2 applications to spy on WhatsApp messages of another person


Here in detail the characteristics of two applications to spy on WhatsApp messages and control the phone of another person.

2 applications to spy WhatsApp

We go ahead with our journey through the applications dedicated to spying on WhatsApp. Let’s start with a question: do we live in a matrix-style world where a little knowledge of IT is enough to access a person’s information? More or less. Although it is true that on one side there are those who try to play the detective and steal personal information, on the other side, users have more and more knowledge regarding how to defend themselves against attacks. Moreover, the developers of the various applications – both instant messaging and not – are constantly working to ensure higher safety levels (I leave aside and disassociate myself from any conspiracy theories that claim that the developers themselves spy on WhatsApp conversations) and therefore are well-intentioned to protect its users from prying eyes.

Today, I’ll speak about two apps that allow you to see the WhatsApp messages of others. They are indeed easy to use, even by non-experts. The “sneak” might in fact be a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your husband or your wife, your parents, a work colleague, or your boss. All are potential enemies, but you can defend yourself by learning how these apps work.

I’ve already explained how to track WhatsApp conversations. As time goes by, other ways to interfere in other people’s business pop up. Let’s see what they are and what you can do in order to defend yourself as well. Because, you know, the first way to beat the enemy is to know him!


2 applications to spy on WhatsApp

1. Highster mobile

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an easy-to-use app for Android and iOS. Once installed, the application will record all activities that are carried out on a device and send reports directly to your online account. The software records various kinds of information, from the sent and received messages to the last accessed time. In addition, you can also retrieve all deleted messages. It works in invisible mode; therefore it will never appear among the app list on the monitored phone.

The features are endless. In fact, it allows you to spy even on Facebook and Instagram, access all the photos on the camera roll, check the search history and remotely access the camera to control what happens on the other side of the phone.

One feature that makes this application unique is the keylogging. It alerts you every time on the phone that you are monitoring, a search for a particular keyword that you have previously set is performed. In this way, for example, parents who are concerned that their children have access to inappropriate content on the Internet, will be able to intercept the search and subsequently block it.

The strength of Highster Mobile is simplicity. Everything about this app is straightforward and easy-to-comprehend, including prices, features, the user interface, and app installation. In addition, you pay just once and receive a lifetime license.

The many available features justify the price. I highly recommend it to all who want to control an Android phone or iPhone both quickly and efficiently.

Price: $69.99 (no monthly fees)

Supported devices: phones and tablets including Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Visit their official website


2. InnovaSpy


InnovaSpy performs all the tasks you expect from spy software. It is aimed at those who want a cheap app that does what it promises.

InnovaSpy allow you to access to text messages, phone call logs, GPS position and social media accounts (including WhatsApp) of the phone on which is installed. You have the access of both individual and group chats, sent and received media, as well as the entire list of contacts (even those blocked) on WhatsApp.

Another quite interesting feature is the chance to see the phone’s screen in real time. This is something that not many other applications offer, and can help – for example – parents who want to see exactly what their sons are doing while online. You can also find out whether your kids are sharing unsavoury content online and prevent that from happening.

Though the InnovaSpy app, you can also hear what is happening around the phone, as though a small bug is installed that allows you to listen to the surrounding sounds. It works on both Android and iOS devices. User reviews on this product are very good and they confirm the excellent functionality of the program. In addition, customer service is of high quality.

The strength of the app is the price. It costs approximately 60 cent/day. Unlike other more expensive programs, it lacks some functions (such as the ability to record sounds from the microphone) but it has all you need to fulfil all the basic spying operations, without expecting to become a professional detective.

Price: 60 cent/day

Supported devices: Android and iOS devices

Visit their website:

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