How to use Messenger on a Computer


Facebook Messenger is a popular outlet for people to stay connected with the people that matter to them. You might not even be aware that there are other ways to use Messenger on Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems. Here’s a few simple steps to help you accomplish that.

You can vastly improve the speed and overall messaging experience by using Facebook Messenger via your PC rather than always having to get out your smart phone.

Even better, much like 👉the acclaimed WhatsApp Web, Facebook actually has an online service for chatting through Messenger which does not require software downloads or installations to your PC.

There is a slew of features that come with this free Messenger service put out officially from Facebook development teams. You can use emojis, make video calls, make voice calls, change your Nickname and even color in the individual chats to pass some time.

Why not just use your social media account? Using this separate service streamlines the messaging experience and doesn’t lend itself to other distractions and things that can pull you away from engaging conversation.

So how do you get this on your Windows, Mac or Linux based computer? Here’s what you need to know.

Using Messenger on your Desktop Without a Download

  1. Open Your Desktop Browser and Input
  2. nick messenger teacherUsing your Facebook account/phone number and password to connect
  3. Once connected, you can see former and active chats displayed.
  4. To start a conversation, open an old thread or search a friend via the search window in the top left. Simply tap on their name to open a new thread.
  5. On the bottom, you can choose among many options like traditional text, emojis, stickers, GIFs and more.

You will find that this service is a great way to directly connect with your friends in a fast and efficient manner. You can utilize this service to check for new messages and respond to them without having to get into your actual Facebook Social Media account to do it.

Some people prefer the 👉standalone (downloadable) Messenger application for their desktops. We have an article about installing this app to your computer quickly and easily.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this Facebook developed new service, feel free to drop a line in the comment section below and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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