How to monitor your child’s phone and see text messages


In this article I will explain to parents how they can monitor their children’s social apps such as but not limited to: WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and iMessage. Below you will have access to the perfect spy guidance kit on Android, iPhone and Windows devices.

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2 Apps To Spy On Your Kids Without Them Knowing

Since I have actually published my how to spy guide involving WhatsApp I have been completely bombarded with continuing emails from concerned parents who have started seeking an easier route to monitoring their child’s safety per their smart phones.

Normally I loathe when others stick their nose into an issue that doesn’t really apply to them but I understand the position a parent is in when they ask about these topics. Too often I have heard of victims subjected to being bullied at school or even alcohol and drug abuse at early ages, others times I have heard of older boys taking advantage of their younger teen girlfriend, and then teenagers just popping up missing.

I couldn’t sit back and twiddle my thumbs anymore.

So what better way then to write this article to share with other parents such as myself to have step by step guide for parents to monitor their children.

Most parents who try speaking with their teenage daughter or son and trying to pull out of them what is on their mind isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. Most teenagers want to live their life how they wish without having to answer to or talk with their parents. Most of the times they do not realize the consequences of their actions until it is already to late.

The one way to figure out if everything does go your way is to “play dirty” and spy on their phones. You may wonder how can I do this? There is a spyware software in the market which are known as Mspy and Flexispy.

These two applications will allow you to have access to everything you need to monitor your children and keep them out of harms way.

Let’s start by quickly inspecting these software programs before going into the details.

The best cell phone monitoring software

Among millions of other monitoring programs, I have selected the ones for you that will monitor your children closely without the risk of being caught while you do so and they are so simple to use.

Below is exactly how they work and what they actually monitor/do:

Mspy is the world leading monitoring solution out there. This is the easiest of them all to use. Mspy will collect a ton of information which can include but isn’t limited to: Call logs, GPS positioning, calendar events, text messages sent through WhatsApp and many other instant messaging systems they have used, along with emails, browser history and so much more. Learn more about Mspy

FlexiSpy will monitor many phones from your browser window. This specific program has more then 150 unique features including, A way to listen and record actual phone calls placed on the device. There is no other spyware software that can complete that exact task. This program also gives you any passwords entered onto your child’s mobile device. The only flaw is that it is a bit complicated to use.

At the end of the article I will speak more in depth about these spy programs and what they can actually accomplish along with which one you should used based on the issue you want to bring to light.

Before I speak of those I do want to clarify a few things.

There are many popular messaging apps. Which apps is your child using?

These are just some of the many popular apps out in the world today available to young mobile phone users. You will not need to keep up with all of this because both FlexiSpy and Mspy will automatically monitor any new application that has been installed.

This is the most popular among teenagers at the moment and is found on the following platforms: Android, Iphone and Windows phone. WhatsApp will allow you to send any kind of photographs, videos, messages,or documents and voice recordings as long as you have an internet connection.

Which is a carbon copy of WhatsApp and has the same style and design is more or less used in the exact same manner, with the exact same functions. Users can send the same files as listed above.spy on messages

According to a research, this is the most popular app among American teenagers. It is becoming quiet famous in Europe as well. You actually send auto-destructive photographs and videos once opened.

iMessage is the messaging service that has been developed by Apple and available on any iOS device or OS X computer. Users who have an iPhone, iPad or a Mac laptop can send messages completely free along with videos and pictures.

A free messaging app that has had a huge success in Japan, allows you to also send pictures, messages and other things. This application has reached a whopping 74 million users worldwide.
Your children are potentially using these applications to chat with their friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, and possibly even school mates.

If you want to monitor their messages in a traditional fashion by sneaking their phone away while they sleep you would have no idea where to even begin. Where as a spyware software will target their favorite messaging program and let you instantly enter that world.

If for some reason they download and use a new app in the future after that, the software will automatically update and track that application also with no way of them finding out.

Why do I need a spy software for this instant messenger application?

Well every parent should keep on eye on their child and what they are doing. In this era with the internet and social media expanding quite frequently children are less likely to speak out to parents but will chat to others through these which makes a parents job even more tough then what it originally is.

In some ways the internet has made our lives so much easier and simpler but in another way there are so many dangers and risk to children that could potentially happen everyday.
Monitoring your child’s online activity will let you protect them from the dangers that come with all of this which include:

child abuse pedophiliaWhich is sexual abuse that a minor has experienced. Usually a rapist belongs to the family or friends circle and it is hard to weed that out. The rapist may even be a person you or your child speaks with on a day to day basis. According to research the internet is the sole provider and means for these kind of monsters.

Child molesters are trained and specialize in luring children in whether they perceive the danger or not you need to keep an eye on the daily chat your child is having with anyone suspicious and I promise you will sleep so much better knowing your child is safe.

Bullying inside school
The chances that your son or daughter is being bullied at school is actually relatively high. Most of the time a child feels humiliated and do not want to discuss anything to do with being bullied with bullying schoolanyone especially their parents. In most of the cases they are not able to fully get away from it and that has potentially led to a great number of suicides. Due to instant messaging apps rising children have also been cyber-bullied through those also.

If you monitor your child’s phone that is concrete and you will be able to prevent all that is going on negatively in their life.

Older boyfriends can come along
older boyfriendTo a child true love is true love but with age comes experimenting. If you have a daughter dating an older guy you need to be concerned. The older guy could potentially want something that your child is just not ready to experience.

Of course your daughter will not tell you anything about her relationship. The only way you can protect her is watch the messages they exchange.


kidnappingYou may teach your child to be super cautious of strangers but sometimes that isn’t enough to keep them safe. The modern kidnappers are really creative and they know how to lure a child who has little
experience in. I assure you they go beyond offering candy out side of a school.

You need to monitor your child location which is included with these applications.

Drug and alcohol addiction
drug alcoolDrugs are very wide spread among young adults and can cause serious consequences and problems. A majority of deaths whether they happened accidentally, homicides or suicides are usually aged between the age group of 14 to 24. most in which are from alcohol or drugs. Using these items can also lead to violent offenses and sexual abuse.

If your child is abusing drugs or alcohol they are more likely to chat with their friends about it then they will with a parent.

The best solution to protect your child

Out of the million software programs out there these are the ones I can honestly say are higher on the totem pole. FlexiSpy and Mspy are however the best on the market.

Here is some details enclosed below about each of them.


This application is mostly used by parents to monitor their children’s phone. This application gives a great deal of information which includes, the call log, GPS positioning, WhatsApp messages, and any other messaging applications.


Once you have installed this software you can instantly track your child’s device no matter if it is Android, iOS or a Windows device.

The main features are below.

  • Access Call logs
    Mspy allows you to view the incoming and outgoing calls with the dates they we’re received, and the length and time of the call.
  • Reading SMS messages
    This software will let you red every text message and multimedia message that has been sent by your child or received even if they have been deleted from the device.
  • Reading Emails
    You are also able to read every sent and received email with every detail from this device.
  • GPS Tracking
    You will be able to know the exact location of your child at any given moment.
  • Internet monitoring
    You will be able to view all the webpages visited by your son or daughter and control what they do when they visit the browser.
  • Calendar and address book
    You can view any contact in the phone book and any thing that has been saved in the calendar.
  • Read conversations from applications
    You will be able to read all messages that have been sent and received viz Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, and so forth and so on. You can also monitor what they are up too on social media sites such as, Facebook and Instagram.
  • 24th assistant
    If you need support or you have any issues with the software you can contact our customer service team they are always available and will be happy to assist you with your issue.

Start monitoring your child’s phone now!


Which is very similar to Mspy, is probably considered one of the best software programs on the market. This application has the same features that Mspy provides but you get a little more with this which includes:

  • Call recording
  • Real-time listening to calls
  • Environmental registration (Records what is happening around phone)
  • You can track 13 different chat services
  • Listen and even record voice calls through WhatsApp, Skype and Viber.

Although, FlexiSpy equips the parents with amazing features, you can not use it on an iPhone unless that specific phone has been jail-broke.

If you wonder wonder what that even means just opt in for Mspy.

Wondering which spy program to buy?
If you are looking for a complete solution and you are very tech savvy with a smartphone you would probably prefer FlexiSpy.

If you need something cheaper and easier to use I would recommend Mspy.

Disclaimer: It is indeed illegal in all forms to use a software that is spying on another individual if they have not gave consent. You could potentially face legal consequences and face prison time. Please be careful and advised from this claim.

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