How to enable WhatsApp Web notifications


After you have read this short guide you will know how to enable WhatsApp Web notifications. The new update of WhatsApp Web allows you to receive chat notifications on your PC both for groups and single chats.

WhatsApp continues its tremendous evolution to offer users an ever-increasingly complete and more efficient service. The latest news regards WhatsApp Web, the version for PC and Mac that allows you to send and receive messages and files directly from your computer. With the new update, you can receive WhatsApp Web Notifications on your PC.


How to Enable WhatsApp Web Notifications

To enable notifications, just follow the procedure provided by the web platform itself when you try to synchronize your phone with WhatsApp Web via QR code. Click on Turn on desktop notifications, follow the directions on the screen, tap Allow to enable desktop notifications, and Bob’s your uncle!


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Notifications are available only in the Google Chrome browser. In fact, once you’ve clicked to turn on notification, an extension for Google Chrome will be enabled. You can manually activate or deactivate notifications by going to Settings > Notifications.


How do I receive alerts if the WhatsApp Web tab is not open on Chrome?

There is an extension for Google Chrome called WAToolkit that allows you to get notifications even when the WhatsApp Web tab is not open or your browser is not running. It is indeed useful to stay in touch without having to keep open any tab in your browser all the time.


How do I download and install Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. A key factor in its success are extensions, namely the “small programs” that allow you to free expand its functions. To download Google Chrome on your PC, go to the official Chrome website, click the Download button, and then click Accept and Install.

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