some tricks, you can imagine what happens.

Bottom Line:

It gives you more access to cheating situations than WhatsApp can, but offers the same hackable account set up.

3. iMessage iMessage

This app is exclusively used by Apple users. It also offers end-to-end encryption which guarantees security for the conversation but can also get spied on with the right software.

Why would cheaters love it?

With iMessage, conversations can happen from iPads, Mac computers and iPhones alike. Of course the drawback is that the more places you converse with your lover, the more chances you have of getting caught.

Bottom Line:

Easily hacked, and is not as secure as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Cheaters use it for simplicity across devices.

4. Instagram Direct Message Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo and media platform that can easily double as a great private communication channel. The app offers excellent cover as a social media platform, especially for ladies having an affair.

This is where a lot of cheaters go fishing for new lovers.

It is used by almost every cheater on the planet to find lovers but the difference between professionals and newbies is that they first move their conversations to apps like Signal or Viber instead.

Bottom Line:

This is a paradise for potential cheaters. There are high chances of finding someone to cheat with and easily contacting them with the integrated messaging app. However, like the other apps, it is easy to hack into for incriminating information.

How To Catch Your Cheating Partner

A smartphone is a unique device. Everything is traceable and leaves a trail from calls, text messages, online transactions and more.

For suspected cheaters, here are three ways of tracing their activities:

1. Google Location History

Whenever your location is on with your phone, that phone will keep a detailed record of wherever it goes. Restaurants, dingy motels, and any other locations are all tracked in the smartphone itself. You can pull up this data with the phone account, or simply use a third party application to track it.

2. A Second Phone

This is something that works in two ways, if your spouse has a second phone you might be inquisitive as to what they are up to. Try to analyze the activity that happens with that number.

3. mSpy

mspy to catch cheating

This is the perfect spying app to catch cheating spouses, and includes all of these incredible features:

  • Location Tracking
  • Reviewing Call Logs
  • Access To All Text Messages
  • Email Access
  • Viewing All Media (Photos and Videos)
  • Monitor All Internet Activity

You can install this application on your spouse’s phone and then link it to yours. With this, you are guaranteed to find any untoward activities they might be up to.

In conclusion, when you are planning to bring a third party into your relationship, you should prepare yourself with the best applications to keep communications private. The above mentioned third party messaging apps are a good place to begin. They can help you to eliminate the incriminating trail of communications.

At the same time, if you are attempting to catch a cheater in their tracks, their smartphone is a good place to start the search. You can see the trail of communication or even find their location history for concrete evidence.

Applications like mSpy help to simplify this search for the truth and catch cheating spouses (View Demo).

I hope that I was able to give you all of the information that you needed, but if you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to drop a comment below and I will get back to you.

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