Finding Out Who Your Best Friends Are Through A WhatsApp Feature


By the time you are done reading this article, you will be able to tell several things you didn’t know you could discover about yourself through the WhatsApp Messenger. Like, for example, who your best friends actually are.

You might not be surprised to learn that WhatsApp allows you to control the amount of data you consume on the app, which is certainly beneficial if you have a plan that has caps on data usage.

But there’s more to this information than meets the eye. This same option can relay some facts back to you about who you utilize the most data to communicate with (namely, who you are chatting with the most).

whatsapp best friendsWhile this process is explained in more detail below, there are some things to be said about privacy for the app. While this might be helpful and fun knowledge for you to have, it could also be very damaging if the information is learned by someone else. Be mindful not to leave your phone unattended.

Here is how to find out who you spend the most time chatting with on WhatsApp.

Learning Who Your Best Friends Are On WhatsApp

If you did not know where to look for it, you might actually never find the option that relays your overall data usage (especially not the breakdown of how that overall data is being dispersed among your contacts). Hidden away in the Storage Usage option of a Settings menu, you find that learning the information you seek is surprisingly simple.

➡When you are in WhatsApp, choose “Settings”. You can then tap on “Data and Storage Usage” and then on “Storage Usage”.

Here, you will find a ranked list of your contacts listed in order of those you spend the most data communicating with. This will also narrow it down into specific detail, including:

  • number of images shared
  • texts exchanged
  • videos shared
  • voice messages sent/received
  • documents that were shared

So what does this actually mean? When you see the list, you will notice that the top name on it is the person that you use the most data overall communicating with. Based on this, you can shed light on whom your best friends are.

This also has its dangers as was briefly touched on before. If you have someone that might be prone to spying on your phone or would be jealous of learning that they are not the top spot on this list, it is a good idea to keep this information safe.

If you are having any problems, or have questions about how to interpret the data you can see, drop a comment below.

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