Making international calls on WhatsApp


The popular app WhatsApp allows people talk to others from their own country and even from countries all around the world. This app can be downloaded on smartphone and devices that are used on the Android system, Windows phone, and even the iPhone operating system. A person may know how to add phone numbers of those that live in their country.

People may wonder how do I add someone on WhatsApp from another country? To add someone on WhatApp from other countries is not that difficult and you have to follow some simple steps to add international contact phone numbers of WhatsApp.

To add an international number you have to make sure the number that you are going to add is properly formatted. Before adding the actual number you need to find the contact code for that country. You can go online to check out the WhatsApp country code list. This list has the codes for countries throughout the world. All you have to do is type the country in the search bar and you will be given the country code. You will also get example of proper formatting.

When adding the international number to the WhatApp you have to start with a + sign. This sign comes before the number is entered. After the plus side the country code is entered. For example when you are typing in an international number it would look something like this +1234567890. Be sure to remove any 0 that are in front of the country code.

There are some special notes when you are looking to call specific countries. If you are looking to make a call to a contact you have in the United Kingdom they are going to have to remove the 0 in the phone number that appears before the plus sign or the call will not work. They will add the + sign and the contact number for the person they are calling.

For call to the country of Argentina a person will have to add a 1 before the country code which is the number 59. After they will need to type in a 9 before the phone number they are calling. This needs to be done so the WhatsApp can complete the call to this country.

When calling someone in Mexico a person will have to dial a 1 after the country code which is 52. This is true for all service providers. When calling the rest of the world a person can use the WhatsApp country code list to add international phone number formats in WhatsApp. If they need additional help there are a number of examples that can be found on the WhatsApp site for formatting.

After looking up the code and typing in the number of WhatsApp if a person is still having trouble connecting their call they should verify with their friend that they have the number correct. If everything is correct a person will be able to talk to people all over the world.

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