How to Update WhatsApp


You might find that sometimes it is difficult to locate the latest versions of WhatsApp. Below you will find a definitive guide to not only upgrading your device, but any download links relative to updating or upgrading WhatsApp on virtually every kind of phone out there.

This page will give you direct links for updating WhatsApp to the most recent version available. As you will soon learn, the process is simple, but it does vary slightly depending on the operating system that you have on your particular mobile device.

While you might not think it would be, updating any apply device from the iPhone 5 all the way to the latest iPhone X all happens from the same links because all of these devices use the same iOS operating system.

All Google based operating systems will work the same way, and this affects nearly every Android phone on the market from Samsung phones to LG.

So, let’s take a closer look at how you can do this.

Updating WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and Windows Phones

It is quite a simple process if you know where to go and what to do.
  1. Open this page on your phone (that has the WhatsApp application)
  2. Click on the link below on this page (corresponding to the phone you have)
  3. Tap “Update” and follow the installation wizard.

Updates for WhatsApp, direct links:

👉iPhone WhatsApp Update (iOS 7 and newer)

👉Android WhatsApp Update (OS 2.3.3 and newer)

👉Windows WhatsApp Update (Windows Phone 7)

2018 WhatsApp Updates You Should Know

⛔️WhatsApp is Not Supported On:

  • Windows Phone 8 (or older)
  • Blackberry Operating Systems
  • Nokia Symbian S60 (or older)
  • Android OS 2.3.7 and older (as of Feb 1, 2020)

Information About The Updates Available Above:

  • These are the official links available from the developers themselves, so they are ✅stable and completely safe for all mobile devices to use.
  • Once you have updated to the most recent version of WhatsApp, the ✅features relative to that update (according the operating system that you use) will also update as well without further steps.
  • There is ✅no subscription necessary to update WhatsApp, and it is always free of charge to do so as often as you would like and as often as updates become available.
  • It is beneficial to update not just to gain access to the latest features and upgrades available for the application, but to ✅remove any glitches or bugs found in older versions of the application.

Tips for Updating WhatsApp

I find that it is a good policy to always be updating this application, as newer versions are released regularly to fix errors and offer new features to the users.

Pay attention to notifications regarding the latest versions being available and update in accordance with these notifications. If you are not getting them, check regularly for newer versions of WhatsApp.

Updating Automatically

You might not want the headache of tracking down the latest version of the app all the time, and that is why the AppStore and Google Play Store have both offered features to automatically update the apps you choose to. This is accessible through the settings menus on both of these app store programs.

While this can certainly be a convenient feature, it does not always mean that an app will attempt to update when we are conveniently on Wi-Fi. Choosing this option also allows for every application on your phone to also automatically update as new versions become available, which could mean a lot of updating if you have a lot of apps.

Turning Off Automatic Updates

Another drawback of automatic updates can occur when we travel abroad, where the costs of connecting to the Internet are much higher. Therefore, I highly recommend knowing how to disable all automatic updates.

Turning off automatic updates is a fairly simple process if you decide that you do not like it after all. From the Google Play app, you simply need to click the three dots icon and choose Settings from the menu. Find the Automatic Updates option and switch it off. For iPhone users, just open the settings menu on your AppStore and click on Automatic Downloads, then turn off the Updates option.

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