How to know who has read your message in a WhatsApp group


Even in groups, it’s possible to know if the message has been read by one or more users, the delivering, and the reading time. Following is how to use these features.

who has read message in WhatsApp group

The checkmarks on WhatsApp, the so-called “blue ticks“, marked a real turning point in the life of WhatsApp. Before the introduction of this feature, to see if the recipient had read our message, could we do one only thing: Wait for an answer. With the blue ticks, everything changed. We all now wait for gray checkmarks to become blue. If they change color, we are sure that the message has been read, even if we have not received an answer.

However, when it comes to the WhatsApp groups, the blue ticks appear only when all members have read the message. We won’t see any blue double ticks if the message has been read only by some of the users of the chat group.

This feature of the application can be confusing. In the single chat, it is easy to know if a message has been read; it’s enough to know the meanings of the various symbols (ticks) that appear prominently in the messages. Groups are different. Many users cannot tell if a message sent to a group has been read. In reality, WhatsApp allows you to know when your friends in a certain group see the message, also indicating the time it was read. Doing so, you can know who is interested and who read, but did not want to answer.


How to check who has read your WhatsApp Message: the hidden blue ticks


This function is less known than the blue ticks of the single chats. In groups, in fact, checkmarks are a bit “hidden”, and you have to know where to look to find them. There is nothing complicated. Just proceed as follows:

  • On the iPhone, just slide left the message you sent, and the info page message will turn up where you can see who has read the message and at what time.
  • On Android (and other operating systems other than Apple’s iOS), you must long tap on the message that you sent until the menu appears on the top. Then click on the “i” and the info page will turn up with the checkmarks (gray or blue), and if seen, the time of reading.


Following is an example of the group chat screen:

group chat screen details

In all phone models, it’s enough to click on the contact name of the “info message”, and there will be both the time of delivering and reading.

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