How to hide WhatsApp message previews


The following is a brief guide to prevent the message preview of WhatsApp appearing on the lock screen or in the top bar of your iPhone, Android, and Windows phone.

how to hide WhatsApp message previews

How many times have you made a bad impression on someone because of a WhatsApp message preview? The most common situation is when you’re showing a picture or video to your girlfriend/boyfriend and suddenly an embarrassing message sent by your friend pops up at the top of the screen. These are the moments when you wish you had a magic wand and could disappear.

How to hide WhatsApp message previews

Luckily, developers have implemented a feature to turn off the preview message on WhatsApp, showing only the recipient’s name like in the image above.

How to Stop WhatsApp Message Previews on Your Home Screen

You can hide WhatsApp message previews in just a couple of taps. The following is how to do so on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Tap on Notifications.

4. Scroll down and toggle off Show Preview.

By doing so, you will see only the message’s recipient both in the top bar and on the home screen, putting yourself on the safe side when someone is holding your phone.

How do I stop receiving push notifications?

If you want to turn off push notifications on your smartphone instead and prevent banners or alerts from appearing on the screen, do the following:

– On iPhone: Go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp, toggle off Show on Lock Screen, and then select None as Alert Style When Unlocked.

– On Android: Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp, and uncheck Show Notifications.

– On Windows phone: Go to Settings > Notifications+actions > WhatsApp > switch off Show in action centre.

N.B. On Android and Windows phones the procedure may vary slightly on different devices.

How do I stop receiving push notification from groups only?

Go to Settings > Notifications > and under Group Notifications, disable the alerts toggle. By doing so, you will disable the notifications for all group chats you’ve joined in with. However, if you are looking for a way to mute a certain group, you can read this article about How to mute WhatsApp groups for iOS and Android.

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