How to know if someone blocked you on iPhone iMessage


Here I’ll tell you how to find out if someone has blocked you on iPhone iMessage – Apple’s built-in instant messaging service. 

Apple Message known as iMessage refers to an instant service of messaging which is a development of Apple Inc. the service is supported by application for sending messages in iOS X and later operating systems versions.

In February 2012, Apple made known to the public new OS X application for messages which would support iMessage in replacement of iChat.

How do you know if someone blocked your phone number

Have you ever sent to your friend iMessages and get no response? Are the friends so negligent or have they blocked you on iMessage? It is possible but even though Apple is among leading companies in service provision, it might not be as easy to determine the reason behind.

Below are some of the tips to help you determine if someone has blocked you on iPhone iMessage.

N.B. If you want to know how to use iMessage, check out the official Apple website.

1. The color of sent iMessage

iMessages are blue naturally. Once you send to your friend a blue in color iMessage then few minutes after it turns green and never sends back a delivered response you might have been blocked. However, a single message cannot define such.

In the current world with the current technology, it is quite impossible for iMessage network to fail consistently and send back messages. In order to ascertain that you have been blocked on iMessage, sending the messages intermittently but if they all turn from blue to green, you definitely are blocked.

2. The sent messages status

Users of iPhones turn read receipts in settings for their messages. The setting is already ON by default. Therefore, if after you send the iMessage then the message remains blue indicating delivered then it’s never read, you are probably blocked. The tip is not as efficient as the user may have switched off the read receipt setting.

3. The message status on MacBook and iPhone

This tip only favors individuals with both an iPhone and a MacBook. It is very easy and simple as you only need to send a message through either of the two. Just below the iMessage, an icon indicating delivered is featured. If the friend has blocked you, the icon is not seen. The MacBook as well does not feature any read receipt or delivered.

4. Checking information of the message

Open the iMessage application on your iPhone. Open your conversation with the person you suspect has blocked you. Confirm a notification which is below the sent message. On the last sent message, check for read receipt below it. It is a default setting and therefore if it is missing, the recipient might have blocked you on iMessage.

Additionally, check beneath the last sent message for the delivered notification. If previously when you sent messages to the individual you used to receive delivered notification and no longer do, there is a probability you are blocked.

5. Make a call to the suspected blocker

Call the person you suspect has blocked you on iMessage. This actually a more efficient and reliable way of establishing if someone has blocked your phone number. Listen to receiving mode of the call. If the phone rings once then you are sent to voicemail, definitely the person has blocked you.

However, if the call does not ring but goes straight to voicemail, it is not a proof that you are blocked. Give it a second try to ensure the results concur. If the same results are repeated it is a clear indication you are blocked.

Once the call is sent to voicemail, you can as well leave a message to the individual who has blocked you. However, the person who has blocked you will never get any notification of a left message. The message instead appears at the down most part of the voicemail messages in the section of Blocked Messenger.

6. Call using a masked number

Just before the phone number you suspect you are blocked dial *67# (On your country might be different). Masked numbers are used for double checking the other phone’s status. By tapping on the call button, the call is sent to the recipient with your identity hidden.

If the call is answered normally although individuals often ignore blocked numbers calls, you are blocked. However, if after the first ring the call is sent to voicemail, the phone number might not be in use.

7. Switching off your caller ID

On your iPhone tap on the settings but then tap on the phone. Afterwards tap on my caller ID then you switch the settings off. Call the recipient straight way. If the phone goes through probably you are blocked.

8. FaceTime calls

The calls will go through normally and seem rejected by the recipient. This indicates the individual has blocked you.

9. Locations sharing

Persons sharing locations through ‘Find my Friends’ with the suspected blocker can use this as a clue for blocking. If the friend is not sharing location any more in iMessage conversation, this is an ideal indication of been blocked by the person.

However, if it displays location unavailable, this is not a guarantee that you are blocked as the person may be far from the phone or else the phone is off.

10. Spying on the iPhone addition

Perhaps one of the most surefire approaches to learn if someone has chosen to block you on their iPhone is by spying on their activities with an application. One of the best spy apps in the world, and subsequently the most used, is 👉mSpy. It is very simple to install this application (even remotely) and always have confidence backed by 24/7 tech support.

The application not only lets you know if you have been blocked, but you can also constantly monitor their phone activity. You can read messages from any instant messaging interface (WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and more), you can read their emails, see where they have been, look at new pictures taken or downloaded to the phone, and see what incoming and outgoing calls are getting made through the phone being spied on.

Ultimately, this simple to use application lets you know more about a person than they are often willing to tell you.

Is it possible for someone who has blocked you on iMessage to see the messages you sent?

The person never sees the messages if they have blocked you. This is because blocking generally prevents message delivery. The blocked undelivered messages are not any stored and therefore delivery presumes once you are unblocked.

Finally, when an individual blocks you on iMessage, you can still get the delivered notification but then the message is never read. The text message is send normally with no error message sent back. Formerly, it was possible for iPhone users to guess if blocked. Once you send the message and you are blocked, the message would be sent back.

However, with the new updated operating system, the message even when blocked with send back a delivered notification but the message remains blue but the recipient never reads the messages.

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