How to cheat on a test at school


Here I will reveal an infallible and easy way to cheat on a test without getting caught. If you don’t have time to catch up and you want to pass your next exam, you must read every single word of this article.

how to cheat on test

Didn’t study for your next exam? Are you desperately looking for a way to cheat on a test at school without getting caught by your teacher? Do you want to know what the top exam cheating trick is? Well, it would be wiser to invite you to study night and day until you are on a par with your classmates, but I know you don’t have enough time to catch up, and for this reason I’ll offer you a last chance to save your life.

Often, a bad grade on a test means failing class, and I don’t want you to become depressed while you see your classmates achieve highly. Now, make yourself comfortable and read the whole article very carefully. You are about to say goodbye to all your fears of not passing written tests.

And I’m not talking about the old ways to cheat at school that even my grandma knows, such as by using pieces of paper hidden in your backpack or under your bottom. Teachers have become more and more aware of these tricks, and the risk of being caught when using them is right around the corner.

I’m talking about a modern way whereby students cheat in exams using technology.

Ready? Let’s start.

Exam cheating equipment:

Let’s see the 2 easy steps to follow to cheat on your test.

The 2 steps to follow the cheat on your test

  • Take a picture of your test with a smartwatch. Before walking in the classroom, go to cheat at schoolWhatsApp through your smartwatch and keep the chat screen with your accomplice opened. Then, try to take a seat in a hidden place far away from your teacher’s scrutinizing eyes, and with a sneaky move, take a picture of your test with your smartwatch by clicking on the “take a picture” button within the chat screen. Your friend will receive a photograph of your test, he will carry out the assignment and he will send it back to you via WhatsApp.
  • Wait for the solved test. Once your partner in crime has solved the assignment, he can do 2 things: text you the answers by WhatsApp or send back the picture of the paper they used to solve the exam. In the case of a math test or essay, he will definitely need to send you back a photograph too. Conversely, if it’s a multiple choice test it might be convenient to use text messages.

arm with watch

The best smartwatch model to cheat in tests with

Have you ever heard of smartwatches? I bet you have. If don’t own one, some of your classmates or friends do. However, just to shake off any doubt, I’ll briefly tell you what they are.

A smartwatch (or smart watch) is a watch whose functionalities go beyond simple time-keeping. While early models were able to perform only basic operations, such as calculations, translations, and games, the most modern smartwatches are real wearable computers. They perform functions similar to the new generation of smartphones, such as:

  • Playing music
  • Calling
  • Sending and receiving mail
  • Managing your schedule
  • Real-time weather info
  • Monitoring sports performance
  • Take photos and video (if the smartwatch has a built-in camera)
  • Monitoring children (if they wear a smartwatch too)
  • Monitoring heart rate and blood pressure
  • Using apps installed on a smartphone

What you need to cheat on tests at school or college is a smartwatch that simply has a built-in camera and the chance to install WhatsApp. I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 for Android and iPhone (through the app Android Wear) as it’s really good value for money.

Camera and WhatsApp apart, these models resemble normal watches and your teacher will never suspect anything. Besides, the 2.0-megapixel auto focus camera will easily let you take a picture of your written exam and send it to your savior friend. The official price is $299 but you can find it on for only $219.

This technological jewel is everything you need to get better grades on tests. Imagine the face of your parents when they will see how good you are doing at school. Or the stunned expression painted on your classmate’s face who would have never expected you to get such a great result on your test.

For the record, this method has been suggested by our frequent reader. I’ll copy & pasted what we received word for word to thank our friend:

Hey Nick,

How’s it going? Thanks heaps for your awesome tips about how to improve my grades! My ass has been totally saved because I used your WhatsApp guides and I wanna show other students who are having problems how my grades have improved over the last year by cheating!

I got another F a year ago on a math test, I had already had four so this sucked. My classmates thought it was a huge joke when I was crowned a slacker and loser by my teacher. He made a point of saying “Congratulations Mr Ruini! Your fifth consecutive F. You are now known as the Kind of Slackers” I felt real bad and decided right there that I was gonna improve my grades.

testimonialI needed to find a way to cruise through my tests or at least a foolproof way to of cheating. I surfed the net for hours and then saw a forum aimed at students. There was a user who had a comment claiming that they had passed all their tests at school by using Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.

I sent a message asking for more info about this cheating system that seemed to be a winner. I bought a smartwatch on and it was real cheap. It was so easy to use too. I sent a picture of the tests with the camera on the smartwatch and send it to my sister who has almost graduated. She send me back the answers via WhatsApp and I get them on my smartwatch.

It’s an awesome watch because it looks like a regular one. The teacher wouldn’t have a clue what it was and it is perfect for any student who needs to improve their grades at school.

Thanks again Nick, I think that you should write a guide so that other students can be helped in the same way that I was.

Have a great day,


You have already wasted a lot of time playing video games and lazing around with your friends, so don’t procrastinate any longer – save your school year now!

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