How to download WhatsApp for iPhone


By the time that you have read through this entire article, you will have the full scope of how to to download WhatsApp on iPhone (5 and newer).

download whatsapp iphone

Due to the ease of access and the fact that WhatsApp is available for download at no cost for all app stores make it the most readily available communication platform in the world and therefore it is a must have for all smartphone users.

Before you begin the installation first check for network connectivity, whether you are using Wi-Fi or even use cellular data but make sure it is a 3G connection or higher and also make sure your phone has enough storage space.

How to install WhatsApp on iOS (iPhone 5 and newer)

Here’s how you can download and install WhatsApp on iPhone:

• STEP 1: Click on APP STORE, it’s a blue icon

• STEP 2: While in the APP STORE tap the SEARCH button. This is the magnifying glass at the bottom right side of the screen

• STEP 3: On the search bar type in WhatsApp, the application will be the first one you get on the drop down menu, tap on WhatsApp

• STEP 4: Tap ‘GET

• STEP 5: Tap ‘INSTALL’. In the event you are just downloading an update for your already existing WhatsApp then click on ‘UPDATE’.

• STEP 6: An iTunes pop up window will appear it will ask you to sign in with your ‘APPLE ID’ so as to complete the download. Input your details and ‘PASSWORD’ then press ‘SIGN IN’. At times your download may begin without asking you to sign in.

You have to wait a few second for it to download.After it finishes downloading and installing you will get a new icon, the green WhatsApp icon, on one of the phone’s home screen at that point you can move the WhatsApp icon to your preferred home screen.

• STEP 7: Click on the WhatsApp icon to open it up

• STEP 8: You will be prompted to give your phone number and then you’ll receive a verification text that will validate your number.

• STEP 9: Enter your name and profile picture and you’ll be set to go.

If you followed these procedures correctly you’ll be able to operate your WhatsApp be able to post status update stories, send and receive texts from anyone.

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